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How to Heal Tooth Decay and Reverse Cavities in 2 Days

How to heal tooth decay and reverse cavities? The tooth is more precious than a diamond. So oral hygiene and personal tooth care is a fundamental step we should follow to maintain oral health.

Lack of which may cause tooth cavity and tooth decay, and who doesn’t know the pain of an aching tooth? Perhaps we all have to experience tooth pain at least once in our life-span.

So, oral care is just as important as doing a regular physical check-up. It’s not about bright white teeth. It’s all about overall oral care that covers tooth decay formation of the tooth cavity, germ care of the individuals.

But as all the problems have a solution, many unique home remedies can prevent severe tooth decay and cavity formation.

Tooth decay is the destruction of the tooth, and it starts with the softening of tooth enamel. Tooth enamel is a hard protective guard like a layer of the teeth, and it is the hardest mineral found in our body.

However, acids from particular food and drinks, significantly those high in sugar in carbohydrates, can damage this layer. Tooth decay is a slow process that quite silently, and we ignore it until we feel any pain.

Here are a Few Facts

  • Severe Tooth decay occurred when the leftover food particles started to get deposited in between teeth.
  • Lack of proper brushing and flossing helps the food particles to trap between teeth for long days.
  • The bacterium that lives inside the mouth digests food like bread, candy, milk, cakes, and fruits, etc., and turns them into acid.
  • The bacteria, acid, food particles, and saliva combine to form plaque, a bacterium filled with a sticky film. It aids in tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • The damage of tooth structure happened when the plaque bacteria break down the sugar inside the mouth.
  • If this damaged enamel remains untreated, a cavity inside the tooth developed, and slowly it takes an oversized shape and destroys the whole tooth.
  • Usually, the plaque bacteria attack the inner layer of the tooth, which is known as dentin, and creates cavities in the tooth’s root. This is a root cavity that can make you feel pain when you eat or drink something. 

Causes of Tooth Decay

Some common causes of tooth decay and cavities are

1. Food Habit

Our food habit is the root of many health problems, and tooth decay is not an exception. Some food is used to cling to the teeth and form a layer. Such food includes bread, all types of sugar candy, honey, cereals, milk, etc.

These starchy and sweet food particles remain inside the teeth even after brushing and aids in plaque formation.

2. Lack of Proper Oral Hygiene

Brushing teeth twice a day is the best way to maintain oral neatness. Lack of adequate brushing allows plaque to build up and destroy the tooth coating.

It is always better to brush after eating any sweet food or drink.

3. Plaque Build-up

The residue of food particles, the acid in the mouth, bacteria, and saliva combine to build up a sticky layer that gets harder with time. It contains bacteria that cause severe tooth decay.

When we eat anything, the bacteria inside the plaque use the food’s sugar to produce acid that destroys the tooth enamel and creates a hole after several attacks.

4. Chronic Health Problem

Any chronic health problem may contribute to tooth decay and cavities.

For example, an individual with a chronic liver disorder or indigestion problem has a chance to develop tooth cavities. In those cases, the acid could not flow back to the stomach, slowly affecting the protective shield or tooth enamel.

As a result, tooth erosion begins. Besides, this specific eating disorder or Bulimia Nervosa can cause tooth erosion and decay.

5. Dry Mouth or Xerostomia

When the salivary gland makes insufficient saliva, a plaque build-up more quickly as saliva helps wash the plaque naturally.

So, dry mouth is another Reason for plaque formation and severe tooth decay.

6. Due To Receding Gums

When the gums that hold the tooth recede, gaps form in between the gum and tooth line, which allows the diseases causing bacteria to develop.

If this condition continues, the bacteria damage the surrounding tissue and bone structure of the tooth, resulting in tooth decay and tooth loss.

How to Heal Tooth Decay and Reverse Cavities

Despite the care and efforts that we put into maintaining oral health from childhood, tooth decay, and tooth cavities happen more or less to everyone.

Therefore precaution and some home remedies are very helpful to prevent these diseases at the very beginning so that you can make your smile more beautiful.

Let us check the how to heal tooth decay and reverse cavities which are incredibly beneficial for you.

1. Use Warm Salt Water as a Mouthwash

Use Warm Salt Water as a Mouthwash

Salt has antibacterial and antiseptic properties, and it helps to maintain the ph balance. Therefore warm salt water can reduce the acid and the stickiness from the cavities. Moreover, it makes the mouth bacteria-free.

  • Take a glass of warm water.
  • Add a tablespoon of salt and mix well.
  • Rinse your mouth twice a day with this solution.

2. Garlic

Garlic heal tooth decay

 Garlic has allicin, and due to this compound, garlic is antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial by nature. Garlic has medicinal properties, and it is considered a health marvel.

Allicin is also helpful to fight oral bacteria’s that cause tooth cavities and dental diseases.

