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Is Bottled Water Safe? Reason to Never Drink Bottled Water Again!

Is bottled water safe? There is no doubt that bottled water is famous everywhere all over the world. People expect the bottled water is natural and clean to drink. But, the real and irony truth is that you drink this water assuming to be safe and clean is nothing except a psychological myth for you. You will be amazed after meeting the reality that is just the opposite.

There are 7 reasons why you should never drink bottled water again. Bottled or packaged water product does not desolate the environment but is a great enemy of your health.

Is Bottled Water Safe?

Read the text below about the negatives of bottled water and be a global citizen, a smarter consumer, and a healthier person that is extremely important. Here are seven reasons you will never want to buy any bottled water product in your life.

1. Bottled Water Contain Toxic Elements

Everybody knows that plastic is not suitable for you or your health. (1) According to the studies, bottled water is full of E. Coli, BPA, arsenic, phthalates, microbes, mold, and a variety of other chemicals.

Thus, it contains many dangerous effects that impact your healthy lifestyle badly. BPA in this water is highly responsible which makes you face the problem of endocrine disruptor.

Even, you buy a BPA free bottled water and keep you under the sun or close to heat, it releases harmful chemicals (phthalates that disrupt endocrine) that seep into the water. Consequently, it makes you face a life-threatening situation when you drink it.

Alternatively, it makes you face many hazardous situations such as birth defects in newborns, reduced fertility or infertility, reproductive system irregularities, various kinds of cancer, and many others. Many times it causes long-term health effects as well.

2. Not Good for the Environment

Most of the packagers manufacture, filled and then ship the water bottle all over the world after utilizing a large amount of PET that is often called petroleum oil. But, such material is not only harmful to your health but also disturbs the natural environment to a great extent.

Because they are non-biodegradable substances. In added to, it wastes a high quantity of oil to manufacture water bottles.

After the manufacturing of bottled water, it requires lots of fossil fuels to transport all over the globe to the convenience store or your local food market.

However, there is some bottled water that can be recycled. (2)But, a great percentage of companies form bottled water that is not recyclable.

Thus, this kind of water bottle is placed in the landfill or any other place. As a result, they leach harmful material and toxins into soil and water as they degrade.

Is Bottled Water Safe for the Environment

A plastic bottle takes about 1,000 years to decompose. Or, if you burn a plastic bottle, it releases hazardous toxic fumes that pollute the environment.

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3. Expensive Bottled Water

It happens most of the time that you go out and do not carry your water bottle with you. Several people do this and think that they can have packaged water from anywhere.

Therefore, they spend their money (probably $1 or $2) and buy bottled water thinking that you are getting high-quality water. You drink that water by expecting it filtered and cleaned for your enjoyment. But, in fact, it is the worst-quality water that you drink.

Furthermore, there is more than 65 percent of water packaged companies that usually sell overpriced tap water. (3)

They just sell their products by placing the tag of a gently flowing stream or peaceful river. But actually, it does not have reality as intended. Hence, bottled water affects your pocket too.

4. Bottled Water has No Prove Benefits:

It usually happens that people consider tap water is harmful and can lead you, to have ill health. Thus, they go for packaged water to be safe and healthy.

However, they are completely wrong if they have such kind of opinion about packaged water being much healthier in comparison to tap water.

According to the report of NDRC, there is very few water industry that guarantees their packaged water is good. In the research, they did not get any evidence that supports the quality of the bottled water by any means.

Thus, it is not a good idea to waste your money on such unfavorable products. It is better to drink the stuff from the tap that is much better than the designer bottle of water.

5. Waste Tones of Water

Water is the primary substance that is required to manufacture plastic water bottles. It takes three times of water amount more than it does to fill a bottle. Or, you can say that three gallons of water are wasted in filling just a bottle of water.

Everybody knows this reality and still, the demand for packaged water is increasing day by day.

If analyzed, then it comes to know that only $ 1.13 will be the expense to improve the water resources. But, the situation is entirely inversely proportional to this practice.

You spend about 150 billion dollars every year just to consume packaged water from the industry.

You should keep this thing in mind that water is the most valuable natural resource on this planet. And hence, you do need to support such things that destroy three times more water than it provides.

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6. Can Power Countless Homes

The energy we waste to manufacture a bottle of water can be utilized for any other good purpose that can be environment-friendly and promotes the development of the country. It requires a large number of chemicals that means it wastes countless tons of water.

Hence, a great quantity of materials, as well as energy, is consumed to get less by-product to contend with.

If you avoid using, the requirement of bottled water will be reduced. Consequently, industries will form less plastic bottles. Thus, reduction in unnecessary utilization of materials and energy will take place.

This will be your worthy step that can provide electricity to several homes that are away from this facility. It will not only kick the development of the country but also saves the environment, you, and us.

7. There are Favorable Alternatives

Stainless steel, refillable glass, or reusable water bottles are the best option for your wallet, your health, and the environment as well.

You can find a variety of designs, colors, and styles for reusable water bottles in the market.

Just choose one that suits your personal needs. Also, it is necessary to consider the water bottles as an accessory that can represent your personal fairs to an excellent extent.

Is bottled water safe? No, you have to do is just to stay away from the water bottles that are tagged as free of BPA. However, choosing a reusable bottle can carry toxins, plastics, and chemicals. But, you are more likely free of hazardous elements.

You have to take a pledge to ditch the plastic water bottle that does something good to some extent. If you do such kind of things, you represent yourself how much you care for your health, you are stylish, savvy, and eco-friendly. Moreover, you save money and utilize it for any other appropriate purposes.

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