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Homemade Detox Foot Pads For Removing All The Dangerous Toxins From Your Body

Detox Foot Pads: Our feet have energy zones that are linked to various organs in our body according to the reflexology system.

So, it indicates that we can get our body detoxified through our feet. Even though it is not completely proved, but still, the practice of body detoxification through the feet is quite popular in China.

While you might have heard about acupuncture where the energy zones are activated through needles; detoxification through feet is also somewhat similar which results in the secretion of toxins from the body through feet.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body sends the toxins away from the organs to your lower legs and feet.

This practice of foot detoxification has been used in countries like China, Japan, and Egypt for thousands of years. In China, people consider feet as the second heart which shows your internal health

For feet detoxification, experts use herbal foot baths and foot pads which stimulates reflex points and better blood circulation.

Feet detoxification is gaining so much popularity as it claims to remove all the dangerous toxins and heavy metals from the body through the feet. These toxins range from the chemicals in your house to the impurities in the air.

Footbath and foot pads can help you with:

  • Reducing inflammation
  • Relieving stress and boosting mood
  • Balancing pH of the body
  • Killing harmful bacteria
  • Relives joint pain and muscle stiffness
  • Strengthens immune system
  • Improves sleep
  • Eliminates blood clots
  • Promotes recovery from trauma

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Our body needs regular detoxification from all the impurities that we get from water, food, and air.

Having too many toxins in the body can be the reason for the appearance of hyperemia, cold, swelling, migraines , and unpleasant body odor.

When you have some of these issues constantly, it is a sign that something is wrong with your body.

There are various methods to detoxify your feet and they all are pretty simple. In this post, we will discuss a few of them and you can pick up any based on your preference.

Let’s see different types of footbaths.

1. Oxygen Detox Recipe:


  • Ginger Powder
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Warm water and a tub


  • Add 1 tablespoon of dry ginger powder and 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide in a small tub.
  • Now pour some warm water and soak your feet for about half an hour. This method will soothe your body and help to get rid of allergies.

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2. Salt Detox Recipe:


  • Sea salt
  • Baking Soda
  • Epsom salt


  • Take a small tub and add 1 cup of both sea and Epsom salt
  • Now add the baking soda and pour hot water
  • You can also add your favorite essential oil. Just soak your feet in the tub for a minimum of half an hour.

This method will help you get rid of skin irritation and increase the magnesium levels in your body.

You might experience exhaustion and tiredness while you are soaking your feet, this shows that the process is working well.

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3. Clay Detox Recipe:


  • Bentonite clay
  • Epsom salt
  • Essential oils (optional)


  • Add the 1 cup of Epsom salt in a small tub and pour hot water. You can add any essential oil.
  • Mix 1 cup of the clay is some water (make sure there are no clumps) and then add the clay mixture to the bath.
  • Soak your feet for 30 minutes.

This is a very powerful method and has the ability to fight fungus and bacteria related irritations. You may start feeling tired initially but after a few minutes, you will like it.

Massage a moisturizer or a foot cream into your feet after soaking them. You can combine these detoxifying methods with medication and breathing techniques to increase the proper oxygen flow in the body.

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4. Foot Detox Pads:



  • First, chop the onion and the garlic.
  • Pour water in a kettle and let it boil. Add the garlic and onion and let them boil for around 10 minutes.
  • Let it cool down. Pour this mixture on the self-stick gauze and patch it on the soles of the feet.
  • Now put your socks on.
  • You will see the effects the next morning, the pads are going to be dark from toxins from your body.

Note: You have an additional optional of buying foot detox pads from health stores if you are looking for easier methods. but their price are very high .

Apply the pads on your soles before you go to sleep and remove them in the morning, if they become dark in color, hard and bumpy that means that they have worked for you.

It is important that you buy organic foot detox pads which are made of natural ingredients. The organic pads normally have bamboo vinegar which helps in removing toxins and metals from the body. The wood vinegar in these pads can help you improve the blood circulation in the body.

You can find a ton of different foot bath recipes, but the one discussed in this post is by far the simplest ones with easy ingredients that are available at your home.

Adopting a detox foot method is certainly a great relaxing therapy that is ideal for cleaning your body too. While foot detox has many benefits, some people should avoid them or speak to a doctor before using them. These people may be

  • Pregnant or lactating women
  • People with electrical implants
  • Children under 7 years of age
  • Diabetic people
  • People with open sores in their feet Your health is an extremely valuable thing and you should look after it.

We hope this post gave you some clarity on Footpads and foot baths for internal body cleansing.

Dr Maria

MD Board Certified physician 8 years of experience in health care Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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