Garlic also enhances teeth’ strength as it has prebiotic fiber, and it works as a painkiller.

Therefore taking a garlic clove on an empty stomach in the morning is one of the best home remedies to get rid of tooth decay and cavities.

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3. Oil Pulling Technique

Oil pulling inside the mouth and waggle can effectively remove harmful bacteria that cause severe tooth decay and cavities. This is an ancient technique to promote oral hygiene.


  • Take one tablespoon of oil of your choice, such as coconut oil, sesame oil, or olive oil.
  • Put it inside the mouth and gently swish for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Don’t swallow it.
  • After spitting the solution out, wash your mouth with lukewarm water.
  • Do it regularly and on an empty stomach.

4. Use of Neem Twigs

Use of Neem Twigs cure tooth decay

Mother Nature has all sorts of plants and herbs with lots of medicinal properties. So if you are looking for a natural remedy for your dental care, you should consider Neem stick and Neem leaf in your daily routine.

Chewing Neem leaf and Neem twig could help remove bad breath, and it also kills the plaque-forming bacteria. Neem has fiber that keeps away the plaque.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric heal tooth decay

Turmeric is a well-known herb with medicinal properties. It is naturally antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial.

Therefore, it works well to destroy bacteria and prevent tooth erosion and plaque formation and protect the gum from any infection.

Way to Use

  • Take a tablespoon of turmeric powder.
  • Mix three to four drops of mustard oil into it.
  • Make a smooth paste.
  • Apply on the gums and massage for at least 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Wash the mouth with lukewarm water.

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6. Clove

 Clove reverse tooth decay

Clove is genuinely the best home remedy for all types of dental problems as it delivers lots of oral benefits. It reduces gum swelling, toothache and stimulates blood circulation to the gum.

This strengthens the gum tissues and prevents the cavity from spreading further.

Clove has Eugenol, capable of killing the germs and giving instant relief to a toothache.


  • Take a clean cotton swab and few drops of clove oil
  • Dip it into the clove oil.
  • Apply gently on the affected tooth.

7. Mouthwash or Toothpaste with Fluoride

Fluoride is a natural chemical ion of fluorine, which is a mineral in the Earth’s crust. Here I must mention that an ion is a positively (+) or negatively (-) charged atom that helps a chemical element to combine o.

Hence when fluorine, which is negatively charged, combines with another positively charged ion like sodium, it fights against cavity and tooth decay.

So it’s always better to use toothpaste and mouthwash that contains fluoride as it helps to make your teeth stronger and gives protection to the teeth from cavities.

8. Baking Soda

Baking Soda heal tooth decay

Baking soda is alkaline by nature, and it has some antimicrobial agents. An imbalance or overproduction of acid in the mouth is the root of bad oral health as it promotes plaque formation and tooth erosion.

From this point of view, using baking soda to prevent tooth decays effectively as it rebalances the ph level inside the mouth.

Way to Use

  • Take some dry baking soda in a dish.
  • Dip your toothbrush into it.
  • Brush your teeth with baking soda.
  • Do it twice a week as regular use of baking soda may cause damage to the enamel.

9. Eggshell Powder

Eggshell Powder heal tooth decay

Eggshell is full of calcium, which is the key element of the tooth. Not only that, it has other 27 beneficial trace elements or minerals that are essential for tooth enamel, and they help the tooth to re-grow and prevent cavities.


  • Take eggshell from the boiled egg or raw egg, wash it thoroughly and allow it to dry.
  • Put the dry eggshell in a blender and grind until it turns into a fine powder.
  • You can use a half teaspoon of this eggshell powder with water daily.
  • You can also mix this powder with your toothpaste.
  • Half a teaspoon of the eggshell powder is served you 400 grams of calcium.

10. Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil reverse cavities

Essential oils can do wonders if we incorporate them into our daily life. Tea tree oil is such an essential oil with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Therefore it’s an easy home remedy to fight against tooth decay and cavities. So if you have developed swollen or soaring gum, toothache, and cavities, use this oil in the following way.

Way to Use:

  •  Take 3 to 6 drops of tea tree oil and mix it with one glass of water.
  •   Swish your mouth with this solution twice a day. Wash your mouth with warm water.
  •   You can also add 3 to 4 drops of tea tree oil into your toothpaste.

Few Tips to Follow

  • Brush twice a day. Clean the tooth gaps with dental floss after you eat foods.
  • Use toothpaste with fluoride.
  • Must visit the dentist at least once a year to remove tartar.
  • Limit your smoking and alcohol in taking. Both are harmful to oral health.
  • To avoid dry mouth problems, drink sufficient water.

So now it’s your turn to apply these home remedies in your life to make your tooth stronger and cavity-free.

Oral hygiene is a procedure to follow from childhood and unless which you have to suffer toothache and tooth erosion. So, better to start late than never. We hope you’ve enjoyed this article on how to heal tooth decay and reverse cavities naturally at home.

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