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11 Health Benefits of Cloves that will Surprise you

Health benefits of cloves: Cloves may be small in size but their health benefits are huge. They are widely used as an important spice but their nutritional benefits are incredible too.

This is the reason why they have been used in Ayurvedic medicines for ages. Cloves have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties which make them a potent natural health booster.

The manganese, fiber, vitamins and other nutrients in the clove can boost your immune system and prevent blood clotting.

Health Benefits of Cloves:

1. Improves Digestion:

There are many compounds found in cloves that can treat digestive issues such as stomach ulcers.

Cloves can help in stimulating the secretion of many digestive enzymes which can breakdown the food and facilitate digestion.

You can use clove if you have constant constipation and stomach gas.

2. Prevents Cancer:

Many studies have proven that cloves can stop the growth of cancerous cells and also induce cancer cell death. Cloves have been found effective against oesophageal cancer due to their compound eugenol.

The anti-oxidants in cloves can fight cancer cells and inhibit inflammation too. Studies have also shown that cloves are able to stop the growth of cancer cells in the liver.

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3. Protects the Liver:

Cloves have a high amount of antioxidants which can be helpful in protecting the body from harmful free radicals.

These free radicals if not taken care of can affect the liver adversely.

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4. Controls Diabetes:

Cloves have been used medicine to control and treat diabetes in Ayurveda. They can match the effects of insulin which makes them effective in regulating the sugar levels in the blood.

Diabetic patients can include cloves in their diet as they do not produce sufficient insulin.

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5. Boosts the Immune System:

Cloves have been used traditionally for decades in Ayurvedic medicines to strengthen the immune system. They are capable of stimulating the growth of white blood cells in the body.

When the body produces more white blood cells, it can fight with any infection better

6. Anti-Inflammatory Properties:

The eugenol found in cloves has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. These can be used in treating the inflammation in the mouth and throat.

People who consume clove regularly have lower chances of developing Arthritis than people who do not.

7. Helps in Treating Respiratory Problems:

Did you know that clove oil can be used to treat symptoms of Asthma and many other respiratory issues? Well, clove has been used in the Ayurvedic medicine system to treat such problems for centuries.

Take some clove oil and massage it on to your chest and nose; this will open the breathing passage and provide you instant relief.

Alternatively, you can pour a few drops of clove oil in some hot water and take steam for 10-15 minutes.

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8. Relieves Stress:

If you have been feeling tired and constantly stressed out then try some cloves.

Cloves have a calming effect on the nerves which can relieve stress. They help in generating more stress-regulating hormones and lift the mood.

You can add cloves to your favorite herbal tea for some instant mood-lifting.

9. Promote Healthy Bones:

Clove can be used to protect bone mass and impact bone density. This can be helpful for people who are age above 50 and experience bone mass problems.

10. Promote Skin Health:

Acne is caused because of the accumulation of bacteria which can eventually become painful if not treated. The anti-bacterial properties in cloves can destroy these acne-causing bacteria.

You can use clove essential oil for breakouts and pimples. Also, cloves can be helpful in reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars, and rashes.

11. Improve Dental Health:

Cloves can reduce the risk of many teeth related risks such as gingivitis.
They can prevent bacteria build-up and can also be used to ease toothache.

Try sprinkling a bit of clove powder on your regular toothpaste to see some good results. You can also use clove oil to reduce decalcification and erosion of the teeth and promote remineralization.

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The list is definitely not exhaustive. Here are some additional benefits of Clove:

  • The extracts from cloves are used to counters the risks of pathogens in the body and stop many diseases.
  • Clove oil can impact the metabolism of the body and reduce its temperature which promotes better blood circulation.
  • Cloves are antiseptic in nature, so they can be used in treating wounds and even swelling.
  • They can fight off the harmful free radicals and restore the youthfulness in the skin.
  • The eugenol in clove can dilate major arteries and reduce high blood pressure. It can also stop the blood platelets from sticking together which further prevents the blood from clotting.
  • As cloves are effective in increasing the blood circulation, they can be used as a natural remedy for lower sex drive in men and women.
  • The flavonoids present in cloves can help in relieving headaches.
  • The phenylpropanoids present in cloves can protect from the harmful effects of mutagens.

Ways to Use Cloves:

  • Ground some fresh cloves and add the spice to your favorite dish. You can also add them to your baked goods for some extra flavor.
  • Add whole cloves to your herbal tea.
  • Use clove as a whole or in powder form as garnishing for rice.

Wrapping Up:

Cloves are loaded with rich properties but like any other spice, these should be taken in moderation too.

Also, if you have been prescribed blood thinners or any other drugs, make sure to consult a doctor before adding any significant amount of cloves or clove oil to your routine.

Cloves can also cause rashes and skin irritation in a few people. If you observe any such signs, then stop using them and seek medical care.

You might be using cloves in your everyday diet often, but now when you know their amazing benefits, try adding them to your routine regularly. We hope this post was helpful!

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