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Cure Thyroid Forever with Coriander Seeds in just 8 Days

Looking for a natural way to fight against the thyroid problems that you are tired of? Well, before we prepare to cure thyroid and take any other important step towards it lets, head to knowing what thyroid actually is?

Well, the thyroid is a gland in the human body known as the thyroid gland and it is very important as it produces very beneficial hormones.

The thyroid gland is responsible and influences many metabolic processes in the body. The most common hormones produced by the thyroid gland are Triiodothyronine and Thyroxine.

These hormones shortly know as T3 and T4 provide assistance in regulating metabolism and growth in the human body.

In this Article

A person generally faces the thyroid-related problems when there is an imbalance in hormone production. So, now that we know, what thyroid is? Let’s face the generally known causes of thyroid imbalance.

Signs of a Thyroid Problem

  • Sleeping too much 
  • Dry skin & hair loss 
  • weight gain
  • Body pain
  • Feeling sad or depressed
  • Constipation
  • Throat discomfort
  • Feeling too hot or cold

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Causes of Thyroid Imbalance

1.The deficiency of vitamin b12

2. Too much consumption of iodine or another reason can be, excess intake of synthetic thyroid hormone.

3. Inflammation of the gland: Yes, the inflammation in the thyroid can cause the thyroid gland to leak and release an excess of hormones, this caused the temporary hyperthyroidism to happen. This generally lasts for a few weeks.

4.Lumps in the thyroid: These lumps in the thyroid gland can cause the secretion of thyroid hormones which depresses the chemical balance of the body.

5.Cancerous growths in the thyroid gland

Now lets head to the symptoms that starts to appear when an imbalance in the thyroid gland is caused. Still, the thing to know here is, there are two types of thyroid imbalance, or in other words, there are generally two types of condition a person can face when an imbalance occurs in the thyroid gland, and both of these conditions comes with deference symptoms.

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Types of Thyroid Imbalance

The two types of thyroid imbalance conditions are:

1. Hypothyroidism

This condition generally affects woman more than men and shows its worst face when becomes older, and this needed to be tackled and managed during the times of pregnancy.

This situation generally occurs to the one who is suffering from an underactive thyroid or the glands which control the thyroid functioning. There are many other causes which can lead to this serious condition.

In other words, the insufficient production of hormones can lead to this condition.

2. Hyperthyroidism

This condition appears when there is an override of thyroid hormones in the blood. When this happens, the thyroid gland becomes overactive and starts to secrete more and more hormones which lead to hyperthyroidism.


In hyperthyroidism, there totally different symptoms are seen and they are treated in a different way.

The general symptoms that you can face are weight gain depression, may also cause pain in joints, sensitivity to both heat and cold, a feeling of tightness in the throat, higher cholesterol levels, dryness in the skin and sometimes vision problems.

On the other hand, the symptoms that appear in hyperthyroidism are mood swings, nervousness, weight loss, rapid irregular heartbeats, and weight loss etc.

Benefits of coriander seeds soaked in water

Coriander is known for its fantastic odor and flavor that not only enhances the flavor of your food but also increases the quality and health benefits as well.

Coriander derives from a plant called Coriandrum sativum and used in various forms such as leaves seeds and oil. A Potential Source of High-Value Components. In different countries, coriander has been known by different names like parsley and cilantro.

Some of the Indian and international dishes can’t be completed without a coriander touch.

Coriander is loaded with amazing health benefits so let’s have a closer look at that-

1. Helpful in Blood Sugar

coriander seeds for Blood Sugar

Millions of people have diabetes and they are at the peak of type-2 diabetes. The studies done on volunteers and animals have proved that coriander seeds can lower the blood sugar level and decreased the risk of type-2 diabetes.

Coriander seeds include a particular enzyme that is helpful to lower the sugar from the blood. Even experts stated that people with low blood sugar take it wisely.    

2. Boost Immunity

Coriander seeds are rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties that act as an immunity booster and make your body strong so it can easily fight infections and diseases.

Its microbial quality kills bacteria and viruses that can make you sick and it also recovers foodborne illness.   

3. Good for Cardiac Health

coriander seeds Good for Cardiac Health

Coriander seeds contain special elements that work as a diuretic that helps in hypertension and lowers the blood pressure naturally.  

Many studies have revealed that regular usage of coriander seeds can lower the LDL or bad cholesterol and provoke good cholesterol in the body and highly effective for cardiac health.

People who consume a highly sodium diet must consume coriander seeds and this spice is far better than other spices for heart health.

4. Promote Digestive Health

Coriander has been used for medicinal purposes from ancient times and even in modern time; you can take this to improve digestion and appetite. 

