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What is Raisin Water? Raisin Water Benefits and Side Effects

Do you know what are the raisin water benefits and side effects? Raisin or kishmish water is an excellent source for our overall well-being. It is loaded with necessary vitamins and minerals that benefit in treating a lot of common health problems.

Raisins or kishmish is one of the most favourite dry fruits. We extensively utilize it while making traditional desserts. Or, we like to take a munch on this dry fruit just for its great taste. But do you know this dry fruit is beneficial too? If you don’t like to have dry raisins, then you can make raisin water. 

Raisin water meaning is simply the water in which the raisins are soaked. It is an excellent means of charging your body with its extraordinary benefits. From boosting your heart health to improving your Immunity, raisin water has some incredible health benefits.

Raisin water assists you in maintaining a lot of health problems at bay. Drinking raisin water is an old-aged medicine that is consumed for doctoring health and liver-related problems.

You can also drink raisin water for early pregnancy duration for an immediate energy boost, and raisin water overcome constipation.

In this Article

  1. What are Raisins Made From
  2. Difference Between Yellow and Black Raisins
  3. Different types of Raisins
  4. Raisin Water Benefits and Side Effects
  5. How to make Raisin Water
  6. Which Raisin is good for Health
  7. Raisin water side effects
  8. How to make raisin water for Acne
  9. How to make Raisin water for babies

What are Raisins Made From?

Eating handful raisins can be a right decision because it contains multiple minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. 

Raisins are dried grapes made from yellow and black grapes by dehydration process. Raisins are ideal for desserts, pudding, bakery items, or you can eat them whenever you want.  

Black raisins are prepared by drying them in natural sunlight, and after a couple of weeks, they are ready to serve. Yellow or golden raisins are prepared with yellow grapes by dipping them in water, and they coat them with sulfur dioxide and dry them for 24 hours.  

Difference Between Yellow and Black Raisins

Usually, yellow and black raisins are quite the same except for a little nutrition value.

Yellow raisins contain more calories and fiber than black raisins; hence the sugar and fat amount is the same in both raisins. 

Different types of Raisins

Raisins are made from different types of grapes. According to climate and environment, each of them is loaded with antioxidants, minerals. Some famous kinds of raisins are:-

  • Black raisins 
  • Green raisins 
  • Red raisins 
  • Sultans 
  • Golden raisins 
  • Currants  

Raisin Water Benefits and Side Effects

Raisin Water Benefits and Side Effects

Here are the benefits of eating soaked raisins in the morning

1. Raisin Water for Liver Detox

Drinking raisin water will boost you to flush out all the unhealthy toxins from your body.

The benefits of soaked raisins water enhance the biochemical procedure of the liver and help you clean the blood. We take raisin water for liver detox. 

2. Regulates Acid In Stomach

If you are an individual who confronts acidity, then liquoring up raisin water is an excellent treatment for you. This water restrains the acid in your stomach.

3. Boosts Immunity

Raisin water has antioxidants that benefit in improving your immune system. Due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it is so essential to enhance our Immunity. Do prepare raisin water, an ingredient of your diet, to maintain the virus at bay.

4. Maintains Heart Health

Raisin water functions as a cleaner for your blood and boosts in retaining your heart health.

It removes bad cholesterol from your body, and this boosts in enhancing your heart health.

5. Prevents Cancer 

Antioxidants existing in raisins also aid in protecting your body from free radicals that can steer to cancer. 

6. Improves Bowel Movement

Raisins consist of fiber that is considerable for your digestive system. Drinking raisin water is useful for the treatment of constipation and benefits by improving digestion.

It also maintains digestive problems like constipation and indigestion at bay. Drinking this water regularly aids in enhancing bowel movement. Most people take raisin water for constipation.

7. Raisin Water for Weight Loss 

Drinking raisin water for weight loss in the morning is very beneficial. Raisins are abundant in fructose and glucose that maintain you packed with energy. They also consist of fiber that keeps you feel full for long. 

8. Regulates Blood Pressure 

Potassium present in raisins aids in restraining the blood pressure of your body.

9. Prevents Iron Deficiency

Drinking this raisin water is useful for those who consist of an iron deficiency.

Raisin is full of iron and supports boosting the blood supply in the body. It overcomes anemia. 

10. Improves Bones Strength

Raisins consist of boron that benefits in bone formation. Raisins also retain calcium that is incredible for your bones—drinking raisin waterworks for improving your bone strength.

11. Raisin water for weight gain

Raisin water can be taken for weight gain. raisin water high in naturally occurring proteins and healthy fats can help you gain weight faster. You can soak them overnight in a cup of full-fat milk and eat them the next day.

Black Raisins Water Benefits

  • Black raisins are rich in antioxidants and have many benefits for health.
  • One study showed that black raisins helped in the prevention of heart disease.
  • It has also been shown to be helpful in the treatment of high blood pressure and promoting cardiovascular health.
  • It is a good source of fiber and low fat, so it helps people with diabetes maintain healthy blood sugar levels.
  • In addition, this fruit contains very little sodium, which can help reduce high blood pressure.

