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Hot oil Massage for Hair Growth Benefits and Side effects

Hot oil massage for hair growth with beneficial oils is an age-old secret felt by Indian women for healthy shiny hair. Regular hot oil massages for hair have several confirmed direct and indirect benefits for the scalp and hair, includes improved circulation, deep conditioning, relaxation, decreased stress, and more.

Nothing in this community can win against the kind of relief a hot oil head massage offers! Isn’t it? Well, besides soothing your nerves and mind, hot oil massage on the scalp has the utmost benefits for your hair health.

Let’s learn what old Ayurveda practice can do to your hair and how to use it in your daily habit.

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Hot oil Massage for Hair Growth Benefits

Here we are going to mention surprising benefits of warm oil on hair, let’s have a closer look:

Hot oil Massage for Hair Benefits

1. Delays Follicle Miniaturization

As you generation, certain hormones block your hair follicles, weaken, and diminish them. Regular warm oil scalp massage unclogs your follicles, delaying the process of miniaturization and regenerating your hair growth. It thickens your hair pores and improves your hair density.

2. Minimizes the Loss of Protein & Calcium

Separately hair strand is built from a byproduct of bone tissue with a vital protein known as keratin. As you age, your body evolves a loss of protein & calcium, influencing your hair growth.

Natural oils deeply nourish your scalp’s muscle & bone tissues and support in absorbing protein & calcium to enhance roots & curb hair loss.

3. Regulates Sebaceous Glands

The skin on your scalp comprises densely scattered sebaceous glands. These glands generate an oily substance called ‘sebum’ to slick your hair.

Hot oil massage for hair benefits counteracts the activity of these glands to retain the natural moisturization of your hair.

4. Prevents Hair Breakage

The hot oil massage intensely rebuild your cuticles and hair shafts to withstand damage and replenish elasticity from a strand’s root to tip, staving off breakage and split ends.

It profoundly conditions your tresses and brings out a polished texture and shine to your mane. This is the best benefit of hot oil massage for hair fall.

5. Stimulates Hair Growth and Prevent hair Loss

The effect of head oiling penetrates deeply into your scalp layers, improving blood circulation in the nerves beneath your scalp skin.

These benefits retransform dormant follicles into hair follicles, facilitating hair growth. It benefits your hair growth life cycle and increases your hair volume.

6. Delays Hair Greying

Sufficient nourishment and blood flow to the hair follicles can reactivate melanin production in your hair follicle stem cells to relieve grey hair and recover your natural hair color.

7. Relieves Stress

Hot oil massage for hair benefits pacifies Pitta and Vata Dosha, whose aggregation in your hair follicles is the core cause of all your hair issues. 

Hot oil massage relieve your mental and physical stress.

8. Relaxes Mind and Body

Hot Oil Massaging on the dry scalp with lukewarm oil stimulates blood circulation and soothes capillaries and nerves. Oil massage relieves the tension of your mind and body, relieves stress, and boosts mood.

Since stress is a supporter of hair loss, regular oil massage can stimulate hair growth. Research also indicates that it enhances eyesight!

9. Add Shiny and Lustre to your Hair

Luscious shine is one of the most impressive features of healthy hair. Hair oil improves shine by giving rise to the hair shaft hydrophobic, which staves off the outer cuticle from swelling and forming a scaly texture.

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How to do Hot oil Massage for Hair Growth

How to do Hot oil Massage for Hair

Hot oil treatment can be achieved by yourself at home if you can follow all the steps as illustrated below:

1. As per Ayurveda, you must analyze your body constitution and discover the leading cause of a particular problem. Any herbal oil utilized for hot oil treatment is specific.

2. Oil is slightly heated in microwave for 30 sec.

4. Pour the warm oil to stain it soothingly and rub your scalp with your fingertips, applying slight pressure at particular points. Massage should not be performed vigorously or by utilizing deep pressure, resulting in headaches or other discomforts.

5. Dip a towel into hot water, and take out the excess water. Put the damp hot towel for capping your hair.

6. After that, you can relieve for a while, ensuring the body is not revealed to cold air to prevent headaches, cold, etc.

7. After discarding the wrap, use water and rinse your hair using herbal shampoos. Do not utilize hot water for a head bath as it may affect your scalp sensitivity and damage your hair.

8. Do not utilize a hairdryer for drying your wet hair. Just pat dry your hair generally by utilizing a muslin cloth.

Best Oil for Hot oil Treatment

Best Oil for Hot oil Treatment

Coconut oil is regarded as the best oil to utilize in hot oil treatment as it staves off protein loss at your hair shafts and functions as a perfect coolant. Generally, you can use sesame seed oil or coconut oil for hot oil massage.

Hot oil Massage for Hair Side Effects

Some of the side effects of Hot Oil Massage on your hair are:

● Hot Oiling requires to be done regularly to maintain results.

● It can be time-consuming.

● While you prepare the oil, you need to experiment with the best type of oil for your hair type.

● It can be messy. If you’re maintaining it overnight, do put an old towel over your pillow before sleep.

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Q. Is hot oil Massage for Hair good for you?

Ans. Yes, Hot oil massage for hair at home is very effective. Massaging your scalp with heated oil increases blood flow, helping nutrients reach your hair follicles more effectively. It strengthens the hair roots and encourages new hair growth.

Q. How often should you massage your scalp?

Ans. Scalp massage for hair growth experts suggests massaging your scalp once a night, right before bed.

In Closing

Ayurveda’s highly standardized hot oil hair treatment can significantly strengthen your hair health and texture, giving up long-lasting results.

Use it along with herbal hair care products for an extraordinary output. Herbal shampoo maintains the impact of hot oil treatment while removing extra oil residue from your hair.

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