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11 Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer in Females

Looking for signs and symptoms of liver cancer in females? The Liver is an essential and large organ of our body that takes care of metabolic processing in the body. The main task of the liver is to absorb all the needed nutrients and minerals from the food you eat and kick out all the toxins that can be harmful. 

Though liver cancer is rare, it comes silently, and most people get to know when they are at an advanced stage. Whenever something is not right with your liver, it always generates indications and ask for treatment before it’s too late. 

Here we are discussing some silent signs of liver cancer symptoms, preventions ways, and many more, so let’s have a closer look at that:-

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Signs and Symptoms of Liver Cancer in females

Symptoms of liver cancer don’t usually appear until the illness has progressed to an advanced stage. Liver cancer symptoms in females and males are listed below-

1. Pain and Swelling in the Abdomen

 Pain and Swelling in the Abdomen

The unusual pain and swelling in the abdomen indicate liver cancer. Experts stated that people feel frequent pain when examining patients with liver cancer and press a specific area. 

The inflammation and pain can also cause liver infection or abdomen infection, and you must hear the voice of the body  

2. Sudden Weight Loss or weight Gain

 Sudden Weight Loss

A disease called liver cirrhosis that affects the liver slowly kills healthy liver cells and interrupts blood circulation, can cause sudden weight gain. 

Like any other type of cancer, if you lose weight without making any effort and feel weak and pain on the right side of the ribs, you must contact the doctor immediately.      

3. Lack of Appetite

Lack of Appetite

Whenever you get affected by any disease, especially any type of cancer, you lose appetite. In the case of liver cancer, excess fluid fills in the abdomen, and you hardly feel hunger. 

You may feel bloating, nausea, burping, and heaviness in the abdomen. You may feel irregular bowel activity. Like in pancreas cancer, diarrhea is a common sign. Hence these all signs relate to other physical issues, but you must ask for a diagnosis. 

4. The Pale Color of Skin and Eyes

 The Pale Color of Skin

If you feel the pale color of your eyes and skin and itching on the skin, it simply indicates jaundice and can be a sign of liver cancer. 

Though jaundice can occur of viral infection or food poisoning, other cancer types like gallbladder cancer, something wrong with the pancreas, or any other issues.    

5. If you Had Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C

 Hepatitis B and hepatitis C

If you ever had hepatitis C or hepatitis B or were not vaccinated, there are more chances you can develop liver cancer. Now the proper treatment and vaccine are available for both viruses.

According to CDC, if you have had a record of hepatitis B and C, one must come for the screening every year and prevent cancer growth. The proper monitoring and scanning can diagnose cancer in the early stage.    

6. Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes

It has been recorded in people with liver cancer that obesity and type 2 diabetes can increase the chances of liver cancer, and if you have both, you mustn’t ignore the regular checkup. 

Moreover, other causes are available for obesity and are directly not linked with liver cancer, but prevention is always better than delay. People who are non-alcoholic with obesity and diabetes may detect liver cancer, so talk with your doc today.    

7. Feel Confusion and Fatigue

Feel Confusion and Fatigue

Any cancer affects the whole body, including our brain, and in the case of liver cancer, you may feel a lack of concentration and forget things and people’s faces quickly. 

You always feel tired and brain fog and can focus properly. However, many other causes can also appear these signs, so the proper tests should be done.   

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8. Swelling in the Legs

Swelling in the Legs

Pain and swelling in the legs and feet are also common and related to damaged liver or liver cancer. The Mayo Clinic announced that if you often feel puffiness and now increasing day by day and you bruise easily without doing anything, your liver has been asking for help. 

It doesn’t relate to the age anybody can feel these signs, and examination is necessary if you notice something. 

9. Changes in the Breast size

 Changes in the Breast size

Liver cancer can cause breasts to be more significant even if you are a male because cancerous cells affect testosterone and estrogen hormones, and breast tissues start to grow fast and make your breasts appear more prominent.

This is a shocking sign of fatty liver, and you shouldn’t ignore this sign.    

10. Red Palms

Red Palms

If you see red palms, that is quite common, but it can be due to liver cancer even if you are nonalcoholic when it becomes the regular thing. 

Mayo clinic stated when nonalcoholic people could also have fatty liver cells, and when too much fat is stored in the liver, it can cause palm color changes. If you also see anything like that, you must ask an expert about the reason.  

11. Muscle Pain

Muscle Pain

If you are feeling muscle pain or joint pain without doing any workout, you must notice it. The unusual pain in the different parts of the body is telling something is not right inside. 

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The primary cause of developing liver cancer is hepatitis B and C that can spread quickly through unprotected sex and contaminated needles, so try to have safe sex and use safe vaccination from a trusted hospital. 

Always ask your doctor for the vaccination of hepatitis C and B to prevent them from liver diseases and cancer. 

Avoid excess alcohol consumption and avoid smoking that can cause liver cirrhosis.  

Try to maintain your body weight and add a healthy diet to the chart. If you have diabetes, you must keep the blood sugar level as well. 

Liver cancer can be cured if diagnosed early. If you feel any symptoms or have any family history of liver cancer, you always ask for regular checkups and examinations that can detect cancer. 

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