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10 Best Home Remedies for Dengue Fever at Home

Dengue fever takes place if one is suffering from viral infection. Basically, it is transmitted by mosquitoes that usually refer to as a backbone fever and dandy fever. Swollen glands, rash, pain behind the eyes, vomiting and nausea, headaches, and high body temperature are some common symptoms of dengue fever.

Nowadays, most people suffer from it. Thus, it is high time to work against it. However, there is no proven medication to deal with it. But you can treat it gradually by reducing its major symptoms.

Here are 10 best home remedies for dengue fever at home that work excellently and saves you from this kind of critical illness.

10 Best Home Remedies for Dengue Fever at Home:

1. Giloy Juice:

Giloy is a plant that you can find in the host and humid regions in India. It carries potent antioxidant qualities. Thus, it reduces the risk of free radical damage and boosts your immune system to a great extent.

It mitigates your chronic fever as it acts as an antipyretic. It is considered as one of the best options for treating dengue fever and increase your blood platelet count to a great extent.

How to use:

Take a cup of water and add 1000mg of giloy extract. Stir the mixture well and consume it daily. Moreover, you can chew fresh leaves of giloy every morning with an empty stomach.

2. Goat Milk:

You experience the decreased blood platelet count and deficiency of selenium while having dengue fever. Having goat milk is an ideal solution in this case.

Goat milk enhances your blood platelet count efficiently and it is completely full of selenium. Hence, it shortens the duration of your illness and delivers you a healthy body rapidly. Goat milk is the best home remedies for dengue fever.

How to use:

All you have to do is to take at least a cup of preboiled goat milk. Drink it directly on your regular basis until your notice the favorable effects.

3. Papaya Leaf Juice:

It is another an ideal solution to use the extract from papaya leaves when suffering from dengue fever.

It kicks your immunity power and makes you fight against diseases effectively.

Also, it is enriched with vitamin C. Papaya leaves have abilities to increase your blood platelet count too. So it is the best home remedies for dengue fever, you must try it.

How to use:

You just need to take a handful of fresh papaya leaves. Put them in a blender and blend them to extract their juice.

Pour it out and consume this healthy thick drink every day to have positive outcomes.

4. Kiwi Juice:

Kiwi belongs to the family of fruits that contains lots of essential minerals and other nutrients. Thus, it helps you do not suffer from the two major symptoms of dengue fever, weakness, and fatigue.

It promotes your immunity as it is an excellent source of vitamin C. Besides, it hastily encourages your blood platelet count.

How to use:

Take fresh kiwis and grind them in a mixer to obtain its healthy juice. You do not need to strain it.

Just pour out and consume it without adding sugar or salt. Furthermore, you can eat kiwi daily which will be much beneficial for you.

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5. Indian lilac (Neem):

It is an Indian tree that is also known as neem. It is considered as the powerhouse of worthwhile properties that make you deal with various kinds of illness.

Dengue fever is accompanied by a decrease in blood platelets count. Utilizing neem is the most straightforward solution in this case.

It promotes not only your blood platelets but also your WBC or white blood cells.

How to use:

Take a handful of fresh neem leaves and wash them properly. Now, pour a glass of water in a bowl and boil it for few minutes.

Now, add neem leaves in this water and let it boil again for several minutes until the water left half.

Now, strain the solution and drink it several times a day for few days.

6. Guava Juice:

It is fruit that is loaded with many vital components such as minerals, vitamins, and tannins. Also, it holds ample amount of vitamin C that aids in increasing your immunity power.

Also, the presence of useful elements in it helps in promoting blood platelet count and hence, soother your dengue fever in an excellent manner.

How to use:

Grab one or two fresh guavas and wash them properly. Do not peel them but cut them into slices.

Not, put the slices into the blender and blend them to prepare a smooth paste. Consume this paste to experience desired results. Simply, you can eat guavas every day.

7. Fenugreek Seeds:

Fenugreek seeds are enriched with elements such as various kinds of minerals, fiber, vitamin C and vitamin K. All these compounds contribute to preventing the miserable condition of dengue fever.

It helps to prevent bleeding and promotes the immune system because of the presence of vitamin components in it. It shortens the duration of dengue fever due to its fruitful antipyretic qualities.

How to use:

Take two or three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds and put them in a cup of boiled water.

Leave it to simmer for few minutes. Now, strain it and mix a little amount of honey in it.

Drink this healthy solution before it gets cold on your daily basis. Besides, you can soak three tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in the water overnight.

Strain in the next morning and eat these seeds directly for much better results.

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8. Goldenseal:

It is the ingredient that is widely used for many medical purposes. It carries a lot of surprising health benefits and thus, it is utilized in treating dengue fever.

People use it for old ages to cure their fever and other several diseases due to its powerful antiviral nature. It improves your blood platelets as well.

How to use:

Take one tablespoon of dried goldenseal roots and grind them in a mixer to get a fine powder.

After that, boil a cup of water for few minutes and put the powder into the boiled water to simmer it for more 5-10 minutes.

Now, drink this solution at least twice a day. You can add some honey to it to make it delicious and more effective.

9. Turmeric:

This herb is the leading ingredient that almost every Indian family use in their kitchen. It gives you many medicinal benefits. It has an important component in it called curcumin.

This component performs immunomodulatory functions and kicks your immune system. It contains active antiviral properties and hence, it roots out the viral infection out of your body that is leading factor of having dengue.

How to use:

Take a glass of milk and heat it for 5-6 minutes. Add one tablespoon of turmeric powder to it.

Stir it well for few minutes and then drink this hot milk once in a day to obtain fruitful benefits.

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10. Basil and Black Pepper:

Basil is also known as tulsi that most Indian family worship. As it is used for different kinds of ailments, it works perfectly against symptoms of dengue fever.

It is a strong agent of antibacterial and antiviral properties. Thus, it inhibits the dengue virus, bacteria and other harmful micro-organisms that make you ill.

It protects you from free radical damage and boosts immunity due to its antioxidant properties.

How to use:

Pluck some fresh leaves of basil and chew them daily. Or, you can boil a handful of basil leaves in two cups of water. After that, sprinkle a pinch of pepper powder in it.

Stain it and drink afterward when it gets cold. You can add some honey to it if you want to enhance its taste.


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