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Corn vs Callus: How to Get Rid of Foot Corns and Calluses

How to get rid of foot corns? It is the tiniest feet that held us straight without taking a day off. So taking good care of them should be a part of our lifestyle. But in real life we just do the reverse, we often forget a minimum time for foot care. Unknowingly our carelessness makes our feet skin thick and thus corns and calluses start to build up with time. 

This thick layer of skin becomes hard and cause pain and takes a big shape. Today in this article we are going to discuss how to get rid of foot corns and calluses and the home remedies that help to remove it. Let us begin:

 What is meant by Corn and Callus?

Look wise human feet are simple but it is made up of 26 bones. The structure that has 33 joints, numerous muscles, nerves and various ligaments is much complicated than it looks from outside.

Besides this, constant exposure to ground pressure and body weight may cause discomfort to any part of the foot.

Corns and callus are also a kind of thick skin that developed due to excessive pressure and friction when our body wants to make any movement such as walking.

The body weight is carried by the heel and then by the ball of the foot. Usually, the knee skin is thicker than the other parts to withstand the pressure against the ground.

But if the pressure becomes excessive and the skin receives rubbing or irritation repeatedly it gets thicker and hard. They can form anywhere on our body but the most usual places are feet, hands, or fingers when corn and calluses developed.

Define corn and calluses:

Let us define corn and calluses according to their size, color, and texture:

• Calluses are the part of the skin that becomes hard and tough due to pressure and friction and it occurs in feet and also in knee or elbows.

• Calluses are yellow in colour and lumpy.

• Calluses are big and the edges are blunt.

• Usually calluses occur when the surface causes continuous abrasion of the toe skin or the skin rubs frequently against something such as bones, loosely fitted footwear, etc.

Few facts about corn and callus:

• Corn or calluses are caused by repeated friction or excessive pressure on foot or toes produced at the time of the movement.

• The outer layers of the skin or the epidermis become thick and it results in conical calluses.

• Usually, corn and calluses appear on toe and feet, but sometime it may develop on hands, elbow and side of fingers.

• Corns are smaller in size and sides of the toe are the most common place where they develop.

What Causes Corns on Feet?

Skin acts as a cover and toe skin is not an exception. Our toe skin is meant to protect the area against friction and ground pressure. When the epidermis layer has to bear excessive friction and pressure during movement it started getting thicker and hard.

The pressure and continuous friction cause the skin cell to die and form a hard layer to protect the affected area.

So, in short, we can say that a protective action and reaction takes place between our body and the surface. 

As a result of which it prevents blisters to form and inhibits other damages to our skin.

Corn and Callus formation:

Now let us clarify under how and in what circumstances corn and calluses from:

  • The most common cause that helps corn and calluses to form is imperfect shoe individual wearing a sow for long hours that do not fit in his/her size may cause two different situations. Such as—
  • If the shoes are too tight it rubs against the skin and produces friction.
  • If you wear loose fillings shoes, your foot slides too much inside the shoe ad also cause pressure.
  • Ladies who wear high heels very often are at a higher risk to develop calluses over the balls due to extra pressure. 

Corn and Calluses Symptoms:

Corns and calluses are an almost identical skin condition that makes the skin surface hard and thick. Sometimes it may also cause pain.  The degree of discomfort depends on the pressure and friction that we put on our feet. Before we go through the symptoms we must know that corns and calluses are exactly not the same. 

Therefore it is necessary to clear the concept at first and then only we can identify it. Now we must know the symptoms clearly so that we can identify whether a hard skin patch on skin is corn or calluses or other skin diseases like a wart.

Anyway, whether it’s a corn or calluses or simple wart, it starts with a feeling of discomfort.

If we have corn and calluses under toe or feet it will give us the feeling of walking on a rough surface or stone.

In case you have developed calluses you will notice:

  • A patch of a compact layer of dead skin on any parts of the body.
  • Usually, the commonplace where we can find calluses is on the bottom of our foot and especially on the body area.

Corns too have specific characteristics:

  • A hardened muscular bump that rose outside.
  • Feeling of tenderness r pain in the affected area.
  • The raised muscular lump may cause pain or discomfort during movement.
  • Redness, blisters and pain in the affected area.

So, the symptoms are simple and match with the signs of wart. So how can we define? Let us go through the skin reaction and changes in each case.

  • If the hard patch is a wart it will bleed if you scrape some skin from the affected area.
  • Callus does not bleed if scraped off, instead it revels another layer of dry or dead skin.
  • Corns come out with pointed centre.
  • Corn and callus are not contagious do not cause by virus infection.

