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11 Surprising Benefits of Drinking Beetroot Juice Daily

Benefits of Drinking Beetroot Juice Daily: Have you ever thought of adding some natural colored food into your diet to make it yummier, tastier and of course healthy? If not, please do think about it as it may prove beneficial for your personal health. We love the colorful dress but that’s not enough, our diet should be colorful to lead a healthy life.

There are many vegetables that contain natural color and beetroot is one of them. In a word, beetroot is considered as nature’s blessing for its uncountable health benefits.

Through this article, I am going to represent the reason why you should include beetroot into your daily diet from now. So stay with us.

What Is Beet Root and what is the Nutrition Value?

Beetroot nutrition value: Beetroot or beet is the edible taproot part of the beet plant. The scientific name is Beta Vulgaris. It is a common food ingredient and used n many cuisines worldwide.

For this huge nutritional value, it has gained popularity as a superfood and many of its health benefits come from the presence of a huge amount of inorganic nitrate.

Usually, beetroot is used as a vegetable, but it has also used in medicine due to it contains some essential nutrients. 

Usually round-shaped purple-colored beetroot as boiled, roasted or in raw condition. Also, we can make a delicious salad or mixed vegetables.

Beetroot is highly nutritious and it can make a healthy addition to your diet. It is packed with essential nutrients like folate, manganese potassium, iron, and vitamin C. Besides this it contains a good percentage of fiber.

  • Calories — 43.
  • Water— 88%
  • Protein— 1.6 g
  • Carbohydrate— 9.6gm
  • Sugar— 6.8gm
  • Fibre— 2.8gm
  • Fat— 0.2gm

So it is clear that beetroot is highly packed with dietary fiber, low fat, and low carbohydrate.

Besides this, it contains iron and vitamin C. This acts as an antioxidant and improves the immune system and skin health.

There are also some plant compounds such as Betanin, inorganic nitrate and Vulgaxanthin found in beetroot. Betanin is responsible for the red color.

Reason to Consume Beetroot:

If you are health-conscious you must not like to make any compromise with your health and this is the main cause to include beetroot into your diet. As it is a superfood and helps to upgrade your health.

Therefore, going natural is the final way o maintain a healthy routine as there is no shortcut for achieving your health goal. 

Benefits of Drinking Beetroot Juice Daily:

1. Helps to Lower Blood Pressure:

Is beetroot good for high blood pressure? Above all we have to keep our heart in a good form and in order to do that blood pressure is the first thing we have to look after. 

High blood pressure is the cause of many heart diseases including heart attack and cardiovascular failure. 

Many types of research and studies have shown that beetroot is capable of controlling blood pressure in a short time because of the presence of active nitrate.

Our body converts it into nitric acid that helps to expand the bloodstreams.

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2. Improve Liver Health:

Do beets cleanse your liver? Beetroot is liver-friendly. It is enriched with calcium, Betanin, Vitamin B, iron and anti-oxidants that enables the liver to work properly.

It also works to thin the bile so that it can flow smoothly through the small intestine and liver.

Beetroot has Betanin, which combines with fiber and both works to remove the toxin from the liver. 

Moreover, beetroot has Beilein, which is an Indole-derived red and yellow colored pigment and it works as an anti-inflammatory object.

So in short beetroot has compounds that work as a cleanser and detoxifier. Thus it ensures a healthy liver on consuming on a daily basis.

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3. Ensure Better Skin Health:

Do beets help your skin? The humble-looking beetroot has extraordinary effects on the skin. It holds various beauty and health benefits within it.

Therefore on consuming it daily may be helpful to prevent different skin problems including acne and pimple.

The antioxidants in beetroot help to remove toxin from our body and so if you want to replace your dull-looking skin with glowing skin, a glass of beetroot extract or raw beetroot in a salad is the best way to reach your goal.

Besides this, the beet Green, a different variety of beetroot has vitamin A, carotenoid and lutein, which fight free radicals and prevent your skin from premature aging and wrinkles.

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4. Fight Against Inflammation:

Is beetroot good for inflammation? The constituent present in beetroot is considered to treat therapeutic treatment associated with oxidative stress and inflammation.

The betalain pigment acts as potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. As we are aware that inflammation is the root of many chronic diseases like cancer, obesity, heart and liver diseases and liver dysfunction.

Therefore to prevent all these chronic diseases, it’s important to consume vegetables like beetroot as salad or juice daily. It also acts as a safeguard to our body and physiological system.

