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11 Dandelion Root Tea Benefits and Side Effects

What are the dandelion root tea benefits and side effects? Dandelion, scientifically known as Taraxacum officinale, Simhadanti in Ayurveda, is mainly considered a weed plant but no longer when people have comprehended the fantastic benefits of this. 

You may have noticed a plant with a yellow flower that you usually never like and pop this out from your garden. 

The whole plant, including stems, leaves, roots, can be used to prepare tea or caffeine-free coffee, and it is compared with herbal coffee due to its dark smoky colour and chicory taste. 

This herbal tea is loaded with unique benefits as dandelion root tea has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. They contain healthy nutrients like calcium, iron, niacin, energy, folate, potassium protein, etc. 

Dandelion Root Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Dandelion Root Tea Benefits and Side Effects

Let’s check out the details about dandelion tea benefits and side effects, preparation, and many other points to be noted:-

1. Loaded with Antioxidants  

Dandelion tea has a super dose of powerful antioxidants that your body always seeks. It has beta-carotene that prevents oxidative stress and neutralizes cellular damage. 

Free radicals can be harmful to your body, so it is essential to kick them out and consuming dandelion tea can be the best remedy for your body and health.   

2. Make your Bones Strong

Dandelion tea has specific nutrients such as calcium, zinc, magnesium, and iron vital for bone health. If you notice an ingredient that can strengthen bones, you must count dandelion tea benefits for women as after thirty women lose bone strength more than men. 

The reports also revealed that regular usage of dandelion tea could prevent osteoporosis.     

3. Provoke Weight Loss

Must add dandelion tea for weight loss if you are looking for a harmless natural formula to be in shape. The helping agents available in dandelion tea cut out excess body fat and prevent them from developing again. 

Few fitness guiders also recommend dandelion tea as a daily beverage, especially to overweight people. It also reduces bloating and acidity.  

4. Regulate Blood Circulation 

The human body needs enough iron. Iron deficiency can make you anemic, causes weakness, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, etc. dandelion are rich in iron, and regular intake can prevent anemia and naturally fulfil iron deficiency. 

It also regulates blood circulation so the other organs can function well.   

5. Diabetes 

The experts believe that dandelion has anti-diabetes components, including soluble fibre that supports healthy bacteria and slows down the sugar flow in the bloodstream and controls sugar sensitivity. 

Taking dandelion tea maintains the blood sugar level and creates a balance. 

6. Helpful in Skin Disorders  

You may have heard many times that flower extract has been used to prepare face creams and other beauty products. The experts claimed that dandelion tea reduces the aging signs, acne, and enhances collagen, and makes you look fresh with a natural glow. 

People used to apply dandelion root paste to cure acne, eczema, rashes, and psoriasis in the old-time. It has an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory quality that prevents infection and also protects your skin from UV rays.   

7. Aids Digestion 

Drinking two cups of dandelion tea aids up the digestive process and improve digestion and keep your bile healthy. It also prevents other troubles like constipation, bloating, acidity, hemorrhoids, and cramping. 

Consume it as recommended by an expert as the excess amount can disturb the stomach and reverse the benefits.  

8. Treat UTI

UTI or urinary tract infection is a common health issue, and women are more prone to that. It can cause unbearable pain and itchiness and takes a long time to treat. 

Dandelion has a diuretic quality that prevents the risk of UTI. It makes you urinate frequently and keep the urinary tract fresh and clean. If you still notice pain or change urine colour, please visit a doctor. 

9. Boost Immunity

Fighting off with swathe that can weaken the immune system is not easy, but not with dandelion tea. Its anti-bacterial formula with anti-microbial properties protects your body from common infections and prepares the body from future disasters.   

10. Detoxifies your Body

Dandelion is a superb plant enriched with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. It provokes healthy cells and repairs damaged cells, and antioxidants work great to detoxify your body. 

It improves vision, and ancient herbal science believes that it is a vital formula to clean the liver and improve liver functioning. 

