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Home Remedies for Rabies Symptoms in Human (Dog bites)

What are the home remedies for rabies? Treating rabies has three major steps which if brought in use can be very profitable in the viral transmission exists. The rabies virus is responsible for causing rabies infection; in this infection, the brain is infected. Also, if transferred to the body, it can damage the central nervous system of mammals. Its symptoms should be treated in time and as soon as possible because it can also death.

If rabies-infected someone than it can transfer from that person to another person by their saliva. Well, let me tell you that people who live in Canada and the USA are rarely suffering from rabies.

Cases of rabies in the USA and Canada are very rarely seen because the dogs are strictly needed to be vaccinated, and bats mostly bite cases that appear with rabies infection.

Rabies affects humans when they come in direct contact with a human through saliva, most times an infected person is bitten or scratched by rabid animal or bat.

Rabies Symptoms

  • Fever
  • Sore throat and cough
  • Headache
  • anxiety
  • Hallucinations
  • Hypersalivation
  • Hyperventilation
  • Paralysis

If rabies germs are transferred in the human, then numbers of symptoms start to appear. First fever, cough, and sore throat appear.

If these are ignored or not treated in time, then these symptoms become worst, some people suffer hallucinations seizures and restlessness. Also, the person bitten by the rabid dog may die and can also go into a coma.

Home Remedies for Rabies

If the rabies infection anyhow infects you, you should take appropriate treatment. A person should go through a PEP treatment. It consists of a series of injections taken at a proper time. Theses injection injects the medicines which fight the rabies germs and help our body to recover by providing immunity.

But sometimes there are times when you are far from a doctor and need instant help for the dog bite or any other animal bite than there are some home remedies, which can help you to a great extent,

Below given is a list of natural home remedies for rabies-

1. Water Soap

One of the best thing you can do when an animal bites or scratches you, is washing the bitten area with soap and water. 

This will prevent the infection from growing for some time, and you can get some time to reach the doctor or medical help.

2. Garlic

Suppose you are too away from the doctor or unable to visit the hospital than garlic can be a beneficial tool for you. Take a few cloves of garlic three times a day.

3. Chinese Herbs

Chinese medicines use scull crab since ancient times.

You can use it to heal the wound of a bitten dog as well as treatment of rabies is possible with the help of scull crap.

4. Cumin Seeds

These seeds come along with the ability to counter the effects which appear after the rabid dog bits you.

Get some cumin seeds and grind them, now take 20 black peppercorns. Add these ingredients to water and mix it. Mix until a proper paste is prepared.

Now take this paste and apply it to the area where the dog has bitten a person. This will prevent the after-effects of dog bite and rabies.

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5. Vitamin B

Vitamin b are the best cure for rabies as they help our body in producing antibodies; these antibodies help you fight the infections.

There is an option when taking vitamins, as they are available in both supplements as well as can be taken by the foods high in vitamin b.

Some vegetables and fruits such as cabbage, tomatoes, raspberries, celery, tangerines, watermelon, and spinach.

6. Echinacea Tea

This tea is a beneficial herbal home remedy for rabies. This tea helps the body to boost the immune system.

The nutrients in this tea boost and speed up the wound healing process and cure rabies faster.

7. Vitamin c

Available in two ways, supplements and directly through food rich in vitamin c. These help in fighting the infection caused by rabies.

Some fruits such as guava red pepper fresh herbs kiwi and cauliflower can help you when the doctor is away and rabid dog bites.

Well now that we know what the cure and herbal remedies for a dog bite or rabies are let’s know the signs which help know whether an animal which bites someone is suffering from rabies or not.

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The Sign of Rabies in Dog and other Animals

The Sign of Rabies in Dog
  • Death of the animal
  • Excessive salivation.
  • Change in the voice or bark.
  • Keep itself in the corner and away from its loved ones.
  • Running all around without going to the correct place.
  • Changes in the behaviour, signs of depression.
  • Change in eating habits.

Now lets head, toward some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind while there are symptoms of rabies;


  • There are some things which you can do after any rabid animal attacks or scratch you, and there are signs that rabies can occur than first of all wash the bitten area with clean water and soap. Wash the area for 10–15 minutes so that the germs get flushed away.
  • Remember, using a clean soap or detergent for cleaning the area.
  • Apply the available antiseptic to the bitten area.
  • If there are no antiseptics presents on the emergency spot that alcohol can be used to wash the area, this will help prevent the germs from entering the body and making it resistant to rabies.


  • Please don’t use a bandage on the wounds let it stay in the open.
  • Don’t use tincture iodine in this case.
  • You can use herbal medicines like neem lime plant juices and turmeric, to fight against the bacteria and also prevents the virus from going deeper into the skin and caused nerve infections and death of the patient.
  • Avoid the wound to get in contact with any of the germs that can cause infections in the wound as this can trigger the rabies infection again in the wound.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers-

Q. Does soap and water kill rabies?

A. Yes, soap and water kill the rabies virus. Clean the wounds with running water and soap for 5 to 10 minutes. Rabies virus particles are instantly Impaired by soap by dissolving the lipid coat.

Q. Can you survive rabies without treatment?

A. Rabies causes fatal viral disease acute encephalitis (brain inflammation). There will be no possibility of survival without treatment.

Q. What are the first symptoms of rabies in humans?

A. First symptoms of rabies begins with Flu like symptoms fever, cough, and sore throat appear.

Q. What does rabies do to humans?

After a bite of animals, rabies virus spread to the nerve cell of the brain through the blood circulation; their virus multiplies very fast. This action induces serious brain and spinal cord inflammation. And after that, the individual starts to deteriorate quickly and dies.

Q. Can you get rabies from a scratch?

A. Rabies is generally spread by infectious saliva due to biting from the infected animal. It is rarely transmitted through viral infection of a fresh wound or by scratching. Since rabies is a dangerous and deadly disease, it’s best to still be on the safe side.

Final Words

We all are aware of the fatal nature of rabies. Well, it is a preventable disease and can be cured if the proper medication is provided to the person who faced the rabid animal bite or came in contact with rabies anyhow. Incorrect treatment, in this case, sometimes results in the death of the patient.

Also, if there are any animals in your house then, get them to vaccinate today to prevent ant death, causing an accident.

Get your dogs protected against rabies by taking them to the experts and getting them vaccinated.

If there are any of the symptoms listed above are seen in the animals around your house and living than get this reported as soon as possible.

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