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11 Foods to Boost Your Immune System Against the Coronavirus Infections

Coronavirus pandemic has become a huge concern all over the world and still the hopeful eyes waiting for the vaccine. Many people are recovering also and only a strong immune system and your wellness is the way to defeat the virus for now.

The virus is highly contagious and a person with weak immunity may have a higher risk of serious illness and respiratory trouble.

In this article, we are mentioning 11 foods that can help to boost up the immunity and make your body healthier, if you include these foods in your diet you can certainly fight against coronavirus, so let’s have a closer look at that:-     

Foods to Boost Your Immune System

Always eat these foods to boost your immune system-

1. Citrus Fruits:

Citrus fruits are the best foods to boost your immune system. Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, grapefruit, and limes are the best source of vitamin C, minerals, and fiber.

Researchers have announced the amazing results regarding immunity that consuming citrus fruits regularly can naturally boost the immune system and eliminate harmful toxins from your body.

Citrus fruits have dietary fiber that makes you feel full and controls obesity. It fulfills all the needed nutrients and makes you healthy from inside.    

You can simply eat them fresh or also make juice. Drinking simple lemon water will also help but make sure to eat them fresh and ignore canned fruits.

2. Garlic:

Garlic is a superb spice that contains anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties and good for overall health.

In many cuisines, garlic has been used as a main ingredient especially in India. Garlic includes a special component called allicin that is a strong anti-infectious factor and works as an immunity booster.

Many studies have proved people who consume garlic on a daily basis have a strong and healthier immune system and they can fight with bacteria and any viral infection more efficiently than non-consumers.

You can add garlic in the main course, soups, and stews and use it fresh.  

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3. Almonds:

Nuts are always a good friend of humans with lots of fiber, vitamin E, and other nutrients, and almonds are one of the amazing nuts for enhancing immunity.  

It has been proved in many studies that eating almonds with their skin can boost up the immunity and ability to fight with bacteria and viruses. Eat a handful of almonds regularly.

You can eat soaked almonds or without soaking but eat them with their skin would be more beneficial.

4. Turmeric:

From ancient times, turmeric has been used as a powerful anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and healing properties that can cure infections, cold, cough naturally.

Turmeric is a wonderful spice for boosting immunity naturally and also contains anti-oxidants that make your body strong and healthy inside.

How to take:

Add some organic turmeric powder in one glass of warm milk and let it boil for a minute and off the flame and drink it before sleeping. This is an old grandma’s recipe and now science has also proved the benefits of turmeric. 

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5. Indian Gooseberry:

Amla or Indian Gooseberry is a great power hub of vitamin C and other minerals and rich with antioxidants. This citric fruit is easily available and can be consumed in many ways.

Amla is used in a huge way in Ayurveda and now experts also believe that it can boost immunity naturally and kills bacteria and infections.

You can simply consume it or add them with some carrots or oranges and make juice of it.        

6. Yogurt:

As we all know that yogurt contains good bowel-friendly bacteria or also called probiotics that make our digestion better and improve gut processing.

The experts believe that eating a bowl of fresh yogurt prepared at home is a good idea to boost immunity. Just eat it simple and try to avoid packed yogurt that has less-nutrients. 

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7. Ginger:

Ginger is also known for its anti-inflammatory components with healing property. Consuming ginger herbal tea or taking fresh ginger juice would be a quite beneficial and effective way to boost up immunity.

You can simply add grated or diced fresh ginger in your regular meal or take some ginger and grate it well and extract juice from it and take it once daily.

You can also add some honey for enhancing the taste and benefits. Whenever you feel a sore throat, cold, cough simply repeat this remedy.   

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8. Cinnamon:

You surely like the amazing odor of cinnamon that makes your desserts and dishes smell great. You must know that cinnamon is also known for its immunity-boosting factors.

Cinnamon can fight off bacteria and viruses and enhance inner health. It is also beneficial for other health issues like blood pressure, digestive issues, etc.

You can simply add some cinnamon powder in one glass of warm milk or take a cinnamon stick and soak it overnight in half a cup of water.

Next day, consume the concoction, and repeat it regularly.    

9. Mulethi (Liquorice):

Mulethi or liquorice can do wonderful transformation with your poor health and many of us maybe not aware of it.

Mulethi includes anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral property that is highly effective to soothe a sore throat and reduce chest congestion, cold, and cough.     

Boil some Mulethi with some water for 5 to 7 minutes and consume it once in a day whenever you want. 

10. Ginseng Tea:

Many researchers and studies have proved that ginseng tea is highly recommended in viral infections as it can reduce respiratory viruses and prevent infections and lung-related troubles and breathing difficulty as well.

The studies done with red Korean Ginseng tea proved the positive results in RSV infection that is a serious respiratory ailment. Drink ginseng tea once or twice a day without doing any experiment.      

11. Holy Basil (Tulsi):

Holy basil or Tulsi leaves known for its medicinal property include anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and healing components.

The regular consumption of holy basil increases the healthy cells and boosts the immunity naturally.  

How to take:

Take 4 to 5 leaves of holy basil leaves and crush them well and extract juice by using a cotton cloth and take it once in a day.

For preparing the tea, take some tulsi leaves, and boil them with one and a half cups of water for 10 minutes on the low flame.

Simply consume lukewarmly or you can also add some honey and repeat the process once in a day.

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