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What are the Foods that Cause Constipation?

Foods that cause Constipation: Constipation is considered one of the most common digestive troubles that have affected millions of people all over the world.

One can simply define constipation by having a dry hard stool or lack of proper bowel cleansing for more than three weeks.

Our colon absorbs enough water whatever we eat on a regular basis and pass it in the form of waste material or called stool. If this waste product becomes unable to come out and remain inside for a long time it becomes dry and rough and difficult to pass out.

There are multiple causes can be responsible for constipation like:

  • Lack of a fiber-rich diet
  • Poor eating habits include junk food and fast food
  • Stress
  • Dehydration
  • Pregnancy
  • Intake of particular medicines
  • Any colon disease
  • Taking laxatives medicine without a prescription
  • Lack of physical activity

9 Foods that cause Constipation:

If you ever face constipation you may know the discomfort while having it and people do a lot of effort to eliminate it. Some people take medicines, syrups, and do home remedies to cure constipation.    

You must know that whatever we eat affects our health a lot and there are some foods that can cause constipation.

If you have constipation you must avoid these foods and naturally you can treat constipation so let’s have a closer look at that:-

1. Cauliflower:

Cauliflower is known as a cruciferous vegetable that is heavy to digest as it includes several components that can be difficult for the gut.

People who are already facing an issue with their bowel system must cut out cauliflower from their diet or it can develop the worse condition and cause bloating and acidity more.

Although, cauliflower contains many healthy properties but not for those who have a poor digestive system.

2. Dairy Products:

Dairy products like milk cheese can also cause constipation. May people especially infants and toddlers have an intolerance of lactose and their tract can’t take such products can cause constipation.

Though some feel diarrhea and lose gut so the effects depend differently. Curd is the opposite of dairy products as it has good bacteria that respond well to your bowel management.  

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3. Fried Foods:

People love fried foods and junk foods so much and they know well that such food has no nutrient value.

Fast food like French fries, burgers, chips, ice-cream, snacks, etc are heavy to digest due to low in fiber and contain high-fat that can be a trouble for your gut.

These types of foods have too much salt and eating excess salt is also not good especially if you have constipation so try to avoid such foods.

4. Grains Include Gluten:

Food that includes gluten likes wheat, bread, Kamut, etc can’t be digested by some people or some are allergic to these types of foods. Those people get constipated by gluten food.

The intolerance of gluten food also known as celiac disease and people who have celiac problems mustn’t eat gluten food. By doing simple tests you can know you are allergic to gluten or not.  

5. Red Meat:

Red meat is also responsible for constipation for many reasons. Red meat contains a high-fat amount than other meat like poultry and fish. If you eat red meat in an excess portion it can be difficult to digest especially if you have a poor digestive tract.  

It has low-fiber so if you love to eat red meat and having chronic constipation it is better to avoid and eat more fiber-rich food.

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6. Ripe Bananas:

A less-ripped banana can become a reason for constipation for sure as it has such components that can’t be digested by your body.

Though a well-ripped banana with dark spots can cure constipation and indigestion problems. So always choose fully ripped bananas.

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7. Dark Chocolate:

Hmm, who can ignore a rich yummy dark chocolate, of course, a person must ignore eating dark chocolate if he has constipation.

The experts believe that dark chocolate has no-fiber and it includes milk that can cause constipation only when you eat it excessively.  

8. Tea and Coffee:

More than half of the generation is the fans of tea and coffee and it is like an addiction.

We all know that tea and coffee have caffeine and tannin that can cause dehydration and also a cause of constipation.  

9. Alcohol:

Excess alcohol consumption has been announced as a major cause of constipation. Drinking much alcohol can raise the urge of urine that causes dehydration in the body and provoke constipation.

Though studies are still under-testing however many people faced loose gut movement so the effects vary person-to-person. If you have constipation try to drink less alcohol and drink plenty of water to prevent constipation.  

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Dos and Don’ts:


  • Eat more fruits and salad includes cucumber, tomato, carrots, beans, etc.
  • Drink plenty of water near about 8 to 10 glasses in a single day.
  • Cut out those foods that cause constipation.
  • Do exercise like running, walking, and swimming, or cycling.
  • Eat more best diy laxative like Dates and Prunes.


  • Don’t’ eat junk food and fast food.
  • If you see any trouble like bleeding during stool don’t miss an appointment with your doctor.
  • Don’t take medicines without any prescription.


Constipation is not a good situation and sometimes it can imbalance your whole routine. Some easy changes in your diet can change the whole phenomenon and you can relieve constipation.

We hope this information will help you and you will follow all the rules that can keep you healthy and provide a smooth and strong digestive tract.

If you still feeling something is not right just contact your doctor. if you have any queries please ask us here.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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