So basically, if you are looking for some delicious snacks without added sugars, then black raisins would be your best choice!

How to make Raisin Water?

Here are the procedures for raisin water making process at home-

Here are the steps on how to prepare raisin water:

● First of all, you need to take 2 cups of water and 150 grams of raisins. 

● Take a pan, add 2 cups of water and leave it to boil. 

● Then, you have to add some raisins and allow them to soak overnight. 

● In the early morning, drain this soaked raisin water and heat it on a low flame. 

● Drink this raisin water empty stomach in the early morning daily. 

● Ensure that you don’t have to take anything for the next 30 minutes after drinking this raisin water.

● Drink it every day in the morning to notice the best results. 

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Raisin Water Side Effects

The extensive awareness among people is that raisin water is advantageous. However, most folks are unfamiliar with the soaked raisins water side effects.

If you’re not cautious while consuming it, you might tolerate the side effects instead of undergoing the benefits.

While drinking raisin water, the possibilities are it would not be beneficial to consume the fiber in moderation. In such a case, it can be harmful to your health rather than being beneficial.

Raisin water comprises a lot of potassium. Potassium in fixed quantity can benefit you in regulating BP.

Excess dietary fiber is not good. Eating raisins in moderation is a good habit, included fiber which is essential nutrition for our body and keeps our digestion maintained. 

Raisins contain dietary fiber that works as natural laxatives and helps smooth bowel movement. The excess consumption of raisins or a high amount of dietary fiber can misbalance the digestive health and provoke acidity, gas, and intestinal blockage. 

The fiber in raisins is responsible for absorbing over fluid, and in the case of less drinking water can cause dehydration and other stomach disorders. 

Here are the disadvantages of eating raisins-

1. Excess Antioxidants can be Harmful 

Raisin water side effects-Excess Antioxidants can be Harmful

Antioxidants protect our cells from oxidative harm caused by free radicals, and they also reduce harmful toxins and impurities that are not good for our health. 

Though having antioxidants are beneficial for overall health still too many antioxidants can do damage as well. 

Moreover, antioxidants prevent oxidative damage, but the excess intake attacks healthy cells, and raisins have enough antioxidants like vitamin C, bioflavonoids, and polyphenols.   

2. Can do Allergic Reactions 

raisin water side effects- Allergic reactions

Without any doubt, raisins are an excellent source of significant vitamins and nutrients, but still, some people are allergic to raisins, and they must avoid consuming them. 

People who are allergic to raisins can have rapid bacterial infections, nasal blockage, wheezing, runny nose, mucus production, abdominal pain, diarrhea, skin rashes, etc.   

If you found any symptom of that, you must avoid raisins or raisin water. 

3. Pregnant Women should be Careful

Raisin Water Side Effect-Pregnant Women should be Careful

Pregnancy is a delicate part of every women’s life, and everybody suggests taking a nutritious diet and proper meal during this period. 

Raisins consumption for pregnant women provides sufficient minerals and vitamins, and it is always suggested to eat them in moderation to gain all the benefits of raisins. 

As we said before, you must be concerned about the diet, especially in pregnancy, so taking too much fiber can cause stomach disorder, so make sure to take raisins or discuss with your doctor.  

4. Can Provoke Hypotension 

Raisin water can Provoke Hypotension

In several researchers, the experts found that raisins are effective in hypertension and provide relief from high blood pressure because it contains potassium and low sodium content. 

People who have hypotension or low blood pressure must avoid raisins as they can increase the risk of hypotension and worse the symptoms like lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, and blurry vision.   

5. Can Lower the Blood Sugar 

Raisin water side effects- Lower the Blood Sugar

Raisins are a superfood for diabetes patients or people at the risk of developing it due to raisins having less glycemic content. It releases sugar in the bloodstream slowly and prevents the quick increment of blood sugar level. 

It is always recommended to consume them in an average amount. Excess or raisin can provoke hypoglycemia, which is a health issue when blood sugar level drops down with a spike. 

The symptoms of hypoglycemia are fatigue, excess sweating, hunger attack, and anxiety. If you have diabetes, then you must avoid raisins, or it can worsen the condition.   

6. It can make you Obese

Raisin water side effects make you obese

Raisins have calories, and if you are on a diet or looking for weight gain methods, you must control eating excess raisins. 100 gm of raisins has 300 calories, so you have to make sure you don’t want to look fat. 

7. Tooth Decay

raisin water side effects- Tooth Decay

Raisins are sweet and sticky, and anything with these two aspects can damage teeth’ health.

Eating excess raisins can give you tooth decay and cavity, especially in children, so always brush well whenever you eat raisins or any dried fruit. 

8. Gastrointestinal Issues 

Raisin water causes Gastric Issues

Mostly dried fruit can cause bloating and gas in the intestine, and raisins aren’t an exception.

Raisins are rich in fiber that can cause stomach disturbance, so if you are already bothered by such issues, you must take care of your raisin intake.   