A study done on various people with IBS symptoms revealed positive results and better improvement in bloating, pain, cramps, and abdominal discomfort. 

The regular consumption of coriander seeds promotes appetite and stimulates digestive juices so food can digest properly and without any gas or bloating. 

5. Improve Skin and Hair’s Health

Coriander seeds can cure skin disorders like pigmentation, dry skin, early aging signs, pimples, acne, etc. the seeds and leaves are also helpful to treat mouth ulcers, diaper rashes, and inflammation.  

You can apply some coriander leaves paste on the pimples or acne once a day and see the magic. With that drinking coriander seeds water regularly gives you shiny glowing skin and healthy hairs.

6. Improve Vision

coriander seeds for eyes

Coriander seeds contain vitamin A, K, and c with beta-carotene and antioxidants, and these all qualities are needed for healthy eye-sight.

It also protects the eyes from excess stress and prevents conjunctivitis disease.   

7. Treat Common Cold and Cough

Coriander seeds Treat Common Cold and Cough

As we said before that coriander seeds work as immunity booster but with that, they can be beneficial to treat cough and cold. 

This can be a grandma recipe but it always works. You just need to boil some coriander seeds in 2 cups of water and add some tulsi leaves and some black pepper and let it boil until water remains half.

Off the flame and add some honey and consume this herbal tea before sleeping.   

8. Cure Menstrual Cramps

Women who are facing irregular menstrual cycle, pain, and cramps must consume coriander seeds regularly.

You can add a handful of seeds to the meal and also drink coriander seeds water and within a few weeks, you can have pain-free regular periods.       

9. Good for Brain and Bones

coriander seeds Good for Brain and Bones

The researchers are now agreed that coriander has calcium and antioxidants that not only promote bone health and make them strong but also improve brain functioning.

Brain diseases that are related to inflammation can be preventable if you use coriander seeds regularly.

In addition, coriander is useful to reduce anxiety and stress but still, the more human studies are needed relating to brain health.

10. Cure Thyroid

Is coriander good for thyroid?

Is coriander good for thyroid? Coriander seed water is definitely one of the most potent natural remedies to help you manage the thyroid dysfunctions.

Coriander seeds are a great herb for the thyroid. This is because they help to balance the metabolism and help with weight loss. It also helps to boost energy levels, promotes good sleep and relieves stress.

Coriander Vs Cilantro (difference)

Coriander Vs Cilantro

People often recognize coriander and cilantro the same and why not as they both are a part of the same plant, but still, they have the difference in taste, nutrient value, flavour, and benefits of course.

Cilantro is a Spanish name for coriander that refers to stems and green leaves of the Coriandrum sativum plant and dried seeds called coriander.

Coriander is rich in minerals and less in vitamins, and conversely, cilantro is loaded with vitamins like vitamin K and c and tastes a little citrusy and refreshing.

On the other hand, coriander tastes a little nutty, hot, and like spice and used for curries, soups, and stews.

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How to use Coriander Seeds

You can get all the described benefits of coriander seeds water empty stomach within a few weeks if you’ll use them properly and luckily, the way of using coriander seeds is too easy.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of coriander seeds and soak them in a half cup of water overnight.
  • The next morning, drink this water empty stomach and chew some seeds occasionally or you can add them to your meal simply.
  • Repeat the process regularly once a day.
  • You can also grind some coriander seeds and add them to your veggies, soups, stews, and curries or simply take some seeds and crush them roughly and use them.

How to make Coriander Chutney for Thyroid

Coriander chutney is a delicious and healthy condiment that can be used to dress up any meal. It is also a great way to boost your thyroid health.

Here is how you can make coriander chutney for thyroid:

  1. Start by boiling down some coriander seeds with some water until the seeds are cooked.
  2. Once the seeds are cooked, add vinegar, honey, and spices (such as cumin, chili powder, and ginger). Simmer the mixture until it thickens.
  3. Store the chutney in an airtight container in the fridge for up to two weeks. It can also be frozen for up to two months.

How to make coriander Tea for Thyroid

Making coriander tea for thyroid is a simple process that anyone can make it. Follow these simple steps to make the perfect cup of tea:

  1. Fill a pot with water and place it on the stove.
  2. Add 1 tablespoons of coriander seeds to the pot, and turn the heat to high.
  3. Once the water has come to a boil, turn the heat down to low and let the tea simmer for about 10 minutes.
  4. After 10 minutes, pour the tea into cups; add sugar to taste and enjoy!

How to make Coriander juice for thyroid

Be sure to drink fresh juice every day to help with your thyroid condition.


