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Cough Remedies: 3 Best Home Remedies for Dry Cough and Cold

Cough remedies: A dry cough can become a serious and irritating situation for your overall health. Dry or unproductive cough that doesn’t easily remove the mucus and affects the lungs and nasal path must be treated on the time.

Dry cough and cold can stay for a few weeks and conditions can be worse if not cured on time. Your doctor will prescribe some anti-biotic as a treatment but some effective and beneficial home remedies are also helpful to cure dry cough and cold.

In this article, we are mentioning 3 best home remedies for dry cough and cold as we comprehend a single remedy won’t be suitable for everybody so you have to try them and make sure which is the best remedy for you and use it as described and check out the natural and harm-free results.

Cough and Cold Remedy-1:

Ingredients (serving for 3 people):

  • 3 glasses of water
  • Black pepper half teaspoon
  • Lemon juice 2 tablespoons
  • Cumin seeds half teaspoon
  • Salt to taste
  • Some freshly sliced or grated ginger

How to Prepare:

Take a pan and boil 3 glasses of water and add black pepper, ginger, and cumin seeds and salt in the water and let it boil for 15 minutes on the slow to medium flame or until water changes its color.

Now off the flame and cover the pan and keep aside for 20 to 25 minutes and let it cool down for a while.

Now strain the mixture into another bowl and make sure the water should be Lukewarm.

Now add the lime juice into the mixture and mix well and pour the drink into the cups or small glasses.

How to take:

Drink this remedy once in a day at night before sleeping and drink it in a lukewarm state.

You can also add 1 tablespoon of honey for enhancing the benefits and the taste.   

Repeat this remedy once in a day and for a few weeks and you will get relief permanently from dry cough and cold. 

Do not eat or drink after having this remedy and let your body absorb all the ingredients to treat dry cough and cold.

Do not store in the fridge for later use. Whenever you want to drink make it fresh.


Cumin seeds have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that are suitable to cure dry cough, cold, and lung irritation.

Black peppercorn is also beneficial and has been used for thousands of years to clean the mucus.  

Ginger is a well-known spice having antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities and boost up the immunity and treats dry cough, throat infection, and cold.

Salt and lemon both are good for sore throat and lung discomfort.   

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Cough and Cold Remedy-2:

Ingredients (serving for 1 person):

  • 1 small glass of water
  • 1 tablespoon of organic turmeric powder
  • Some fresh lemon juice   

How to Prepare:

Boil 1 glass of water into a pan and add the turmeric powder and let it boil for 8 to 10 minutes on the medium flame.

After 10 minutes off the flame and wait until the mixture gets cool down a little.

Strain the mixture into a glass and add the lemon juice.

The remedy is ready to use.

How to Take:

Drinks this remedy in the lukewarm from and drink it slowly don’t just gulp it.

You can have the remedy in the day time or before sleeping.

You can also add a pinch of black pepper powder.

Do not eat or drink anything after drinking it.


Turmeric is one of the amazing anti-bacterial ingredients with healing property as it has a special component called curcumin that is best to cure viral and flu infections.

Turmeric enhances the lung’s function and boosts up immunity so your body naturally fights with the infections, dry cough, cold, and throat discomfort.

Lemon also acts as anti-bacterial and germicide and vitamin C fights with a dried cough.

The combination of turmeric and lemon double the effects and regular consumption can treat various health issues as well. 

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Cough and Cold Remedy-3:


  • 3 tablespoon of finely grated ginger
  • 4 tablespoons of organic honey
  • Half cup of water

How to Prepare:

Strain the ginger juice into a bowl and add honey and mix well for a while.

Now add the water and mix well.

The home remedy is ready to use. You can add more water if required.

How to Take:

Take 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 in the night.

Due to ginger, it may feel a little strong so you can add more honey.

Repeat this for a few weeks and you will get the surprising benefits.


Honey and ginger both are considered antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory that cleans the mucus and treats blocked nose, throat irritation and good for the whole respiratory tract.

Taking for a few weeks directly triggers the dry cough and eliminates it naturally without any side effects or adverse effects.  

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Dos and Don’ts:


✔ Follow all the steps and wait for some time as every remedy will take some time for the appropriate results.

✔ Drink enough water and eat healthy food.

✔ Do some breathing exercises for strong lungs and immunity.

✔ Doing gargle will also help just add some salt in the lukewarm water and do gargles twice in a day.


✔ Avoid eating junk food, fried food, and strictly avoid cold beverages and chilled water.

✔ If you are allergic to any ingredient try another remedy or leave the ingredient.

✔ Each person has own suiting effects so you have to choose the remedy according to your suitability.

✔ If you are feeling excess discomfort it would be better to consult the doctor.


Dry cough and cold can take weeks and you must be patient while performing the home remedies.

As you know we have described only the natural and easily available ingredients that are tested by many people and they are quite happy with the results.

We hope this information will help to eliminate the related trouble and you will again get your health and wellness so please share your experience and reviews with us.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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