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You will Not Believe What Happens If you Combine Lemon and Clove in this Way!

You will Not Believe What Happens If you Combine Lemon and Clove in this Way: Lemon and cloves a natural mosquito repellent both known for their tremendous taste and a super fresh odor that makes your food tastier and provides multiple health benefits.

Both ingredients are easily available at your kitchen and used to treat many health and beauty issues. People who are aware of hundreds of benefits of lemon and clove know the importance of these natural items.

Lemon is a strong detoxifier that kicks out all the harmful toxins from your body and cloves are also used to treat other body issues. The sour taste of lemon and sweet taste of cloves makes your meal variety more delicious.

Both lemon and cloves have healing property and used to make natural remedies from ancient time. People love to have some sips of lemon tea and clove tea.

You can sprinkle some clove powder or lemon juice on your salad or soup to enhance the taste as well as the quality of the food.   

In this article, we are going to mention a unique way to use lemon and clove that will again bring a change in your routine life and after reading this article you will not believe what happens if you combine lemon and cloves in this way so let’s have a brief look at that.

What Happens after Combining Lemon and Clove in this Way?

You have seen several usages of lemon and cloves but do you know that when you use both items together they can become an amazing repellent for insects, flies, mosquitoes, etc. yes that is a truth without any doubt you can trust this.

There is no big surprise if you never feel frustrated with flies, mosquitoes, or insects. Most of the time people use sprays, insect killers, and other experiments to get rid off and stubborn mosquitoes and insects come back again and again.

In the ancient time, people used to use natural remedies to solve this trouble and you won’t believe that they are far practical experiments without any failure.

1. Reduces the Proliferation of Insects:    

Now you need not rush to the market for buying those expensive repellents to banish insects and other flies. The recipe that we are being going to share with you is 100% natural effects and it causes no harm to your health as other chemical products do.

This remedy is cheaper and easier to use, it has a pleasant odor that works as a room freshener too and its effectiveness is uncountable and you surely love it.

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2. The Recipe is Time and Money Savior:

Lemon and clove both are cheaper in price and anybody can afford this. It can be a perfect substitute for those who can’t buy insect repellent on a daily basis.

It saves a lot of money and time. You don’t have to change the refill machines again and again. If you are living in the forest type area with a lot of greenery then you need this remedy for sure.

According to several researchers, it has been proved that flies and insects hate the smell of citruses like lemon, lime, and orange or the strong odor of any product like clove. So when you combine both ingredients you can imagine how the flies and insects would feel huh?

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3. An Amazing Eco-friendly Remedy:

Lemon and cloves generate a powerful aroma and impact that never liked by mosquitoes and flies. Flies and mosquitoes both are too much irritating. These tiny devils enter anywhere and attack to your children without a peep.                 

This remedy can help you and totally natural and eco-friendly that appears no adverse effects on your health and atmosphere. Many times we have noticed that those chemicals and refills or sprays can cause allergic reactions to many people who are quite sensitive to any odor so they have fewer choices to use to get rid of insects.

Flies and insects can spoil your food and your health so the proper cure is necessary to keep them away from you and your family.

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How to Prepare this Recipe:

To prepare this recipe you need only two ingredients lemons and cloves. The preparation is very easy and simple. Take 5 to 6 fresh lemons and cut them in a half.

Now put 6 to 7 cloves in each piece of lemon remember the top of the clove should be visible.

Now place these parts to the affected part where flies, mosquitoes, and insects appear most. It can be your living area, kitchen, bedroom, or any other place.

You can also keep this to the garden area and the entrance of your home so mosquitoes won’t enter the house.

This remedy works great and numbers of people have used this. Just buy some lemons and cloves combine them together and place the targeted area and take a peaceful breath.

Let the mosquitoes and insects bothered with the smell of that and they will never return to you.

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In the Last Summary:

How it can be possible, it was the first reaction of mine when I heard about the recipe. I mean mosquitoes and flies are much stubborn and they return constantly and attack your food, beverages, sweets, and your health.

But as we always say that nature has its own ways to surprise a man and again nature has provided a remedy to make our life comfortable. You must use this recipe and try to share this with your friends and well-wishers more and more.

We hope that after using this remedy you will fall in love with nature. One can use orange, lime or other citric fruit instead of lemon. If you have any other ideas like that kindly share with us and share your views and vision with us.

Join us for more tricky and natural ideas. Our whole effort is to collect all the helpful information for you and we always try our best to collect such knowledge for our dear readers.         

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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