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Do You Have A Lump On Back of Neck or Behind Your Ear?

Lump On Back of Neck: If you have noticed any lump on your neck, back or behind the ears then it can be a common issue and most of the time you must not worry much all you need to notice some points.

Having lumps or bumps around the neck or behind ears are normal and many people having it. At first glance, it is hard to explain that the lumps are dangerous or not.

In most cases, these lumps aren’t cancerous and they can appear and banished by itself but on the other side, if you are feeling any health issues like breathing or swallowing trouble you must worry a little.

Especially in children and young aged people, neck lumps are considered a normal phenomenon. Most of the time, lumps come and go or sometimes it can stay for 15 days and eliminates both situations are normal.

If you feel the lump looks hard or redness around it and it is growing day by day then you must visit a doctor and let him check.

If you feel any discomfort with your health like night sweating, sudden weight loss, voice changes, breathing difficulty make sure you need to perform the tests.

Why Lumps Appear on the Body?

Our neck area has hundreds of lymph nodes and these nodes can be swollen some times that appear as a lump around the neck area.

There can be an infection in the salivary gland or thyroid gland due to cold or cough that can be responsible for lumps.

In some cases, it can be the cancerous cells that are growing slowly so the proper investigation is necessary to know what the reasons are.

Causes of Lump on Back of Neck:

The lumps are commonly found under the skin or also called the epidermis. By seeing from the outside it is tough to declare about them. Some basic causes of lumps are:-

Various kinds of infections like chest infection, cold, flu, ear infection, dental infection, cold sores, etc are the cause of neck lumps.

If you are having any serious skin disease or infection, it can be also a cause of lymph node swelling and lumps around the back and neck.     

Our mouth produces enough saliva by salivary gland and sometimes these glands can be affected by any stone or infection that can be a reason for swelling or lumps.

Goiter, hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer also becomes the reason for lumps.

Abnormal growth and development can be also a cause of lumps around different body parts.

Tumors can also a cause of lumps and they can be cancerous and non-cancerous and can be diagnosed well after proper examinations by an expert.

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What You Should Do?

No matter you are aware of the symptoms or cause of lumps just consult a doctor and let him decide by doing simple check-ups.

Your doctor can ask about the lump history when it appeared, does it hurt or not? All about your medical history and do you smoke or not?

You need to explain to your doctor well about your discomfort and whether you are feeling any weird changes in your health.

After that, your doctor can prescribe some blood tests, ultrasound, or x-ray for a proper diagnosis.   

Mostly, the doctor will never talk about any examination so you can be lucky if everything is fine with the lymph nodes.

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Well, the treatment totally depends on the situation. If the lumps are common they can disappear with the time they can appear again and disappear which is quite normal.

If you have an ear infection or an allergy then the expert would suggest some antibiotics for treating the lumps and swelling around the neck area and ears.

If the thyroid gland causing these lumps then there are medicines available that reduce the difficulty and treat the lumps.

The salivary gland stone can also be treated that cleans up the way for salvia and removes infection and swelling.

If these lumps are actually tumors that are growing day by day your expert can ask for surgery for removing these lumps.

So you have to meet with your doctor and only a specialist will suggest what treatment should be provided for you.


In children and youngsters, lumps are quite common and as they grow up these lumps get disappear. If your age is more than 50 and lumps are bothering you constantly then a proper check-up and expert advice is necessary.

Try to eat healthy food and do not worry much. Proper guidance will solve the trouble. If you have any suggestions or any questions, just share it with us.         

We hope this information will help you to understand lump on back of neck and more about your body and glands so stay in touch with us for more articles and information like this.

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