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Burning Sensation in Feet Home Remedies and Prevention

Burning sensation in feet or tingling feeling in the feet is the most common issue, and many of us experience this at various times in life. The hot burning sensation should not be ignored because it may indicate many problems in the body. There you’ll need a proper checkup and medication that can treat it. Here we are describing the needed information and burning sensation in feet home remedies so let’s have a closer look at the following information.   

Causes of Burning Sensation in Feet

  • Neuropathy disorder in the nervous system 
  • Diabetes 
  • Excess intake of alcohol 
  • Any insect bite, foot injury, or athlete’s foot or infection 
  • Kidney diseases 
  • AIDS
  • Hypothyroidism 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Neuroma 
  • Deficiency of vitamin B
  • Obesity 
  • Gout and edema 
  • Hormonal changes and pregnancy
  • A side effect of a particular drug 

Symptoms of Burning Sensation in Feet

  • Redness and swelling in the feet
  • Excess burning and heating sensation 
  • Excess sweating
  • Changed and peeled skin tone and color 
  • Dull ache
  • Increased foot temperature 
  • Prickling on the affected part   

Burning Sensation in Feet Home Remedies

1. Cold water 

Burning Sensation in Feet Home Remedies  by cold water

The studies explored that soaking the feet in the cold water can help you instantly in burning sensation and one of the simplest home remedies for burning sensation in feet

Make sure water should be regular tap water, not ice-cold water. Just fill a tub and soak your feet for 10 minutes and repeat the process twice a day. 

Note: don’t use ice-cold water, don’t soak your feet for more than 10 minutes, or worsen the symptoms.  

2. Massage

Burning Sensation in Feet Home Remedies by massage

A soothing massage always works like magic, and it is an excellent home remedy for burning sensation in feet at night and studies are also agreed with this easy DIY method.

You can use any oil of your choice, like olive oil, mustard oil, or coconut oil. Apply some oil on the feet and massage firmly with moving around the fingers, and repeat it for 10 minutes before sleeping. 

It will relieve sensation and relax the muscles and improve blood circulation as well, and you can sleep better.   

3. Epsom Salt

Burning Sensation in Feet cure by epsom salt

Epsom salt contains magnesium that reduces burning sensation and irritation and provides a soothing effect, and is considered one of the excellent home remedies for burning sensation in feet.

All you need to add half tbsp of Epsom salt (that is readily available, or you can order online) in a tub filled with lukewarm water. 

Now soak your feet for 10 minutes in this water and repeat the process once for a few days.

If you are a diabetic or heart patient, this remedy won’t be worth it.    

4. Ginger

Burning Sensation in Feet ginger Home Remedies

Ginger has various components that decrease the sensation and provide relief, and improves blood circulation too. 

Add some freshly extracted ginger juice in any oil that you want to use for feet massage and massage well for a few minutes. 

The other way is, consume ginger tea twice a day. 

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5. Apple Cider Vinegar

Burning Sensation in Feet cure by Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also beneficial to treat burning sensations in feet at night home remedies. It maintains the PH level and provides relief. 

Add some apple cider vinegar in some water and mix well, soak your feet for 15 minutes in this water, and repeat this remedy once a day.

The other way is, add 1 tbsp. ACV in one glass of water and drink this once a day.  

6. Limit Alcohol Intake

Limit Alcohol Intake -Burning Sensation in Feet

If you are addicted to consuming alcohol regularly and feeling a burning sensation in your feet, then you’ll have to cut out alcohol intake or avoid this forever. 

The study of 1998 revealed that alcohol could disturb the nervous system and can increase blood sugar levels. Besides that, alcohol has many adverse effects on our body, so if you are habitual, try to control it.  

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7. Vitamin B

Burning Sensation in Feet cure by vitamin B

Vitamin B is one of the vital nutrients for our body. It is related to the nervous system and nerve repairmen process, and deficiency of vitamin B can cause a burning sensation in feet and other disorders in the body. 

Add more vitamin B to your diet, or you can also go for supplements, but before that, proper doctor consultation is suggested.   

8. Exercise

Burning Sensation in Feet cure by exercise

It is always recommended to move things and stay active, and exercise keeps many diseases away. Running, walking, and jogging are the best exercises that you can do without any Burdon.  

It will regulate the blood sugar level and improves blood circulation of the overall body. Whenever you feel a burning sensation, you can have a barefoot walk on the grass, and it will ease up the symptoms rapidly.  

9. Turmeric 

Burning Sensation in Feet with turmeric

Turmeric is an anti-inflammatory spice with multiple medicinal properties. Add some turmeric powder in some lukewarm water in a tub and soak your feet for 10 minutes. 

You can also consume turmeric tea twice a day.   

10. Bitter Gourd 

Bitter Gourd for burning in feet

Bitter gourd has been a proven home remedy for burning sensation in feet. 

All you need some bitter gourd leaves and grind them well with some water and make a fine paste.  

Apply this paste on the affected area, leave it for a few minutes, wash off, and repeat this remedy twice a day. 


  • Keep our feet dry and bacteria-free. Excess sweating can cause bacteria and fungi, so use anti-bacterial soap or powder.
  • Always wear comfortable footwear and socks.
  • Manage your blood sugar level and take proper medicine, and exercise regularly.
  • Eat healthy food with vitamins and nutrients. 
  • Avoid smoking and alcohol, and let your feet breathe in the open air. 
  • Avoid standing and sitting in one position for a long time.  

In Closing

Although all the home remedies that we have elaborated on here are easy and effective, you still feel anything else that must be added; please feel free to share with us. 

In this case, if you see no positive results in your problem, then doctor consultation is essential without any delay. 

We hope this article on Burning sensation in feet home remedies would be informative for you, so share your reviews as well.  

Dr Maria

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