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Do You Drool When You Sleep? How to Stop Drooling Permanently

How to stop drooling when you sleep? Whenever you think about drooling at night you see a funny image of a person with saliva dripping from one side of the mouth and we take it very common. When we sleep, our salvia muscles and glands become relaxed, and drooling too much while sleeping called hypersalivation or sialorrhea.

If you also drool too much with salvia stains on your pillows especially if you are a side sleeper you must read this article and you may know the cause, the treatment, and other helping information.

In this Article

  1. What causes Drooling in sleep
  2. How to stop drooling while sleeping

What causes Drooling in sleep?

You may be surprised to know that our salvia glands generate less drool when we sleep so why we drool during sleep, well, the gravity is the reason that makes us do that.

Numbers of reasons are causes for drooling let’s look at the following point:-

1. Using Night Guard

Using a dental night guard can be uncomfortable for some people keeping a thing in the mouth for the whole night makes you feel weird and sometimes it takes a month for the proper suitability.

Drooling often is not wrong and not ashamed of but putting a night guard can be a cause of drooling.  

2. Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions also play an important role in drooling. People who mostly sleep on a particle side or on their stomach are more prone to drooling than straight sleepers.

If you breathe from your mouth while sleeping you drool more due to relaxed muscle and gravity.

You may be unaware of that fact but this is also a cause of drooling.

3. Acidity

Acidity or GERD Gastrointestinal reflex disorder causes drooling in many people. The inconsistent acid of the stomach forces the fluid back and you may feel something is disturbing in the throat. 

4. Sinus Blockage

Blocked nasal due to certain issues or due to cold and any infection can be a major cause of drooling. Sinus congestion makes you breathe from the mouth and you notice you drool more when you have clogged nasal.

5. Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis can make the throat inflammation and shrink the passage for salvia glands and excess swelling can affect glands and produce salvia while sleeping.  

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6. Swallowing Problem

The experts believe that difficulty in swallowing or also known as dysphagia can make a person drool more than regular drooling. In this condition, one may feel difficulty even swallowing your own salvia.    

7. Any Side Effect of Medicine

The studies showed that some medicines or antibiotics can responsible for sialorrhea or excess drooling.  

8. Neurological Disorder

Neurological conditions related to mind, lips, jaw, or mouth can also cause drooling. Any kind of allergic reaction is also responsible for producing extra salvia.    

9. Sleep Apnea

This is a serious condition when one may experience difficulty in breathing while sleeping. If you drool excessively you must ask for a proper diagnosis from a doctor.    

How to stop drooling while sleeping

How to stop drooling while asleep will depend on your sleep habits and preferences. However, some tips that may help you include:

1. Change in Sleeping Posture

Luckily, this simple change can ease your trouble and we suggest sleeping straight on your back. This change will automatically force the salvia to stay in the mouth and swallow through the throat.

You may feel difficulty in the beginning if you are a hard side sleeper or love to sleep on the stomach but you have to train yourself if you are disappointed with drooling.     

2. Surgery

Most of the time, people with neurological disorders switch on this type of surgery. During surgery, the surgeon removes the saliva glands and the surgery has a good rate of success.

Still, experts advise choose other options and try to treat it naturally or other easy ways because every person can’t afford it.    

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3. Mandibular Device System

Mandibular is an oral device that can be easily available and you have to put this device in your mouth whenever you sleep like a nightguard. The device prevents snoring and drooling while sleeping.  

4. CPAP Technique

A CPAP device helps you to breathe well and you are maintaining the posture properly. CPAP stands for continuous airway pressure devices and used to treat sleep apnea.  

5. Botox Injection

How to Stop Drooling with botox injection? Some people believe that taking Botox injections around the mouth area can prevent excess drooling. And yes, it can help you out but this treatment is temporary and the issue can rise again.

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Dos and Don’t


  • Salvia has a major role to protect our oral health to get infected so you have to change your poor eating habits.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.
  • Drooling is not the condition to be ashamed of and can be treatable so don’t lose hope and stay positive.
  • Changing sleeping habits and accepting some natural ways can cure it.
  • If you feel a major problem or any discomfort immediately contact a doctor and explain your condition.
  • In infants or toddlers, drooling is natural so don’t worry about that.


  • Avoid excess alcohol or any drug intake due to you can lose control of you.
  • Don’t take any medicine without a doctor prescription and if you feel something wrong take doctor’s advice.

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Final words

At last, we must say that there is nothing weird if you are wetting the pillow. Many times it is natural when you are in deep sleep and lost control of your muscles.

You can also ask a dentist for extra drooling and can treat it by performing simple methods.

We hope this article on how to stop drooling will help you. Maybe you don’t drool but your family member or any friend facing the condition, sharing this article can help somebody. 

If you have any issues or any queries please ask us. Stay connected for more information like that and stay positive and happy because we are always ready to help.

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