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11 Bad and Dangerous Food Combinations that Make you Sick

Looking for Bad food combinations that make you sick? Our eating habits have one of the essential roles in our health and routine. Whatever we eat in our regular life affects our mental and physical health and wellness. Nowadays, stomach disorders, including gas, bloating, acidity, lack of appetite, liver troubles, and poor digestion, all issues are all becoming very common. 

According to Ayurveda, every food has its significance. A specific food combination is strictly restricted in Ayurveda, but we never care until we face any issue. Agni Tatva has been responsible for digesting the food properly, and when it gets disturbed, you feel various digestive troubles.    

In this Article 

  1. Dangerous Food Combinations to Avoid

Dangerous Food Combinations To Avoid

Here we are listing 11 deadly food combinations list that cause adverse effects to your body so let’s see what food combinations are deadly

1. Water after Fruits

 Water after Fruits bad combinations

Now, we all know fruits are good for health. Many people have one stubborn habit that they drink water after eating anything, and you’ll have to notice this habit if you are having a bowl of fruits, or it can ruin your digestion. 

Mostly, all the fruits contain water like watermelon, muskmelon, cucumber, pineapple, oranges, etc., including 90-95% water. When you drink water just after eating fruits, it can weaken digestion and spoils the digestive enzymes, and you feel bloated. 

You must wait for 30-45 minutes after eating fruits.  

2. Honey and Ghee

 Honey and Ghee bad food combinations

Ayurveda is highly comprehensive regarding human health, especially in the food aspect. You must never consume combined honey and ghee or purified butter at one time. 

Honey is a great ingredient that holds warm quality, and ghee is also beneficial that holds cold effects. When you combined those opposite things, it makes a dangerous combination and generates adverse effects on your body.  

3. Fish with Milk/Curd

Fish with Milk/Curd dangerous food combination

According to Ayurveda, our body is made of three Guna called Satva, Raja, and Tama, and the misbalance of these three can make you sick. 

Fish and milk both are animal products. Still, some people consider milk vegetarian, but it’s not. When you consume fish with milk or curd, it can imbalance the tamas guna, and you may have diarrhea, indigestion, bloating, and other digestive issues.    

Moreover, in many parts, fish has been prepared with milk and curd, and some experts suggest that cooked fish with milk or curd is not harmful.  

4. Honey and Boiling Water

Millions of people follow this remedy by taking honey with boiling water, especially in the morning time and Ayurveda denies the benefits of this even it can be dangerous when you mix honey with boiling water. 

When you add boiling water to the honey, it enhances HMF level or hydroxymethyl furfuraldehyde that causes toxins to grow more. 

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5. Liquids and Solids

You must avoid having liquids and solids together because liquids are easy to digest and rapidly hit the intestine whereas, a solid diet takes enough time to indigestion. When you consume both, it creates a dilemma, and your stomach gets upset without any reason. 

So next time, avoid a cold drink or any smoothie with your pizza or burger and wait for 20 to 30 minutes after eating.  

6. Alcohol and Paracetamol

Alcohol and Paracetamol dangerous food combinations

It can be highly dangerous if you are an alcoholic and consuming paracetamol or any pain killer or cold medicines with your drink. Not only doctors but also Ayurveda also strictly announced that this combination is dangerous for your health. 

7. Meat and Dairy

You may have heard a couple of times avoid milk or tea when you had meat in your dinner. Any meat has heating quality, and milk or other dairy products have cooling quality, and combining both and consuming together can imbalance the Agni tattva and misbalance the digestion.  

8. Cooking with Honey

I have heard this from my grandma; we should never heat honey, not even in the winters. Now I know why? Honey has healing properties already, and when you heat it more or add it in a while, cooking it cause adverse effects and is consumed for a long time can be highly dangerous. 

Always add honey after cooking and add in the beverages when they are at an average temperature.  

9. Citrus Fruit and Milk

Citrus Fruit and Milk-dangerous food combination

Various studies are in favor that you shouldn’t combine any citrus fruit with milk. Citrus fruits have acidic properties, and you have seen that when you add lemon to milk gets burst, so now you can imagine for your stomach. 

Our stomach is already filled with acid enzymes that help digestion, and consuming citrus fruits with milk can spoil digestive health.   

10. Tea and Curd

 Tea and Curd bad food combinations

Having curd in the breakfast with a cup of tea is very common, especially in India. According to Ayurveda, tea and curd shouldn’t be taken simultaneously as both have acidic qualities and can ruin the digestive process. You feel bloated and heavy the whole day.  

11. Fruits Along With Curd

Fruits are also acidic, and when you add them in curd, it enhances the acidic effects and can decrease your body’s metabolism. Long-time consumption can spoil the digestive enzymes. 

You must also ignore having fruits just after eating the meal. Fruits also need enough time for indigestion, and when you eat them just after eating, your body has to work double to digest both.  

Dos and Don’t


  • Try to balance the diet and don’t consume such foods that contradict each other. 
  • Always drink water after 30 minutes of eating and let your Agni tattva works better to digest the food properly. 
  • You can take the help of an Ayurvedic expert regarding your food choice and try to follow all the instructions.    


  • You mustn’t consume meat with potatoes. 
  • Avoid beans with fruits and milk. 
  • Avoid hot beverages with any citrus fruits. 
  • Never consume both equal quality-like foods or keep a gap between them. 

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In Closing

You must notify all the rules as they are much needed in today’s life. People have no idea how they play with their health and, later on, stay dependent on medicines. 

Changing a few bad habits can do a miraculous influence on your overall health. Please share this information more and stay happy and stay healthy. We hope that after going through the above bad food combinations will surely help you.

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