Which Raisin is good for Health

As raisins have various types; and all of them are great and include an equal amount of needed minerals and antioxidants. We must thank Mother Nature for providing such an excellent fruit that keeps us healthy and boost immunity. 

If you have no idea which raisin is best, then you can choose according to your taste. Like currants are quite famous and readily available. 

Sultanas are popular for their tangy taste, and fresh odor and green raisins provide a tarter experience.  

How to make raisin water for Acne

Raisin water is very beneficial for acne and pimples. Preparation for raisin water for acne is straightforward.

First, take a 2 cups of water and 100 grams of raisins. In a pan, add water and boil it for 5 to minutes.

Then add all the raisins and let them soak overnight.

Drink it early in the morning.

How to make Raisin water for babies

Raisin water is an excellent home remedy for constipation in babies and kids. Raisins or raw grapes are soaked in water for 10-12 hours, and the fluid is offered to babies and kids on an empty stomach, which provides good relaxation and gradually lowers hard stool.

This is an old-aged treatment our grannies utilized to treat constipation in babies.

Please keep in mind that the mother’s feeding is the best and it’s always useful to start with other food (including water) only after the baby finishes 6 months.

So this raisin water can be offered to babies only after 6 months. If you have started giving baby food in 4 months itself, this is favorable to feed after 3 months.

● Measure a tablespoon of raisins, add it to a bowl with some water.

● Rinse well and discard the water. 

● Add 1 tbsp—water to it.

● The next day it would have bulged.

● Now change it to a strainer along with water and drain it.

● Then give the water to the kid to drink

Frequently Asked Question & Answers-

Q. Is it good to Soak raisins in water?

A. Yes, soaking raisins in water is very beneficial. Eating raisins as raw is a common trend; soaking them in water overnight and then consuming them early in the morning on an empty stomach is considered very healthy. The vitamins and minerals present in raisins dissolve in water.

Q. What are the black raisin water side effects?

A. Here are some of the side effects you might experience-

  1. Excess Antioxidants can be Harmful 
  2. Weight gain
  3. Gastrointestinal Issues 
  4. Tooth Decay
  5. Lower the Blood Sugar 
  6. Provoke Hypotension 
  7. Can do Allergic Reactions

Q. How Many Raisins to Eat per day?

A. You can take 50- 100 gm of raisins in a day. According to various studies, a healthy men and woman can have 1 cup of raisins that includes 80-90 raisins in the day.

Q. Does raisin water increase weight?

A. Though raisin water is useful for weight loss, but if you eat them in excess then it can lead to weight gain. So, always eat in moderation.

Q. Can you drink raisin water every day?

A. Yes we can drink raisin water every day. Raisins contain a number of vitamins and mineral that can help you get rid of a variety of health problems.

Q. How to make raisin water for fatty liver?

A. Raisin Water Can Help in Liver Detoxification and Cleansing. All that required is to soak 8-10 raisins in a glass of water overnight. In the morning, thoroughly blend it and drink it on an empty stomach.

Q. How to take soaked raisins for weight gain?

A. Raisins are the best natural supplement for proper nutrients, as well as a rich source of fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial to weight gain. For weight gain soak 10-12 raisins in a glass of full-fat milk overnight. In the morning, thoroughly blend it and drink it after breakfast.

Q. What does raisin water taste like?

A. Raisins don’t taste like fresh grapes. Each variety of raisin has its own taste. Brown raisins have a sweet and fruity flavour. Golden raisins are sweeter and tastier.

Q. What are the black raisins benefits?

A. Black raisins act as a natural laxative, are good for bloating and acidity, good for anaemia, act as antioxidants, treat infertility, and regulate cholesterol levels.

Q. How much raisin water to drink?

A. We should drink 1 cup of raisin water every day. Although raisin water is usually recommended safe for most persons, certain people may need to limit their consumption who are allergic to raisins.

Q. What are the yellow raisins benefits?

A. Yellow raisins have good laxative effects and have been shown to help with bowel movements. People who suffer from chronic constipation will benefit from taking yellow raisins on a daily basis, particularly before going to bed.

Q. What are dry grapes disadvantages?

Ans- There are a few disadvantages to dry grapes– some of which are more significant than others. Here are the three main disadvantages of dry grapes

  1. Dry grapes tend to be more brittle and lower sugar content than semi-dried grapes. This means they’re less sweet and have a slightly harder texture.
  2. Dry grapes are Less tasty than fresh grapes.
  3. Dried grapes may not be as nutritious as fresh grapes, since they’ve been deprived of water and other essential nutrients.

How to make Raisin Water?

In Closing

Now you know many things deeply about raisins, and we hope this information on raisin water benefits and side effects would be helpful and informative for you. 

You must take care of the user no matter you are eating them or using them in your dessert. 

If you have any suggestions about raisins or any questions, please feel free to ask. Please comment on your reviews, share your experience with us, and stay connected to more articles like that.  

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