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How to Check If Honey is Pure or Fake, use this Simple Trick!

How to check If honey is pure or fake: Honey is considered an ancient remedy that is used for multiple treatments related to health and beauty. Honey is a treasure of various nutrients and minerals that are quite beneficial for your health and wellness as well as a long and healthy life.

Honey contains anti-bacterial and antiseptic properties that are useful for curing many beauty issues. It works as a natural cleanser and provides you a healthy and shiny skin tone. But finding the original and pure honey is not that easy as you take it. There are numbers of fake honey available in the market that looks real and pure but has no results.

Honey is good for health. It has iron vitamins and other minerals. Honey is rich with so many minerals good for digestion and for the body. But we need pure honey and here we are mentioning that how would you find out that your honey is pure or fake?

Fake Honey vs Real Honey:

You can find out whether the honey is real or fake.

We should check:

1. Solid Stage of Honey:

This is one of the easiest ways that defines honey is pure or fake. With this method, you can check from the outside of the packaging.

Look at the bottom, if you see crystal form in the bottom then make sure that your honey is pure.

For more convenient and fast results you can put your honey into the fridge if still, it remains in liquid form then make sure its fake one, and you must not use this.

2. Read the Ingredients Properly:

Every time whenever you buy honey for you, read the label and ingredients carefully. Make sure that the ingredient list of the honey does not contain high-fructose corn syrup or glucose.

These are two substances that are usually added to honey that keep it from solidifying.

Many manufacturing companies add these ingredients to your honey so that they can increase the quantity.

Other Ways to Check Honey is Pure or Fake:

1. Thumb Test:

Put a drop of honey on Thumb check carefully if it feels spills, it is not pure, if it is stay on the thumb, it is pure.

Always remember that pure and original honey feels thick, on the other side, the fake honey looks much liquidity.

2. Water Test:

Take a glass of water, add one tablespoon of honey into it. If honey is not pure it will dissolve in water.

You can observe honey in the glass, inside the wall of glass. If Honey is pure it will settle down at the bottom of the glass.

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3. The Flame Test:

Everybody should know that organic Honey is inflammable. You take a dry matchstick dip it into the honey now strikes the match on the Matchbox.

It will light if the honey is pure the flame will burn. In case if it is impure the flame will not burn, it will not light as impure honey has moisture.

4. On Blotting Paper:

Put some honey on blotting paper, if it is impure it will be absorbed by blotting paper. Pure Honey is not absorbed.

Some other Point:

  • Honey is a supersaturated sugar solution. Honey contains 18% water, which is not enough to freeze.
  • Honey has energy, it has calories. Those who are fat want to lose weight should take honey in water or in milk. Honey has no fat.
  • Honey is kept in liquid form it is not heated or filtered. You can find honey in different forms in the market. Raw honey or Natural Honey is crystallized. It is because of glucose crystals. So, it is pure.
  • We find different colors of honey some are colorless and some are Brown. We find different flavors of honey. We see mild flavor as well as bold and strong. Light-colored Honey is always light and dark-colored honey is stronger.

In the end, we would say that Raw honey is safe and good for health. It is also suggested for glowing skin and gym going people. It gives energy to tired people as it has glucose.

In pure honey, no flavor or ingredients are added. Some people like to taste before purchasing it, but it is not a good and smart way to test the honey.

Can Diabetics Eat Honey?

A diabetic patient should consult the doctor before taking honey. Honey should be taken according to age and weight. Dietitian says one or two teaspoons full of honey is enough.

If you go for a morning walk or take exercise, take rest for 5 or 10 minutes and then take a glass of water and add two spoons of honey and mix it into the water and stir for a few seconds and after you can drink it.

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Here we have described many simple but effective ways that elaborate many things about your honey. Honey is the best remedy to cure several health issues as well as it is a unique remedy as to a beauty product.

We always want you to stay happy and healthy with your family. Keep on reading our articles that are full with genuine information and quite useful for you. So, next time whenever you go to the supermarket for purchase honey, apply these simple methods that are very beneficial for you.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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