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Chia Seeds in Water: Chia Seeds Lemon Honey Drink for Weight Loss

Looking for chia seeds lemon honey drink for weight loss? Losing excess body weight can be like a nightmare for some people, especially when you are fighting to cut belly fat. People spend thousands of bucks to lose weight, and many of them face disappointment. 

You may have heard about chia seeds as they are getting popular nowadays. These tiny seeds are loaded with many essential nutrients and minerals and burns stubborn body fat naturally. 

Only using 3 ingredients, you will get surprising benefits, and you will love this remedy when you regain your body shape and looks.   

You can lose 30 pounds in a few weeks without making heavy exercises and any other effort. In this article, we will discuss all benefits of chia seeds, how to prepare this drink, and how it will affect your body, so without any delay, let’s have a closer look at that:

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Chia seeds in Water Benefits

Chia seeds in Water Benefits

1. Boost Digestion

Healthy digestion and a clean bowel system are the key to essential health and help overall health. Taking chia seeds for a few weeks can boost digestion and help to maintain bowel movement. 

If you have constipation, you must take chia seeds, and you feel the positive results within a few days. 

The addition of honey and lemon enhances the antioxidants’ level that kicks out the toxins, and you feel light and clean bowel.  

2. Good for Cardiac Health

Chia seeds include alpha-linolenic acid and omega-3 fatty acids that are boon for cardiac health. Adding chia seeds to the regular diet can prevent heart diseases and reduce the risk of sudden heart attack and heart failure. 

As there are several ways to consume chia seeds, you must take them regularly sake of your heart.   

3. Provoke Bone Health

Chia seeds have magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus that are needed for bone health. Men or women, after a certain age, bone-weakness is natural, and you can prevent it for sure. 

Chia seeds have 18% of calcium that is our daily requirement. Now you can get this every day and make your bone strong and prevent it from any disease.     

4. Control Blood Sugar

Various studies have shown that people who were consuming chia seeds get positive results because chia seeds help stabilize blood sugar levels and control sugar levels and insulin sensitivity. 

Don’t add honey or sugar while making chia water and drink it merely once a day. 

5. Reduce Inflammation

The researchers have stated that people who feel inflammation in the body consumed chia seeds for a month, and they think a 40% improvement in their inflammation, which is quite good news.   

Body inflammation can also produce body pain and swelling, affecting joint and muscle health, so you must add chia seeds to get rid of that. 

6. Cut Body Fat

After soaking in the water, chia seeds appear in a gel-like state, and when you consume it, you feel full and don’t feel hunger for a while.

Drinking chia water makes you eat fewer carbs and calories and cut body fat, especially belly fat.  

7. Improve Skin Health

When you mix chia water with lemon and honey, it detoxifies your body, reduces skin impurities, and improves skin health.

It reduces aging spots and lines and enhances skin brightness, and makes your skin healthy and shiny.  

Chia seed Lemon water Benefits

Chia seed Lemon water Benefits

Chia seeds have high omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and fiber content. It also has properties that make it helpful in weight loss and detoxification.

Chia seed is an excellent source of protein and can be consumed in various ways. It can be eaten as a powder or added to smoothies, salads, or baked goods.

The lemon is rich in vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. When you drink chia seed lemon water daily, you will boost your immune system and aid digestion by increasing the amount of stomach acid production.

Chia seed Lemon water also helps flush out toxins from the body through the kidneys and liver, reducing their toxic effects on other organs such as the heart and brain.

The citric acid found in lemons increases bile production, which aids digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E & K (D). These vitamins are essential for healthy bones and skin, among other things.

Drinking fresh chia seed lemon water daily may also reduce your risk of developing cancer since it inhibits carcinogens from being absorbed into cells.

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Chia Seeds Lemon for Weight Loss

Ingredients you need

  • 1tbsp chia seeds soaked in water for an hour 
  • Some fresh lemon juice
  • 1tbsp organic honey  
  • 1and half glasses water


Strain the chia seeds, put them in a blender, add some water, blend well, and make a smoothie.

Now mix lemon juice and honey, and some water, and the chia drink is ready to drink.

You can also make it without blending and drink it just like that, or after adding all the ingredients, put the jar into a refrigerator for an hour and then enjoy the beverage.   

Drink this empty stomach every morning and repeat for 15 days.  

Special note:

You can add soaked chia seeds in different dishes like cereals, pudding, rice, smoothie, salad, or milkshake and consume without sugar, and it would be beneficial as well.  

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How Chia seeds Help you Lose weight

How Chia seeds Help you Lose weight

1. Loaded with Omega-3 fatty acid

Chia seeds are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that are required for our body. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for cardiac health and find in a few ingredients. 

With that, chia seeds contain magnesium, calcium, antioxidants, and phosphorus needed for our body and super beneficial for overall health and cut body fat.   

2. High in Fiber and Protein

People who want to lose weight have been suggested to consume a high-fiber diet. Only 2 tablespoons of chia seeds have 10gm of fiber amount that prevents overeating, and you feel full. 

Chia seeds also contain the right amount of protein that your body needed. Protein is required for muscle health, and it also cut out excess fat. People who are gluten-allergic can also take chia seeds due to they are gluten-free. 

3. Low in carbs

Chia seeds are low in carbs and include all the healthy minerals and nutrients. You can skip the honey option if you are a diabetic patient. Moreover, you can consume it regularly without any side-effects.  

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In Closing

Chia seeds are amazing little foods with multiple benefits and effects on overall health without adverse effects. 

You can soak them one night before consuming them if you haven’t enough time in the morning. Always use chia seeds after soaking them. You can skip the addition of honey and lemon if you don’t like them much. 

Remember that there is no such magic wand available that can make you shape just by a wave. It would be best if you had some patience and trust in yourself. 

Also, add some exercise or jogging, walking, or cycling. Avoid junk food and fried food, and add more fruits and veggies to your diet. 

We hope this remedy on chia seeds and lemon for weight loss will help you, and please share this information with your friends and share your experience and reviews with us.   


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