Coriander seeds- 1 cup
Water- 2 cups


To make coriander juice for thyroid health, simply blend 1 cup of fresh coriander leaves with 2 cups of water and sip on it as a drink throughout the day.

Benefits of coriander seeds soaked in water for thyroid

Coriander seeds water benefits for thyroid is a great way to stay healthy and strong. The coriander seeds are very rich in iron, magnesium, potassium and vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. The antioxidants present in the seeds can help reduce fatigue, boost energy levels and make you feel healthier than ever before.

Using this remedy can reduce the symptoms of hypothyroidism. The minerals present in the coriander seeds are very helpful and fighting the infection that can grow in the body.

One of the best things about coriander seed water is this is 100% safe for use for pregnant ladies and nursing mothers also.

You can get rid of all types of thyroid disorders by simply bringing this natural remedy in use for your thyroid problems.

Cure Thyroid Forever with Coriander Seeds

How to make Coriander water for Thyroid


  • Coriander seeds
  • Drinkable water
  • Honey

How to Drink coriander water for thyroid (Simple steps)

  • Take some drinkable water and put it over a suitable flame.
  • Now add two tablespoons of coriander seeds to this boiling water and cover it.
  • Let it covered and boiling on a low flame for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • When properly boiled take it off from the flame and strain to remove the waste seeds from the water.
  • Now take this coriander water in a glass to drink.
  • You can add two tablespoons of honey to this coriander seed water for making it tasty and sweet.
  • Drink this coriander water every morning empty stomach for at least a week to see improvements in your thyroid symptoms.

As stated before this remedy is safe and comes with no side effects and this will definitely help you to cure the thyroid problems that you are facing.

This remedy is tested by millions of people and they found it working and beneficial in managing the thyroid problems.

As a better resolution to your problems I suggest to include a little exercise in your daily routine, this will solve half of your problems in an instant.

Frequently Asked Question & Answers-

Q. Can I drink coriander water during pregnancy?

A. Yes it is safe you can drink during pregnancy. It helps to lower the gas and acidity problem that is normal during pregnancy.

Q. Which seeds are good for thyroid?

A. Flax seeds, chia seeds and coriander seeds are known to good for thyroid but Coriander seeds are most effective treatment for thyroid.

Q. Can hyperthyroidism be cured permanently?

A. Yes, hyperthyroidism can be cured permanently with the natural method. In most cases, coriander seeds soaked in water remedy is very beneficial for thyroid patient.

Q. How do you drink coriander water for Thyroid?

A. You can Soak two to three tablespoons of coriander seeds in water overnight. The next morning, drink this water empty stomach.

Q. What are the side effects of coriander seeds?

A. Side effects are less common. Coriander Seeds may cause allergic reactions like redness in lips and blisters in body.

Q. Does coriander water cure thyroid?

A. Yes coriander seeds soaked in water can cure thyroid disease hyper and hypo both, tips mentioned in this article.

Q. Is Dhaniya water Good for Thyroid?

A. Yes, Dhaniya water is very helpful for those who have thyroid. This is due to the high mineral composition (vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5) of Dhania. Coriander seed water is undoubtedly among the most potent alternative treatments that will help you control your thyroid.

Q. Can we drink coriander water for thyroid daily?

A. Yes, you can drink Coriander water daily for up to 1 month. It would be best if you soaked the coriander seeds overnight, and you’ll have to filter the water and drink it the next morning.

Q. Is it safe to drink coriander water everyday?

A. Yes, drinking coriander water every day is safe. Coriander water may cause allergic reactions but very rare. There is no significant side effect.

Q. Are coriander seeds hot or cold?

A. Coriander seeds in Ayurvedic medicine are classified as cooling spices.

Q. Does coriander seeds cure thyroid?

A. Yes, coriander seeds cure thyroid. Coriander seeds soaked in water help to improve thyroid function.

Q. Can i take coriander water with thyroid medicine?

Ans- Yes you can take coriander water along with your thyroid medicine. Taking coriander water and thyroid medication has no negative effects.

Final words

Coriander seeds are handy and easy to use whenever you want. Every Indian kitchen is incomplete without coriander and our ancestors were far wise than us as they know the wonderful benefits of coriander.

For thyroid disorder, Coriander juice is very helpful. Now we can cure thyroid forever with coriander seeds.

You can do many experiments with coriander from making tea to making a chilled cocktail or beverage.

It not only provides a refreshing and soothing effect to your body and brain but also you are preventing many disease and cure thyriod issues.

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above Cure thyroid forever with coriander seeds will surely help you.

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