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10 Health Benefits of Banana Peels Will Surprise You

Banana is one of the most common fruits that are easily available anywhere especially in India. You eat the flesh of the banana and throw its peel into the bin. Because you are not aware of the benefits of banana peels so, you do not use them. Actually, banana peels are highly enriched with countless positives that you cannot even imagine.

Very few people know about it and utilize it instead of throwing away. Here are the top 10 health benefits of banana peels that will surprise you and that can make you think many times before throwing it away.

10 Health Benefits of Banana Peels Will Surprise You:

1. Ultraviolet Protection:

You usually go out in the sun to deal with your daily chores and official work. Thus, UV rays affect your skin as it burns it and makes it dull. Besides, it disturbs the health of your eyes.

But, you do not need to think more about it. The thing that you often throw in dustbins helps you to prevent such kind of damages.

Banana peels carry favorable benefits that effortlessly protects you from harmful ultraviolet rays. Alternatively, it does not let your skin trapped by cataract.

Take a fresh banana peel and keep it under the sun for a few minutes. Grab it and rub it on your skin as well as on your eyes. Let it sit until it had dried up. Cleanse your skin and eyes with normal water afterward.

2. Cure Acne and Pimples:

The simple and most straightforward method to mitigate your acne and pimples is using the banana peels on a daily basis. Banana peel is considered as an effective ingredient that delivers your acne and pimple free skin.

Besides, banana peel for the dark spot is another good idea. You need to take fresh banana peel and gently rub it on your facial skin and body. Do this practice every day for five to eight minutes.

It shortens the duration of skin having acne and pimples and provides your scars free skin. You should go for this method until you notice the worthy impacts.

3. Prevent Wrinkled Skin:

Wrinkles reduce your appearance and usually damage your skin to a great extent. However, it is natural that people suffer from this problem as they start to get older.

But, one can face this concern due to the dehydrated skin. In such case, you should go for utilizing banana peels instead of being tense. Banana peels have abilities to make your skin wrinkle free as it keeps your skin hydrated efficiently.

To get the beneficial effects, you need to take an egg and a banana peel. Crack an egg and separate its yolk. Beat the yolk of the egg with a mashed banana peel for a few minutes.

After that, smear the mixture on your wrinkled skin and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Cleanse it with water to experience the beautiful and younger skin.

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4. Prevent Warts:

Banana peel is one of the quick heal natural treatment for warts. It helps to prevent wards from your skin and inhibits the factors that are responsible for the skin having the wart.

People widely use the banana peel for skin whitening and really they experience sound effects shortly. It amazingly fulfills the needs of your skin and helps in its proper growth and development.

You just have to rub the fresh banana peel on your skin for eight to ten minutes. Let it sit overnight so that your skin can soak it thoroughly. In the next morning, rinse your skin and pat entirely. Do this method again and again and get positives.

5. Promote your Smile:

People often waste not only precious their time but also their money to buy various kinds of expensive tooth whitening products. Banana peel is the proven method to whiten your teeth efficaciously.

It enhances your smile and adds extra beauty to it. One of the most interesting things about it that it is easily available at extremely minimalistic prices. It works better than any other chemical product.

It involves some simple tips as you have to rub a piece of a banana peel on your teeth just for five minutes every day for several weeks until you notice the fruitful benefits.

benefits of banana peel for teeth
benefits of banana peel for teeth

6. Relief from Bites by Bugs:

There is something such as bites from bugs, mosquitoes, or other insects that we have to live with. It is a fact that you try your best to get rid of it but after your all hard tries, you still have to face it again and again.

The banana peel works potently and mitigates pain and itching due to the insect’s bite. Also, it restricts bugs to sit on your body.

Massage using fresh banana peels with your bare hands, legs, or any other body part where bugs bite. Now, you can walk freely anywhere. You do not need to think anymore before going out.

7. Pain Reliever:

Besides its many favorable effects, it is helpful in relieving various kinds of pain. Grind a fresh banana peel in order to prepare a smooth paste. Now, add some vegetable oil to it and stir it properly.

Now, apply this potent mixture to your painful area and keep it for at least a half an hour. Additionally, you can leave it instead of removing it off.

8. Complete Nutrition:

Very few people know about the nutritional value of banana peel. But, it is highly loaded with lots of essential nutrients. It is the major reason that some people use the banana peel in their meals by preparing a different kind of amazing Indian dishes.

It tastes delicious and highly recommended to add banana peels for nutrition to nourish your body in an excellent manner. Moreover, people use them to tender the chicken.

9. Works as Polish:

You do not need to go anywhere to polish your silver vessels and ornaments, leather, or even your shoes. Banana peel carries praiseworthy polishing qualities that add extra shine to your stuff.

Just polish your stuff using banana peels for a few minutes. It provides immediate results and you will be amazed by its sound results.

10. Good for Hairs:

Banana peels are good for your hair health too. They are highly packed with many vital components such as magnesium, iron, potassium, vitamins A, vitamin B, and vitamin E.

Thus, it nourishes your hairs and helps you get rid of problems such as dull hairs, weak hairs, hair fall, damaged hairs, and many other related issues.

Grab fresh banana peels and put them in a blender. Blend for few minutes until it converted into a smooth paste.

Pour it out and mix with your shampoo to wash your hair as usual. Simply, you can rub banana peels on your hair before one hour of washing. Or, you can utilize banana peels paste as a conditioner.

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Additional Tips:

You should always store bananas away from sunlight or heat, in a cool and dry place.

You should consume banana just after peeling it and never keep unpeeled banana openly for longer.

You should use the fresh banana peel to obtain its positives.

Do not store banana or banana peel in the refrigerator.

Use banana peels for good purposes or use dustbins instead of throwing them on public places or roads.

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