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Feet Smell Like vinegar: How to get rid of Smelly Feet Vinegar

Are you looking for excellent ways how to get rid of smelly feet vinegar? Don’t feel embarrassed as you aren’t alone here who is nodding your head. 

Smelly feet, also known as bromodosis in medical terms, are a common issue due to bacterial buildup, causing sweating, directs to bad foul odor, and even giving you nausea whenever you put off your shoes and socks. 

According to several studies related to foot hygiene, the bacteria present on the feet eat the sweat, and excess sweating causes more bacteria growth. They release a component that causes a stinky odor. 

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Feet Smell Like vinegar Causes

The feet have different sweat glands than any organ that releases much sweat to keep the body hydrated and moist. Teenagers and pregnant women are more prone to sweating due to hormonal changes. 

People who wear shoes all day or do the job on their feet have excess sweatier feet. The bacteria on the feet break down such chemicals by mixing with sweat and developing a poor smell. 

The bacteria production increased more by wearing wet, smelly shoes repeatedly without letting them dry properly. Poor hygiene, wearing low-quality footwear or socks, and not washing feet properly also causes smelly feet.

However, some of the most common causes of feet smelling like vinegar include:

1. Sweating

When you’re sweating, your feet can release a lot of sweat and body odor.

2. Wearing uncomfortable shoes

If your shoes are uncomfortable, it can be tough to stay hydrated and keep your feet cool. This can lead to increased sweating and feet stinks like vinegar.

3. Poor hygiene

If you’re not taking care of your feet properly, they may start to smell bad due to bacteria buildup.

4. Foot fungus

If you have foot fungus or Podophyllum peltatum (aka “footrot”), it may cause feet to smell like vinegar due to the fungus’s natural ability to release sulfur dioxide.

Other Smelly Feet Causes

  • Low blood sugar 
  • Infections 
  • Diabetes 
  • Thyroid 
  • Hormonal imbalance 

How to get rid of Smelly Feet Vinegar

How to get rid of Smelly Feet Vinegar

Luckily, smelly feet aren’t much harmful, but they can be if not treated on and can be treated readily accepting a few home remedies for smelly feet vinegar that we are mentioning here, so let’s check out:-

1. Essential Oils 

Essential oils can help treat stinky feet as they have soothing and refreshing quality with a perfectly pleasant odor. You can choose any essential oil, adding tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, lemon oil, or lavender oil. 

Most essential oils have anti-bacterial formulas suitable to reduce infection and smell. 

You can simply apply essential oil directly to the feet and massage for a few minutes. Or simply add a few drops of any essential oil in lukewarm water with some Epsom salt (optional) and soak feet for 10 minutes.

Note: if you have any skin allergy or sensitivity, do a patch test before using.  

2. Exfoliation 

Feet exfoliation also works as a smelly feet solution. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells and reduces infection and stinky smell. You need to soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in lukewarm water and rub the feet using a pumice stone or a brush. 

One may use walnut scrub or homemade scrub. A fine pedicure would also be beneficial. Repeat twice a week and apply some moisturizer.  

3. Apple cider vinegar 

Have you ever asked yourself how to stop smelly feet? Hmm, many times when somebody stared weirdly when you put off the shoes. ACV is a multitalented ingredient with anti-bacterial properties to prevent bacterial formation and odor. 

Add a few drops of ACV in a tub filled half with water and soak the feet for 10 minutes to disinfect them.   

4. Epsom salt

Epsom salt is used for exfoliation, and it reduces the nasty feet odor and kills bacteria. Add half a cup of Epsom salt to a tub filled with lukewarm water and soak the feet for 10-15 minutes. 

Rub your feet with a pumice stone or a brush and dry entirely.  

5. Baking soda 

Baking soda is used in various beauty tricks and is quicker and cheaper. Simply rub some sodium bicarbonate on your feet to disinfect them and make them dry, or add some baking soda in water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. Repeat twice a week. 

6. Lemon 

Lemon is a fantastic natural exfoliator and provides a refreshment odor, kills bacteria, and lights up the dark feet’ color. Add lemon juice to some water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. 

Rub lemon peel for a while on feet and pat dry. Repeat twice a week. 

7. Black tea

Black tea includes tannic acid, that is helpful to reduce smelly feet odor and prevent excess sweating. Take three cups of water, let it boil, and add two tea bags or two tbsp—of black tea and boil for a few minutes. 

Add this mixture into a tub half-filled with water, soak your feet for around 15 minutes and pat dry. Repeat a day thrice if you have many smelly feet.  

8. Maintain Proper Hygiene 

Maintaining proper hygiene is the key to curing smelly feet. Wash your feet properly twice a day with soap or antifungal wash, especially between fingers and toes. 

Remove the dead skin regularly as it can be a hub for bacteria, and clean the toenails.   

9. Use Antifungal Products  

Various types of antifungal soaps, powders, and sprays are available at medical stores in a cost-effective range that you can buy. Apply regularly twice a day to stop bacterial buildup and foul odor.  

Is smelly feet Dangerous?

Having smelly feet isn’t life-threatening; moreover, it can become severe due to excessive bacterial infection and sweating or hyperhidrosis. 

Your feet may smell like vinegar and embarrass you like hell. If you are seriously worried about infection and odor, you need to see a skin expert, and after diagnosing, he will recommend some medicines.    

Smelly Feet Like vinegar Prevention

  • Never let your feet wet as it can spread and increase more bacteria. 
  • Don’t wear wet shoes. Let them dry properly, and try to keep more than one pair of shoes regularly. 
  • Buy socks that can absorb sweat and moisture. 
  • Let your feet breathe, keep them in the open air, and dry them completely. 
  • Use antiperspirant or any deodorant to get instant to relive from smelly feet. 

In Closing

Sweating is a natural process of our body, but the smell isn’t. People with stinky smelly feet sometimes feel stressed, especially in social gatherings. 

Fortunately, the home remedies that we have suggested on how to get rid of smelly feet vinegar are effective. All you need is to follow the steps. Proper hygiene and cleanliness is the best way to prevent. 

If you have any other suggestions feel free to share, and we would love to hear the story if you ever faced awkwardness due to smelly feet; till then, take care and see you soon.   

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