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10 Best Home Remedies For Farting Gas or Flatulence

10 Best Home Remedies For Farting Gas or Flatulence:  Discussing about gas or flatulence is considered a taboo. In fact, gas is a part of the healthy digestive system. In some way or other, gas should come out through burps or gases. Passing out gas is just normal. At the same time, farting is totally embarrassing. On an average basis, most people fart or burp minimum of 15 times a day. That seems a lot counting a day.

Most of the farts remain unnoticeable and also odorless. Yet, if you notice farting too often, or when it stinks, or when you feel uncomfortable, something is wrong in your gut. The bacterial building, intolerance to certain foods, your food, etc causes flatulence. Making small changes in your diet can stop flatulence. Here is the brief outlook 10 best home remedies for farting gas or flatulence.

10 Best Home Remedies For Farting Gas or Flatulence:

1. Fresh Ginger:

Fresh ginger counts as the primary remedy for most of the digestive issues, from bloating to flatulence. It is cheap, very effective, and works immediately. The rich aroma of this spice soothes the digestive system. It acts as the natural carminative to stop farting.

• Improves your digestion
• Treats and prevents bloating
• Reduces the intestinal problems
• Provides quick relief from flatulence

Including ginger in your food strengthens your gut and keeps digestive issues at bay.

How to use fresh ginger to stop farting:

Ginger is a versatile ingredient. You can use ginger in the following ways to stop farting.

  • Ginger tea – Add a teaspoon of freshly grated fresh ginger to a glass of water and boil it. Extract it, add honey and drink warm. It gives instance relief.
  • Black tea infused with ginger – If you are a tea lover, add a crushed piece of fresh ginger and prepare tea. (The same applies to milked tea) It also tastes great.
    You can add fresh ginger in soups.

2. Fennel Seeds:

Fennel is a good old classic remedy for flatulence. You get relief from flatulence and farting instantly, like a magic. It has sweet smelling aroma and tastes good. Fennel seeds have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antispasmodic properties. It cleanses the intestinal tract and provides quick relief.

• Prevents bloating and excessive accumulation of gas
• Aids in digestion
• Supports healthy function of intestinal tract

How to use fennel seeds to stop farting:
  • Take half a teaspoon fennel, put into your mouth, chew, and swallow. You are done.
    As an alternative method, boil a teaspoon of fennel in water and drink it warm to get rid of flatulence.

3. Asafoetida (Hing):

Asafoetida is a taste enhancer like spices. It also comes with numerous healing properties. It’s a staple in Indian Kitchen. It heals many stomach problems in no time. Hing is an aromatic resin. It is generally used in foods, daily cooking for easier digestion. Like ginger and fennel, asafoetida also provide quick relief from gas.

• Gives immediate relief from bloating
• Cures the digestive malfunctions

How to use asafetida to stop farting:
  • The best way to use asafetida for flatulence is adding to buttermilk. Buttermilk itself makes a wonderful aid for digestion. Crush a small piece of asafetida, temper it and add to the buttermilk. Or you can also use powdered asafetida.
  • Drinking a glass of buttermilk with asafetida gives instant relief from stomach discomfort too.
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4. Flax Seeds:

Flax seeds belong to super food category. It is one of the richest sources of dietary fiber and omega 3 fatty acids. Flax seeds reduce the inflammation, control bloating, cure constipation, and provide relief from farting. Remember, constipation worsens farting and it stinks.

How to use flax seeds to stop farting:

• You can just add the whole seeds to your regular food and get the goodness. (Salads, smoothies, cereals, soups, yogurt, etc)
• Powder the flax seeds and add one or two teaspoons to your foods.
Remember, too much fiber also causes gas and farting. Drink a lot of water.

5. Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is one of the powerful home remedies for many digestive ailments. Just like healing herbs and spices, ACV proves to be effective. It is known for providing relief from heart burn (caused by improper digestion) and acid reflux. It curbs down bloating and gas.

How to use apple cider vinegar to stop farting:
  • Drinking a glass of water mixed with two teaspoons of ACV relieves gas. You can also add one or two teaspoons of ACV in juices.

6. Baking Soda:

Sodium bicarbonate aka baking soda is a proven remedy for stomach ailments like acid reflux, belching etc. It is also used for quick relief of gas and bloating. Baking soda stimulates production of carbon dioxide, which expels gas instantly.

How to use baking soda to stop farting:
  • Take half or one teaspoon of baking soda, mix in warm water and drink it.
    Alternatively, mix the baking soda in running water, squeeze half a lemon, and drink it.
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7. Betel Leaves (Paan):

It is a common practice to eat betel leave as a tradition or customary after eating a heavy meal in weddings, festival, or social gatherings. The reason is heavy food. The primary purpose of consuming betel leaves is for digestion and to eliminate gas.

Betel leaves has anti-flatulence and gastro-protective properties. It acts as a carminative to aid in proper digestion. Betel leaves are consumed to expel the stinky smelling gases from your intestines. It supports proper digestion, prevents gas formation, and keeps the digestive ailments at bay.

How to use betel leaves to stop farting:
  • After every meal, chew the fresh betel leaf or two leaves with areca nut. Chew is properly to ensure proper digestion. Betel leaves are available in different varieties as sweet paan, fruit paan, etc.

8. Turmeric:

Turmeric is a staple spice, food coloring ingredient used in daily cooking. However, it is not only used to add flavor and enrich the foods visually. It is one of the miracle ingredients loaded with numerous healing properties.

Turmeric is used to expel the impact of spicy foods and soothes the digestive tissues. It stimulates the gallbladder to produce bile, and aids for digestion. Being rich in anti-inflammatory properties, it also aids in preventing bloating and gas.

How to use turmeric to stop farting:
  • The best way to reap the benefits of turmeric is golden milk. It is an ayurvedic recipe. Boil a glass of milk, add one teaspoon of turmeric powder or raw turmeric. Add a small piece of ginger and one clove (optional). If you want it sweet, add honey or palm sugar. Alternatively, you can crush some peppercorns and drink it.

9. Herbal Tea:

The simple and handy remedy for flatulence is drinking a cup of warm tea. The hot or warm liquids energize you. Adding the goodness of the herbs provides relief from flatulence and related digestive problems. Since most of the herbs come with amazing healing properties, you can choose the herbs you prefer.
Herbs relax the gastro intestinal tract and eliminate gas.

How to make herbal tea to stop farting:
  • Boil water. Add peppermint leaves, chamomile, and basil. Strain the water, add honey and drink it warm.
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10. Lifestyle Changes:

Regardless of the home remedies you take, include herbs in your diet, you should make simple lifestyle changes to stop farting.

• Mindful eating – eat slowly, concentrate on food and do not rush
• Do not eat large meals and go to sleep immediately
• Avoid gas causing foods like beans, lentils, broccoli, cabbage, processed desserts, sugar free foods, dairy, etc.
• Drink a lot of water
• Include fiber in your diet. Remember, both too much and too low fiber cause gas and constipation.
• Practice following regular bowel movements. It prevents constipation.
• Include a lot of fresh herbs and spices in your diet.
• Stay physically active, which is essential for proper digestion

These are the simple ways on how to stop farting with home remedies.

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