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Olive oil and Lemon Juice Cleanse for Liver-You will Look Younger!

Looking for Olive oil and lemon cleanse for liver? On an everyday basis, we get exposed to various toxins and pollutants through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and many other things we commonly use.

The liver is known to perform hundreds of functions inside the body. It filters, cleans, and controls the blood and processes various biochemical metabolic reactions.

The liver is always working in detoxification and excretion of compounds that enter the bloodstream. It helps the blood to clot and also creates energy through glucose.

The liver is responsible for dividing and breaking down substances and molecules that are exposed to the body. You must realize how important it is to maintain a healthy and functional liver for your system’s overall wellbeing.

People who are always eating junk and sugary food should consider a detox of the liver immediately. With so many unhealthy eating patterns and alcohol consumption regularly, the liver loses its functionality.

The liver gets overloaded with toxins and cannot operate properly. Signs that your liver isn’t working properly may include- bloating and gas, constipation, yellow skin, high blood pressure, dark urine, chronic fatigue, heartburn, acid reflux, poor appetite, sweating, anxiety, easy bruising, etc.

The good news is that it is possible to detox and renew your liver with a simple natural remedy.

Not only will this remedy cleanse your liver, but it will also make you look 10 years younger!

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Olive oil and Lemon Juice Cleanse for Liver

Let’s see a handy and simple olive oil lemon juice cleanse recipe to renew your liver-


  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil
  • Fresh lemon juice


  • Take half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, which is organic and add a half cup of lemon juice to it
  • Shake the mixture thoroughly to make sure it is mixed properly.
  • Refrigerate or keep the mixture at room temperature.

Drink this olive oil and lemon juice liver cleanse mixture half an hour before your meals to see results within a month.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil cleanse liver

Olive oil benefits are known extensively; it is the best all-natural solution available to clean your liver.

When you consume olive oil regularly, it sends the liver signal to open up the bile ducts.

When these bile ducts open up to process the excessive amount of olive oil, any substance which was previously stuck inside can flow out easily.

Some people have effectively get rid of gallbladder stones from their bodies with olive oil. Just make sure that you pick up olive oil, which is minimally processed; that is why we recommend using organic extra virgin olive oil for this detox.

Also, make sure that the oil is fresh because olive oil’s quality can degrade when under the right storage conditions, and it can lose its precious properties.

Do not pick up olive oil, which is more than 2 years old. Olive oil used in this remedy is excellent to kick-start the liver’s cleansing and provide other health benefits.

It has monosaturated fats, which help in reducing the risk of heart diseases. Olive oil will help lower cholesterol, and the antioxidants present in olive oil will promote healthy cells.

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Lemon Juice

Lemon Juice cleanse liver

It contains potent levels of citric acid, which helps in breaking down the food in your stomach.

As the food is getting processed in the stomach, the liver gets less work to do. Consuming lemon juice can be extremely helpful in promoting liver functionality and boosting overall body health.

Olive oil and Lemon Juice Recipe Benefits

  • You will feel more energized when your liver is functioning properly; it will release enough glucose to keep your energy levels up all the time.
  • You can finally get rid of acne, blemishes, and rashes from your skin. This remedy will make you look a decade younger if you follow it up regularly.
  • One of the major concerns in people is to lose weight. When your liver is healthy, you do not accumulate fats in your body and can quickly shed a few pounds with little effort.

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  • When you clean your liver with this method, you will also be able to get rid of liver stones to a great extent.
  • Detoxifying the liver will result in the cleansing of your entire body.
  • When you clean the liver, you are restoring it to its original efficiency, which will make you healthier and your skin appear brighter.

Additionally, bile production helps break down fat; your body will get toned and look 10 years younger.

How to Improve Liver Function Naturally

  • Improve your complete digestive system by staying on top of your diet always.
  • If you had been eating a diet that includes processed food, we would recommend you stop doing that because it works against your liver health. Refined sugar and hydrogenated oils are dangerous for your system.
  • Consume healthy foods and herbs to maintain a healthy liver. Milk thistle is one such herb that is considered a kind of detoxifying herbs. It will help in eliminating the build-up metals in the liver and strengthen the walls of the liver.
  • Also, have enough potassium-rich foods such as sweet potatoes, tomato sauces, spinach, beans, and bananas in your diet. Potassium will make sure that your liver doesn’t accumulate more toxins.
  • Try to include some raw vegetable juice in your everyday diet as they are easier to digest and more readily absorbable.
  • Ensure you perform a liver regularly cleanse because your liver never stops working, and you are always exposed to toxins from your environment.
  • Keep an eye on your sugar intake.

Lastly, Include exercises in your lifestyle. Walking or other mild practices like yoga, pilates would be beneficial.

To maintain a healthy liver and your youthful appearance, make sure you are consistent with the routine. We hope this post on olive oil and lemon cleanse for liver was helpful!


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