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What is Alkaline Water? The World Needs To Know That Alkaline Water Kills Cancer!

What is Alkaline Water? There are many natural and effective home remedies available that cure various diseases. Alkaline water is a newly recommended remedy and few people know about its benefits and preparing methods.

We often take medicines to treat maladies and many allopathic medicines have several side effects too. Now in the modern day’s people eat too much junk food and because of unhealthy routine, our body creates acidic chemicals that directly affect the digestive system.  

According to a pharmacy retired chief, the Pharma industry never want us to know the benefits of alkaline water because It can ruin their business and alkaline water is one of the best solutions to cure plenty of ailments in today’s world. Now the world must know that alkaline water can even treat cancer and kill it.

One can also add alkaline food in the regular diet or also go with alkaline water that is easy to prepare. Alkaline water helps to neutralize the good bacteria and free radicals in your body and maintain the Ph level of your body.

What is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline is a water type liquid with an increased Ph level or we can say that it is ionized. The normal water has 7 Ph levels which are neutral and alkaline water has 9 Ph levels which are increased.

Alkaline water helps to decrease the acidic level of your body.  

Amazing Health Benefits of Alkaline Water:

1. Hydrate your Body:

Alkaline water hydrates your body well and it is an ideal option for those people who do work out on a regular basis and need to drink excess water. Alkaline water has tiny molecules that frequently absorbed by your body and quenches your thirst fast and your body feels hydrate.  

2. Boost up Immunity:

Does alkaline water boost immunity? Alkaline water is a good option for those people who have a weak immune system. The toxins and acids influence the immunity and charm it.

If you drink the alkaline water then you can regain your immune power again without gulping any pills.

A strong immune system is needed to fight with bacteria and infections and many people get affected by serious diseases due to weak immunity.  

3. Beneficial for Bone Health:

Is alkaline water good for your bones? Alkaline water contains many healthy nutrients and components like calcium magnesium that you can’t find in normal water. These factors are required to maintain your bone health.    

4. Prevent cell-Damaging:

Is alkaline water antioxidant? Alkaline water is rich in superb antioxidants and as we all know that antioxidants are important for our overall health.

It slows down the aging process and makes your skin healthy and glowing and prevents the rapid development of cell-damaging process.  

5. Neutralize the Acidic Effect:

Is alkaline water good for acid reflux? If you often feel bloating, gas, and acidity in your stomach and it can be annoying sometimes you must know that your body is releasing excess acid which is generating these stomach issues.

One of the most important advantages of alkaline water is that it maintains the acidic level of your body and eliminates the excess production of acid. The increased Ph level helps to neutralize it which is a plus point of this water.    

The poor living style, eating fried food or junk food, lack of exercise, alcohol consumption, sitting for a long time are the major factors of bowel troubles so try to have alkaline water at least thrice in a week and it will fix all of the issues within a few weeks.     

6. Kills Cancerous Cells: 

Alkaline water benefits for cancer: Is alkaline water good for cancer patients? A German doctor named Otto Warburg found that the acidic atmosphere of our body is majorly responsible for the major diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart diseases, and osteoporosis, etc and he discovered that cancerous cells can’t survive in the alkaline environment and won the Nobel Prize for his ultimate discovery.

The regular usage of alkaline water can prevent cancer which is considered as the top most dangerous and rapidly spreading ailment.

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Ingredients Needed for Alkaline Water:

  • Half cup of fresh mint leaves
  • Half fresh cucumber
  • One fresh lemon
  • Some ginger

How to make Alkaline Water:

Take all the ingredients and wash them well with normal water and chop them well. Now take a glass and add the items in the glass and add water and mix well.

Leave it for overnight and let the components release all the juices and essence.

Next morning, drink this water simply or you can also sieve the water and drink it slowly. Repeat the process regularly and thrice in a week.

You can have it regularly because it has no further effects or harmful results.

Some Noticeable Points:

Some people use baking soda for making alkaline water that is also okay but lemon and cucumber and ginger all are 100% natural ingredients so we will prefer this.

In the summers, add a small piece of ginger and as we know that lemon, cucumber, and ginger are a super food and cure many health issues so you can take this without any worry.

There is pre-made alkaline waters available in the market or online but try to avoid them because they have no healthy components added even they can increase your problem so try to ignore them.

If you have any type of allergic reaction with any ingredient then it would be fine to take the expert advice first and then start the process.


There is no proper proof of alkaline water’s benefits and still, it is under research. Many people believe that natural remedies are better than any other treatment due to it has no harm to your body like other treatments.

You should start this remedy and share this with more people. We hope that this information will surely help you and we want you to stay always healthy and happy. If you have any suggestions or any question then feel free to ask us and we will definitely try to solve it.

Stay in linked with us for more natural remedies and hidden facts of nature till then take care of yourself and your friends.  

Dr Maria

MD Board Certified physician 8 years of experience in health care Former Naturopath at UK Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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