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10 Warning Signs Your Heart is Not Working Properly

Signs Your Heart is Not Working Properly: Thousands of people die every year causes heart-related diseases or heart attacks. The disease control and prevention center acclaimed that near about 610,000 people die every year of a heart attack only in the US, so now you can think about what would be the condition of the whole world.

Heart disease can affect men and women both, now it can affect an early age too if you have a poor lifestyle and bad routine.

Most of the people always ignore these warning signs and invite big trouble. Though there are many reasons that are responsible for a heart attack your regular life affects it more.

In this article, we are going to tell you some early warning signs your heart is not working properly. If you want to know and prevent yourself from getting a heart attack then read till the end. Let’s take a close look at that:

Signs Your Heart is Not Working Properly:

1. Pain that Affects Chest and the Arm:

Unusual pain in your left arm that is connected with your heart is a basic warning sign of a heart attack. Sometimes men feel pain in only their left arm but women feel the similar pain in their elbow and both arms.

If you are a feeling regular pain that spreads in your chest through your arm then never ignores this. Sometimes the brain gets confused about the pain because the nerves are connected with each other.

2. Regular Cough Problem:

One may affect of coughing issue for many reasons but if you are having a little blood or pinkish colors in your cough then become alert, this can be a sign that your heart isn’t working properly.

Regular coughing or a cough that never leaves you alone with unnatural color can cause heart failure or lung failure. So take expert advice as soon as possible.

 3. Swelling in Feet, Legs, and Ankles:

If your heart is properly pumping the blood and working perfectly, it won’t affect any other part of your body.

But on the opposite side, if you are having a cardiovascular disease then the extra fluid present in your body will affect the nerves and leaks near to feet and ankles that will produce swelling in your feet, ankles, and legs as well.

The swelling occurs because of gravity. It is not the major symptom or sign of a heart attack but of course one of them, so the inquiry is necessary.

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4. Poor Appetite and Feeling Nausea:

People who are suffering from heart-related disease also face a loss of appetite or poor appetite. They will feel nausea and less hunger even if they had eaten very less.

It happens because your liver that is responsible for digestion surrounded by fluid that affects your digestive system and interrupts the whole process.

Sometimes you can feel the abdominal pain if you feel all these symptoms then visit your cardio-expert immediately.

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5. High-Level of Anxiety:

Many studies have been proved that people who have extreme anxiety levels cause an early heart attack.

Excess stress, workload, poor eating habits, and many other factors can raise the anxiety level that affects your heart too.

Increased levels of stress can produce increased blood pressure and an inconsistent heartbeat that can make your heart sick. 

6. Feel like Fainting:

Fainting for short time or having lightheaded is a warning sign that your heart isn’t working properly.

If you often feel difficulty in breathing and got faint without any reason and it happens many times then it’s time to take a quick visit to your doctor.

It happens because the flow of blood gets affected by a clogged artery.  

7. Pale Skin or Your Skin Appears in Bluish Color :

Paler skin tone is not a major symptom of heart-related issues but yes one of them. When you have any heart issue that directly affects your blood flow and it becomes slowly that decreases the red blood cells because your heart is not pumping well.

Your whole body can appear pale or even any particular part can affect by paleness. 

8. Skin Causes Spots and Rashes:

Several studies that have been performed on heart patients claimed that the people who have cardio issues or diseases have rashes and spots on their skin like eczema or jingles.

People with eczema have 48% chances to get affected by heart diseases and their heart wasn’t working well.

They have increased blood pressure and a high cholesterol level. So that is proof that your skin tells you that something is wrong.

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9. Feeling Fatigue:

Though there are many factors are responsible for fatigue or excessive tiredness. But if you feel sudden fatigue or chronic weakness and tiredness then there are the chances that your heart is not well.

If you feel exhausted after or while doing easy tasks then ready for a heart checkup.

10. Perspiration Every Time:

Irregular perspiration is also counted as a warning sign of heart problems. One can have sweating during fever, weather or any other cause but sometimes when your heartbeats are excessively fast then also sweat can trigger your body.

It can also cause nausea and dizziness. If feeling all of these symptoms then make sure to visit a doctor as soon as possible.


Your heart is the most important working part of your body and its wellness and health are also the most important. The sad thing is that people ignore these early symptoms and lead themselves in a life-threatening situation.

Prevention is better than affecting cardiovascular troubles. We hope that this article will surely help you to become aware and alert, also inform your friends and family about these warning signs so they can prevent heart-related issues.

Our whole concern is your healthiness and wellness of your body as well as your mind. So stay connected with us for more information and knowledge regarding your body.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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