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11 Best Foods That Fight Common Cold and Flu, Start Eating Today!

What are the best foods that fight Cold and Flu? Cold is a quite common seasonal issue that can affect you at any time and it takes 10 to 15 days to get normal if you aren’t taking any antibiotics. Weak immunity is the major reason for any infection and of course, cold and flu are not an exception.

The food we eat regularly has a significant role in our life related to our health and if something goes wrong we must take a look at what we are eating on daily basis.

Foods that Fight Cold and Flu

Foods that Fight Cold and Flu

If you often trigger common cold or flu-like symptoms this article can be worthy for you and only changing some eating habits can prevent the common cold so let’s see what are those 11 foods that fight Cold and Flu:

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a healthier food option loaded with nutrients minerals and needed components like fiber. Consuming oatmeal reduces inflammation and regular intake can boost up the immunity and prevent seasonal infections.[Trusted Source 1]

You can add your favorite fruits in oatmeal or vegetables too and make it healthy and delicious.    

2. Chicken Soup

Chicken soup has a warm and staple food that is delicious and highly effective to treat and prevent a common cold. If you are a non-vegetarian you must consume chicken soup.

Taking hot chicken soup with some black pepper and herbs can reduce respiratory inflammation and calm up cold symptoms and you feel relaxed and good.[Trusted Source 2]

Chicken soup contains various minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that work as an energy booster and prevent seasonal infections and open nostril area and prevent chest congestion.

You can easily prepare chicken soup at home and have it once in a day.      

3. Citrus Fruits

Is Citrus good for cold? The study done on volunteers has proved that citrus fruits consumption is highly required for boosting immunity and it reduces cold symptoms and prevents seasonal congestion.[Trusted Source 3]

Citrus fruits like oranges, berries, pineapples are rich vitamin C and loaded with antioxidants and work wonder for enhancing immunity.

You can simply eat a handful of fruits regularly or mix them with your breakfast cereals.     

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4. Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are becoming rock star nowadays due to their magnificent advantages on the body.

Herbal tea mixed with herbs, lemon, honey, ginger, and chamomile tea can be useful to prevent common cold symptoms like a headache, coughing, running nose, sore throat, and discomfort.

Herbal teas are rich in antioxidants and their essential minerals and nutrients are good for your overall health and a far better way than taking antibiotics.

You can prepare a herbal tea at home or also available in the market but yes, we always prefer homemade ones.       

5. Eggs

Is egg good for cough and cold? Eggs are rich in protein and selenium and these both are strongly required for weak immunity.

You can have eggs in various forms but we will suggest taking boiled eggs or if you are frying them use a nonstick pan.

Eating eggs will increase the immunity naturally and as they have warm effects so useful for congested chest and prevent common cold and fights with infections.  

6. Coconut Water

Is coconut water good for cough and cold? A yummy refreshing treat who won’t like coconut water and when it has been helping to treat a common cold you will surely love it.

Often we get dehydrated during cold and we must keep ourselves hydrated. Drinking coconut water regulates the electrolytes and reduces weakness and discomfort.   

This is a perfect beverage with lots of minerals so drink fresh coconut water and avoid canned one. 

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7. Warm Milk

Warm milk is also a great food that fight Cold and Flu. with warm and soothing effects on your body. Just take one cup of warm milk with some black pepper, a pinch of turmeric, and some ginger and let it boil for a while and consume it once before sleeping.

You will surely feel relief from cold symptoms and it will also enhance the immunity level.

If you have any kind of lactose allergy or sensitivity then, avoid this method.  

warm milk that fight colds and flu
warm milk that fight cold and flu

8. Mushroom

Mushroom is also a famous item that can be infused with many dishes and luckily it has anti-inflammatory property that decreases the inflammation due to common cold.

Mushrooms are also beneficial for the immune system. You can simply add them in chicken soup, a stew, or any main course. There are many varieties available of mushrooms that choose any of them of your choice.   

9. Chili Pepper

It has been considered that spicy foods have some special effects that can ease up cold and flu symptoms and chilies can be very helping prevent a common cold.

Chilies have capsaicin that works as an immunity booster and reduce congestion and blocked nose and airway.

You can add chills in a soup or just slice them finely and add them in the main course.     

10. Ginger

Ginger is a superfood for preventing cold and cough. Ginger has an anti-inflammatory property with soothing and healing effects. It works as a great remedy fin cold and flu-like symptoms.[Trusted Source 4]

Add some grated ginger in the herbal tea or add it to your dishes. You can also take freshly extracted ginger juice with some honey but just take only 1 tablespoon not more than that.

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11. Garlic

Garlic is also a wonderful ingredient that includes various stunning effects that can prevent cold and cough. Garlic has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and healing qualities and enhances immunity like a pro.

Add fresh garlic in your meals. You can crush it or cut it and use it as you want.     

Other Healthy Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu

1. Keep Proper Hygiene

Wash your hands properly especially when you come from out. Use a bacteria-killing soap or use an alcohol-based sanitizer.

Most of the infections occur due to bacteria and viruses so always stay aware and keep a proper distance with infected people.   

2. Take Rest

Taking proper rest and a good night’s sleep can be worthy of eliminating cold symptoms and makes your body fight with infection naturally. Avoid heavy work out and take proper rest.

3. Drink Enough Water

Drinking enough water keeps you hydrated and maintains the electrolyte balance in the body. It also flushes out the harmful toxins from the body.

4. Do exercise

Lack of exercise is also a cause of a weak immune system. Add some exercises that can keep you healthy and enhance your immunity.  

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above best foods that fight cold and flu will surely help you. So don’t delay to take the benefits of it.

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