The liver is responsible for filtering the blood and removing harmful toxins, and nowadays, liver issues are increasing day by day. Although there is no such evidence to prove its worth regarding liver health, many research and data are still needed.   

11. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Bad cholesterol can lead to heart disease and can be life-threatening. Some of the studies done on animals showed that dandelion could reduce LDL levels and prevent hyperlipidemia. They found positive results in their study, but human examination is still required. 

Sipping dandelion tea can be supertonic for your heart’s health.  

Dandelion Root tea Side Effect

Dandelion tea is safe to sip if taken as prescribed. Still, some people felt side effects after drinking it:-

  • People who have any allergic reaction to flower plants may feel watery eyes, sneezing, or rashes, so they must avoid dandelion tea. 
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children mustn’t consume dandelion tea or consult with their doctor. 
  • It can also cause an upset stomach and heartburn. 
  • Dandelion tea cause diarrhea
  • You may feel stomach cramps and sometimes irritated skin, so avoid it instantly.  
  • It can interact with particular medicines such as antibiotics, diuretics, drugs for the liver or kidney, and antidepressants medicines.   

Dandelion Root Tea for Cancer

Various studies have proven results that dandelion tea contains anti-cancerous components that can cure and prevent cancer naturally. It happens of apoptosis that major work replaces old cells with new cells, and during cancer, the body stops this process. 

A study done in 2017 stated that dandelion root effectively interfered with cancerous cells without harming the healthy cells and slowing down the growth of the tumour. 

Other studies were also in favour that dandelion root tea can prevent and treat leukemia and melanoma. 

Still, scientists want to perform more research on the human body before announcing 100% positive results to cure cancer.    

When to Drink Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is a diuretic and caffeine-free, so that one can consume this anytime. You can drink once in the morning time and once before sleeping. 

If you are taking any blood-thinning medicines, then better to avoid this tea. 

If you consume this on an empty stomach and notice any disturbance with the stomach, then take it after half an hour after having breakfast. 

You can consume dandelion tea every single day if it suits you. 

Dandelion tea has no acidic properties, so it is safe for your gums, too, without the dangers of dandelion tea.  

What does Dandelion Tea taste Like?

If you are preparing dandelion tea with flowers, it will taste sweet with freshness and delicacy. 

If you are using roasted roots, it may taste a little bitter with smokiness and chicory. 

Dandelion leaves tea taste like herbaceous. 

How to Make Dandelion Tea (Dandelion Tea Recipe)

You can easily buy dandelion tea from any store or online and if you want to prepare it fresh, then check this recipe:-

  • Take 4-5 dandelion flowers, add them to a cup, pour piping hot water, let it rest for 10 minutes, and consume. 

Dandelion root tea recipe:-

  • Take root, cut it into small pieces, roast on the low flame in a pan, or use the oven for 2 hours until it changes its colour. 
  • Take 1 tbsp. Of roots and add in 1 cup of water and steep it for 10 minutes and consume.  
  • You can also add some honey to avoid a bitter taste. 

Note: let your body be suitable or adjust with dandelion tea. If you notice any adverse effects or have any sensitivity to such beverages, it is better to avoid them.  

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Dandelion root tea Dosage

There is no proper guideline or notice available that can declare the dosage; however some of the pharmacies suggested the following dosage that can be safe for adults:-

Consume 2-8gms of the fresh root of dandelion in a single day

3-4gms of root powder in a single day with hot water

1 tbsp. of root extract daily

Dried root extract 0.75-1gm in a single day. 

One can have dandelion supplements from any store, or you can also buy them online. You can go for extracts, tinctures, powder, and dried forms. Choose any form of dandelion that suits your body. 

In Closing

You may have no idea until you read this information about dandelion benefits. So next time if you notice this flower is blooming in the backside of your house, touch it to prepare an excellent tea or coffee. 

Brew this up with some turmeric or add some honey or sip it up and let your body get all the magical effects of dandelion. 

We hope this information on dandelion root tea benefits and side effects will be helpful for you and share your valuable thoughts and ideas to make them worthy for others and share your reviews as well. 

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