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Drink this Before Bedtime and Wake Up with Less Weight!

Drink this Before Bedtime and Wake Up with Less Weight!: The only race among most of the population is nowadays is, to get more and more attractive and beautiful and become the point of attraction where ever they go. Well, when it comes to looking classy and attractive, the very first thing that bothers anyone is weight. Most of the people give up on losing weight after the thoughts of going to the gym, comes in.

Well achieving a lean and fit body is only possible if exercise is added to the daily routine. but is it possible to lose weight overnight just by drinking a sweet drink once in a day?

The answer to this question is answered and we bring you a drink that is made up of two ingredients and drinking it before bedtime can help you reduce weight faster than ever or overnight.

Most of the people nowadays are suffering from obesity and are spending a pocket full of bucks every month just to buy medicines which are used to treat the problem which is related to obesity and weight. All this can be prevented by this miraculous drink made by adding two ingredients which are honey and cinnamon.

These two-ingredient has some wonderful properties which can make your metabolism work in such a way that your body starts to burn excess of fat and in some week you will recover your body shape to normal and fit.

There are also hundreds of remedies given on the internet but than, the confusion arises is, which will work and will it work or not. These questions take time to be answered and time is the only thing that we humans don’ have.

Below, we have given the ingredient required to create the drink and steps to create it, are given. Also, how to consume it is explained, follow each and every step properly and seriously to make the perfect drink and also make it work in terms of losing weight.

Drink this Before Bedtime and Wake Up with Less Weight:

Required ingredients:



3.Drinkable water

Steps to Create the Drink:

  • Take a saucepan and add 250 ml of drinkable water in it.
  • Now put the saucepan on the stove and turn on the stove.
  • Let the water boil for 5 minutes.
  • When the water is boiled add 1 tablespoon of cinnamon to it.
  • Let it boil for some time.
  • Now turn off the stove and let the water cool down.
  • When the water is cooled add 2 tablespoons of honey to it.
  • Mix this properly.


  • Best quality natural honey should be used for making this miraculous drink.
  • For the best results, used powdered cinnamon for making this drink. You can also crush cinnamon at home to convert it into a powdered form.
  • Powdered cinnamon is easily available in the market easily.

Drinking Time:

 1.You should drink this cinnamon honey drink before going to the sleep, half cup.

2. And secondly, you should drink this cinnamon honey drink in the morning, before taking your breakfast.

Taking this drink for a week will affect your metabolism directly and you will see measurable results, you just need to follow the schedule properly and consume the drink on the suitable and suggested time.

This drink is natural that means it will not cause any harm to you and to your health. Just drink this miraculous cinnamon honey tea for a month and lose weight instantly. You will see positive results in your weight after the first use or overnight if you start using it tonight.

With a hope that this drink of cinnamon and honey will help you achieve your health goals and also your weight goals. Along with using this drink to lose weight, you should also opt for joining a good gym or hire a good instructor to bring some exercise and calory burning programs in use.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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