5. Manage Cholesterol:

Does beetroot lower cholesterol? If you are one of those who have high cholesterol, you should consider beetroot into your daily diet immediately as beetroot may help you to reduce the bad cholesterol level.

Various studies have shown positive results that support the fact that beetroot can effectively decrease the LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

The soluble fiber in beetroot is capable of enhancing the Good Cholesterol or HDL as it has very low calorie and low-fat content. Therefore it is able to lower the triglycerides in the blood.

6. Assure Good Digestion:

Is beetroot good for digestion? A good digestive system is key to healthy living. If you are thinking of including beetroot daily, do it immediately as consumption of beetroot with your daily food may improve your poor digestion capacity.

Beetroot is full of soluble fiber that induced the irregular digestive system to function in a proper way.

Moreover, the white beetroot juice can remove obstructions of the liver and spleen. Red beetroot also takes a prominent role to maintain abdominal health.

7. Aids In Treating Anaemia:

Is beetroot high in iron? Beetroot is rich in rich with Iron. Anemia is the chronic disease of the blood that caused due to the deficiency of iron in the blood cells.

So for anemic patients, it’s important to consume iron-rich food to meet up the deficiency.

Red Beetroot is exceptionally good to raise hemoglobin in blood as it is enriched with iron, folate and vitamin C which are helpful to absorb iron.

Therefore Beetroot consumption regenerates body strength and it also reactivates the red blood cells.

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8. Reduce Pain during Menstruation:

Are beets good for menstrual cramps? Beetroot is effective to retain body water which is probably the main cause of pain during the menstrual cycle.

However, during menopause and menstrual cycle hormone level fluctuate in a great deal causing various discomforts.

Beetroot is helpful o balance the hormone level by reducing excess Estrogens and as it is a very rich source of foliate manganese and potassium which stimulates the production of hormones and helps to fight against menstruation cramps.

It also reduces fatigue and stress during the period and menopause.

9. Boost up Energy Level During Exercise:

Beetroot is a good source of health-friendly nutrients as well as nitrates. Nitrates are beneficial for health as they help to reduce blood pressure and at the same time, they can enhance physical stamina during exercise and sports performance like cycling and athletics.

Nitrate turns into nitric oxide and reduces oxygen cost for low-intensity physical exercise and boosts up the energy level for high-intensity muscle exercise. 

Thus it increases muscle strength and power of endurance during exercise.

10. Good for Heart:

Are beets good for the heart? A healthy heart is the sign of a healthy lifestyle and we are ready to turn every stone to keep our heart healthy and stress-free.

Beetroot is such a blessed vegetable that it can solve many health problems including keeping the heart in a good condition as it is enriched with inorganic nitrate compounds.

The inorganic nitrate compounds include nitrates, nitrites, and nitric oxide.

As per research consuming beetroot in any form like juice or raw can lower the blood pressure level and thus indirectly reduce the risk of cardiac arrest.

To add more to the list it is worth mentioning that beetroot improves the amount of oxygen supply to the working muscles.

If the muscles do not get adequate oxygen they will lose the ability to move which will lead to less physical activities and heart disease.

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11. Beneficial For Pregnant Women:

Is beetroot juice good in pregnancy? For a pregnant woman, nutrition is the first and foremost factor. So considering the nutrition facts of beetroot we can say that it is a good food to consume in pregnancy.

Beetroot has a moderate amount of folic acid and it can promote the growth of the baby inside the embryo.

On the other hand, it can also aid in producing red blood cell which is needed for the development of the spinal cord of the baby.

The antioxidants in beetroot promote immunity power and healthy bone of the baby. Due to the presence of iron, it prevents anemia and also checks the blood pressure and metabolism rate of the mother.


So, friends, I think that the above facts are quite reasonable to make you understand the benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily so that you can get all the health benefits.

If you don’t have any allergies or other chronic health problems, you are free to take beetroot in moderate quantities daily as beets are a healthy and powerful vegetable.

Only keep the following facts in mind while buying beetroot from the market:

•     choose beets that are red, firm and round in shape.

•    Never buy too big beetroot as a big size may indicate that it can appear woody from inside.

•     Keep aside the beets that have hairy taproot because it indicates that those beets are rough and aged.

Lastly, you can incorporate beetroots in any form you want. Such As you can make beetroot juice, or mix beet slice in salads or make mixed vegetable or soup.  Beetroot in any form will provide better health for you.

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above benefits of drinking beetroot juice daily will surely help you.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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