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10 Most Dangerous Body Pain you Should Never Ignore!

We all feel pain often in the different body parts and sometimes it remains for a while and disappears and sometimes it lingers for a long time and bothers us.

Some pains can be normal but if you feel the pain that returns constantly maybe it can be a sign of ailment or something is not right with your body and you shouldn’t ignore this and consult with your doctor.

The mysterious pain can be dangerous for your life. Some people occasionally take painkillers which is wrong as well.

Most Dangerous Body Pain

In this article, we are explaining 10 body pains you should never ignore and you must listen to your body and its indication about the future trouble so let’s have a closer look at that:-

1. Chest and Arm pain:

You should never ignore chest pain or pain in the left armpit as it can be a major sign of something is wrong with your heart and a prior sign of coronary heart disease.

With that, if you feel pain in the shoulders, jaw, and arms be sure it is not without any reason maybe the reason is not external it is internal and pays attention and immediately consults your doctor. 

2. Pain in the Legs:

Leg pain can be common and triggers you many times due to lack of nutrients, standing for a too long time, weak muscles, lack of vitamin D, and varicose veins.

But constant and sharp leg pain can be a serious condition called deep vein thrombosis means a blood clot in the veins and it travels in the body and reach the heart and cause clotting or blockage.   

With that, if you excessively feel a burning sensation in the legs, feet, and hands it is also not normal.

Commonly, we feel tingling and sensation in different body parts whenever we sit or stand due to blood circulation but excess experience can’t be ignorable.   

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3. Sharp Headache:

You may felt many times a headache due to stress, or migraine as thousands of people are suffering from migraines and most people consider a headache completely normal thing.

But as we always say don’t ignore just like that.

If you are feeling a sharp, painful headache like a thunderstorm and feeling helpless maybe it can be a stroke due to vein blockage in your head.

The untreated condition can be worse so expert advice is necessary.  

4. Abdomen Pain:

Whenever we eat something poor we feel pain in the stomach and soon we feel okay. Abdominal pain is common but sometimes not because of the constant pain without any reason is indicating something else.

You may feel abdominal pain due to swollen liver, infection, stone in the kidneys, appendicitis attack, uterus infection, etc. it is good to find out the reason by proper diagnosis and proper treatment can save you from the worse situation.  

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5. Lower Back Pain:

Well, now this is one of the most common pains that we feel often. Sitting and working on your screens for hours can give a lower back pain and after some rest or taking a simple painkiller make us okay.

On the other side, if you feel a tingling pain in the lower back area you shouldn’t ignore this.

Some people feel excess pain in the lower parts even the feel difficulty in sitting or standing or lie down and it can be a serious condition with your spine or maybe kidneys are affected with any ailment or nerve blockage and proper examination is required.  

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6. Tooth Pain:

The American Dental Association announced at their official website that, a pus pocket can be developed in the jaw area or in the teeth’s root and lack of proper treatment it can infect the whole part.

Whatever we eat affects the mouth and tooth’s health and lack of dental hygiene or due to any disease, our gums and teeth get affected. You shouldn’t ignore the signs and get an appointment with the dentist.

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7. Pain in the Pelvic Area:

Pelvic pain is quite common during intercourse or during periods but excess and intolerable pain during sex or menstrual cycle is not normal and you must consult a gynecologist as soon as possible.

Sometimes bacterial infection in the pelvic or in the fallopian tubes or cyst in the uterus can be the reason for pelvic pain.

8. Constant Neck pain:

Neck pain is also very common due to stress, wrong stretching exercise; nerve pressure, using wrong pillows, cervical, poor sitting posture, weakness, etc. and many people feel regularly.

If you are feeling serious neck pain and numbness in the area it can also a symptom of osteoarthritis that results in worst and medical treatment and proper diagnosis is important without any delay. 

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9. Joint Pain:

Joint pains are also normal especially in old aged people. If you are feeling joint pain mysteriously and without any reason even if you are young or aged no matter it can be the symptoms of arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, hepatitis and you can’t ignore all these diseases.

Sometimes arthritis pain can be like a nightmare and only medical care can help you.   

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10. Unexpected Pain:

Aches are never liked and if you often feel pain in different body parts and it stays for more than 3 days you just need a checkup.

The pain can be anywhere like in the back, the neck, the head, thighs, hips. If you are feeling much discomfort and pain you need to consult the doctor maybe your body needs help.


Our body is like a friend and most of the time it warns us before getting the condition worse. If you notice the signs and symptoms before its too late you can have the required cure.   

We hope this information would be helpful. Don’t hesitate while consulting your doctor and don’t be nervous because getting ill is a natural process.

Share your views and experience with us and stay connected with us for more information like that.   

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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