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How to Get rid of Shoe Odor with Natural Remedies

Are you really got irritated with smelly feet and bad odor from your shoes? Shoe smell can be quite weird and embarrassing sometimes and make you feel angry. The stinky smell from the shoes is not a thing of wonder because it is the concern of every middle-class family.

If you are also looking for simple tricks and home remedies to get rid of smelly feet and shoes, then this article will surely be going to help you for sure.

Causes of Shoe Odor

There are several reasons that may be possible for stinky shoes smell. Like sweat, dirty socks, poor shoe quality, poor hygiene, hormonal imbalance, and bacterial infection, or another foot allergy can be major causes of nasty shoe smell.

How to Get rid of Shoe Odor

Though there is a number of products available for reducing shoe odor most of them are not worthy as expected.

1. Baking Soda in Shoes

How to get smell out of shoes with baking soda? Baking soda contains anti-bacterial property, which is highly beneficial for reducing stinky shoe odor. The powerful effect of baking soda fights with bacteria and prevents the shoes from smelling.

You can have the baking soda from any superstore and so as the baking powder works well for reducing shoe smell.

Whenever you feel shoes smell at your home you can use this remedy or you can use this process on regular basis.

How to use

• Take 2 tablespoons of baking soda or baking powder and sprinkle it on smelly shoes.
• Leave your shoes overnight and the next day wipes it with the help of tissue or any cloth.
• Repeat this method whenever you feel.

2. Essential Oil

Essential oil is said to be a wonderful ingredient to reduce shoe odor frequently. Essential oil includes anti-bacterial properly and a strong fragrance, which helps to eliminate the foul and stinky shoe smell.

You can use lavender oil, tea tree oil or clove oil etc all are counted as essential oils.

You can use it according to your wish and the essential oil is easily available in any superstore.

How to use

• Take any kind of essential oil and use 3 to 4 drops of essential on your shoes from inside.
• Cover your shoes with tissue paper or some cotton and leave it overnight.
• Next morning, remove the tissue paper and you will get the expected results. Make sure that do not put the essential oil on the shoe surface.
• Repeat this procedure whenever you feel the stinky shoe smell.

3. Tea Bags

How to get rid of shoe odor with tea bags? Tea bags are the great helper and home remedy to get rid of shoe odor. You can reduce the nasty odor with ease and a smart way.

Tea bags also a domestic item which can be easily available any grocery store.

Especially, black tea bags contain receptivity power, which helps to kill fungal and bacteria. Check out the proper method of using a black tea bag.

How to use:

• You need to take 2 black tea bags and put them into boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes.
• Now remove them and let them cool down for 10 minutes. After that put each teabag in both shoes and leave them overnight.
• The tea bags will observe the stinky smell and make your shoes smell free. You can repeat this remedy anytime.

4. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is also a perfect idea and remedy to get rid of shoe odor. Many people are not aware of the advantages of hydrogen peroxide but it is a great ingredient with many benefits.

You can buy it from any medical store or grocery store. Hydrogen peroxide includes anti-bacterial and anti-fungal property which reduces the bacteria as well as stinky shoe smell quickly and easily.

How to use

• Take some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton ball or you can also dip a cloth in some hydrogen peroxide solution.
• Gently wipe your shoes inside with this cloth and leave it for some time until gets dry.
• Your shoes are ready to wear without any smell and you can repeat this remedy whenever you feel like to do.

5. Vinegar

Vinegar is the treasure of treating many issues and beneficial for reducing shoe odor as well. This product is easily available at every home and you can have it on any super store or common grocery shop.

Vinegar includes anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial property which helps to kill bacteria causes bacterial infection and fungal infection and decreases foul shoes smell in one day.

How to use

• You need to take some vinegar and an equal amount of water, mix well and put it into a spray bottle or you can also use some cotton for applying.
• Spray the solution into the shoes and leave it for an hour, you can also sprinkle some baking soda in shoes for better results.
• Next day you will found your shoe odor-free and fresh. Repeat this remedy whenever you feel the nasty and stinky smell at your home.

6. Alcohol

Do not wonder because alcohol is an amazing remedy and idea to get rid of shoe odor frequently. Alcohol contains anti-bacterial property, which helps to kill bacteria and reduces shoes smell.

Many of us won’t believe in the advantage of alcohol but that’s true. You will believe it by yourself when you do the process.

How to use

• Take some alcohol and fill it into the spray bottle and spray it on your hoses from inside.
• You can directly put some alcohol on your shoes and leave it for an hour in the open area.
• You can repeat this process whenever you feel to do.

7. Orange Peels

Orange peels include anti-bacterial property which is highly beneficial for removing the Stinky smell from the shoes.

How to make shoes smell better? Orange peels have such ability to absorb the nasty smell and help to control the number of bacteria which causes the foul smell.

How to use

• Take some fresh orange peel and put them into your shoes and leave it for overnight and let the peels work better.
• The next day you will get fresh shoes without any smell. So next time do not throw the orange peels.
• Repeat this remedy anytime.

8. Baby Powder

How to make shoes not smell with the use of baby powder? Sweat is a major cause of shoe odor. Baby powder is quite helpful for reducing shoe smell and makes your shoes freshly smelled.

How to use

• Sprinkle some baby powder on your feet and socks before wearing your shoes.
• Also, sprinkle it in your shoes; it will make your shoes and feet dry and fresh.

9. Dryer Sheet

Dryer sheets are also a popular and quick way to reduce shoe odor. You can buy dryer sheets from any supermarket.

How to use

• Take one dryer sheet and cut it into two parts and place in both pair of shoe and leave it like that.
• Whenever you need to wear the shoes take out the sheets.

10. Onions

Onions have a great ability to absorb the nasty shoe smell. Onions are a common domestic item so you need not find it out with difficulty.

How to use

• Take 1 or 2 onions and cut it into big pieces and place them into your shoes.
• Leave your shoes like that for 4 to 5 hours and for better results leave it overnight.
• Next day remove the onions and trash them in the dustbin. Repeat this remedy whenever you feel a stinky shoe smell.
• Make sure to always use fresh onions for removing the shoe smell.

Final words

Always try to maintain your hygiene. Wear clean socks and fine quality shoes. Wash your feet after removing the shoes as well and keep them dry. I hope this information on how to get rid of shoe odor would be helpful for you

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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