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How to Stop Picking Your Nose? Why People Do it?

Nose picking is a common habit that most people do knowingly or unknowingly do in their routine and many times we also do it even in public places. Nose picking feels very annoying especially when you are doing in front of somebody. According to various studies, the skin inside the nostril is highly fragile that can easily get damaged or hurt.

The experts believe that a little scratch or damage to the inner layer of the nose can take weeks in repairing and sometimes it can become worst or dangerous.

Now, we must consider how to stop picking your nose? why people do it, well in the simple words, we can say that sometimes we feel dryness in the nostril area and a pick can make us feel better.

Some people do picking just like a habit or when they feel boredom and it becomes like an automatic function that when you are free or feeling bored you put the finger inside the nose.     

Many people do nose picking for relieving anxiety or whenever they feel pressure just like somebody does nail-biting. 

Is It Bad to Pick Your Nose?

Unlikely, nose picking is just like other bad habits that people often do they know it’s bad but they can’t help.

Sometimes this habit can be dangerous for those people who are sick, allergic or have weak immunity.

1. Cause Bacterial Infection:

So yes, it is harmful to pick your nose because our finger’s tip and nails are the hubs of bacteria and you can easily become a victim of any bacterial infection.[Trusted Source 1]

The researchers revealed that people who bite nails constantly or do nose picking are more prone to cold and flu than others especially if you are outside and not following the hygienic rules.  

Even in some rare cases, it has been noticed that people tore their delicate nose skin badly during nose-picking.

2. Affect the Respiratory System:

It can also affect the respiratory system when any harmful virus or bacteria enters the body it can attack directly and make you sick easily.     

3. Nose Bleeding and Pain:

Sometimes the mucus inside the nose gets dry and sticks to the inner skin and people try to rub this or scratch this and this can lead to harm to the nasal septum and cause nose bleeding, a serious wound, and pain. [Trusted Source 2]

These types of issues are difficult to cure and take a lot of time in repairing naturally.   

Nose bleeding
Nose Bleeding

4. Spread Bacteria:

Nose-picking can be a serious issue and make other people sick if you are shaking hands or serving them food or making any physical contact.

The studies also agreed that nose pickers must maintain proper hygiene or they can easily transfer the infection in you. [Trusted Source 3]

How to Stop Picking Your Nose?

Of course, nose-picking must be avoided not just for ignoring social embarrassment but for health aspects. There are some easy ways to stop picking your nose to let’s see how:-

1. Use a Nasal Spray or Saline Wash:

The dry path of the nostril area is the reason for many of nose-picking. You can choose a saline spray or also called nasal spray with a saline solution that can provide enough moisturizer.

If you feel dryness around you, use a humidifier that will maintain the moisture around you. Nasal sprays are cheaper and easily available at any medical shop.  

Saline wash can also effective for preventing boogers or pollen and it naturally cleans the nose path and provides enough moisture and reduces seasonal discomfort and allergy as well.    

2. Treat the Excess Mucus Production of the Nose:

Our nostril prevents dirt, dust, bacteria, from going inside. If you feel you have excess production of mucus then you can take expert advice.

Mostly the dry environment, lack of moisture, any kind of allergy, cold is the causes of mucus and these all are treatable. You can control the excess production and that will prevent you from nose-picking.     

3. Use a Reminder:

A reminder can also help you so you can stay alert. You can use a rubber band or a bandage in your finger and whenever you put it into the nose it will memorize you that you shouldn’t do this.  

4. Find a Substitute for Reducing Stress:

You can use many things to prevent stress or anxiety. Use a ball or a spinner that will keep your hands busy.

You can listen to the music of your choice or play some mind games so you stay busy. You can perform breathing exercises or do yoga.

If you feel excess stress or anxiety then it is better to meet an expert and take advice. 

How to Teach Children to Stop Picking their Nose:

How to stop picking nose in children? Children are naughty and mostly they do nose-picking due to boogers and soon it becomes their habit.

As these young lads don’t know about the cons and harms of nose-picking so you can accept some tricks:-

Bring their attention to their doing and alert them that they should not do this.

Whenever they pick their nose, order them to wash their hands and then touch the other things.

If you feel anything wrong or your child complains about any swelling, pain, or you see nose bleeding, immediately see a doctor.

Remind your children again and again and teach them about the disadvantages of nose-picking.

You can give them a toy that can keep their hands busy and also talk with their teachers so they can notice and make them understand.

Final Words:

You must leave your nostrils alone as the area is not built for picking. You can use some petroleum jelly or almond oil, or olive oil and apply to the area for moisturizing.

Drink enough water so it will keep you hydrated. You must kick the habit out for the sake of your health.

We hope this article on how to stop picking your nose would be helpful for you and now you know why you should strictly avoid nose-picking. Stay connected with us for more articles like that.   

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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