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How to Get Rid of Foot corns (Home Remedies):

1. Salicylic Acid:

How to get rid of foot corns using salicylic acid? This is a special type of acid that breaks the connection of the skin cells that gathered at the site of corn and calluses. This acid increases the moisture and breaks down the corn in the area.

But the most important thing is you will need a pumice stone to remove the dead layer of skin. After that apply the acid only over the infected region and leave it to rinse.


  • Take adequate quantity of salicylic acid and warm water along with a pumice stone.
  • At first, soak the affected area into warm water for five to 10 minutes to make it soft.
  • Then use the pumice stone and rub the dry layer of skin from the affected area’
  • Now apply salicylic acid with a cotton swab over the area and keep it for a few minutes.
  • Wash the area with clean water.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has antibacterial property which softens the corns and exfoliates the dead skin layer.


  • Firstly you will have to soak your feet in warm water, and then apply apple cider vinegar over the affected area with the help of a cotton ball.
  • Press the cotton ball against the corn for about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Finally, let the vinegar dry and then apply 2 drops of tree tea oil over the corn.

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3. Baking Soda:

The paste produced by the mixture of baking soda and water has been regarded as an important remedy for corn and calluses. Its antiseptic property helps to keep the area free of infection. All you have to do is to apply the paste over the affected region and leave it for a night.


  • Take one teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Add a small quantity of water to make a smooth paste.
  • Now apply the paste on corn and calluses and keep it for the whole night.
  • You can add a few drops of lemon juice into it.

4. Garlic:

This kitchen ingredient is also a useful remedy for corn. It also removes the corn tissues from our body. There’s only one thing you will along with garlic that is crepe bandage.

Just rub the garlic over the affected region and attach it there with the bandage

5. Turpentine Oil:

Only rectified turpentine oil should be used as a remedy. This oil increases blood circulation throughout our body an also softens the skin. 

Firstly you will need to rub ice cubes over the area then apply the oil to get the best result.

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6. Lemon:

Another effective home remedy is lemon. Its acidic property helps to get rid of corn and makes it less severe. It also reduces the size of the corn.


  • Take a slice of lemon.
  • Put it on the affected area and wrap it with a bandage.
  • Leave it for a night to get the best result.

7. Onion:

How to get rid of foot corns using Onions? This common remedy can be very effective against corn and calluses. Onion contains antioxidants that reduce the growth of corn and calluses. It also removes the scars on the skin.


  • Take an onion slice.
  • Put it on the infected area.
  • Wrap it with gauze.
  • Leave it for the night.

8. Vitamin E:

This is a well-known ingredient that helps to solve many skin and hair related problems. So corns and calluses are not an exception. Vitamin E oil acts on dry and hard skin to make it soft and smooth.

The antioxidants in this oil heal the corn and calluses faster. Keeping the affected area well moisturised is must and vitamin E oil is best for that.


  • Take one or two vitamin E capsule.
  • Pinch it with a clean needle and collect the oil inside it on cotton.
  • Apply the cotton with oil on the corn and calluses.
  • Keep it for a few minutes so that the oil gets absorbed and then cover with a soft cloth or cotton sock.
  • Repeat it every time before bedtime.

9. Coconut oil:

This common oil is the best skin moisturizer and it also helps to remove corn and calluses.


  • Take a little amount of coconut oil.
  • Apply gently on the affected area and massage it well.
  • Repeat it for several days to make the hard skin soft and hydrated,

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How to Prevent Corn and calluses?

Prevention is always better than cure, so we must follow the proper technique that prevents corn and calluses to grow.

a). Wear Perfect Shoes:

Use shoes according to your size. Shoes must be well fitted and well-cushioned. The same is applicable for socks.

The afternoon is the best time to buy shoes as our feet incline to be the widest during that time. This is helpful to measure the perfect time.

b). Take Care of Foot:

Your daily health care routine is one of the major steps to avoid any type of skin problem especially issues like corns and calluses.

Anyone must follow the following steps as far as hand and foot care is related:

  • Dry your foot as well as the hand before going to bed.
  • Every time you wash your hand and feet dry them carefully.
  • Apply moisturizing lotion and foot massage cream before bedtime.
  • Remove dry skins with pumice stone daily.
  • Do not ignore any kind of pain or discomfort during movement. Foot pain may be the sign of various other health issues as well as an indication of corn and calluses.

So guys, now we hope you all are well informed about how to get rid of foot corns and calluses and we sincerely hope it would be helpful to you. The home remedies are quite effective if you can continue it patiently.

Above all, you should follow the rules to prevent corn and calluses for a better living.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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