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11 Worst and Dangerous foods that are bad for your heart

Foods that are bad for your heart: Cardiovascular diseases are one of the major causes of mortality and morbidity in the world. There can be several contributing factors to the development of cardiovascular diseases. Even foods can be a major contributing factor as it causes inflammation and deposition of fats.

Certain foods are rich in saturated and trans fat which increases the risk of heart disease and for people with existing heart diseases, it worsens the situation. Ideally, a heart-healthy diet should be rich in good cholesterol and low in sugars. 

Foods that are bad for your heart:

1. Fast-food burgers:

It is widely known that saturated fats are bad for heart health as it causes deposition of fat in the heart resulting in cardiovascular diseases. The unsaturated fats seem to be rich in good cholesterol that protects from heart diseases.

Fast food burgers are rich in saturated fats which possess the risk of obesity and heart diseases. The fast-food center utilizes low-quality ingredients to make the business profitable, but it has detrimental effects on the consumers.

Of course, burgers might be tasty to eat but frequent consumption may land you to start a bland diet.

So eat fast-food only in moderation that too occasionally. Avoid all types of food rich in saturated and trans fats.

2. Diet Soda:

Carbonated beverages are an everyday part of the diet. People to eliminate the extra calories of regular soda opt for diet soda. The diet soda will be fat-free without a single calorie.

People might think diet soda is a healthy reality but in reality, it is not good for health and puts you at risk of heart diseases. The chemicals present in diet soda alter the gastric composition.

The artificial sweeteners present in the beverages do not help reduce the body weight, they increase the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Consumption of two or more diet sodas in a diet will have a detrimental effect on the body.

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3. Candy:

According to a study in JAMA Internal Medicine, sugar is also a major contributor to heart disease. High sugar predisposes individuals to diabetes, inflammation, and cholesterol.

All these factors contribute to the development of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Sugar and sugary substances increase the risk of obesity. It is better to avoid sugar in any form.

4. Sugary cereals:

Having a breakfast rich in sugars can result in inflammation and alterations in blood sugar levels. 

Cultivate the habit of eating healthy breakfast having an egg, toast, and fruits. Eating sugary cereals in breakfast makes the body crave more sugars throughout the day.

5. Fried Foods:

Fried food is rich in calories and is deep-fried in trans fats. The fried food increases blood cholesterol which gets deposited in the blood vessels resulting in coronary artery disease.

The home-made fries are made in olive oil and coconut oil and are comparatively healthier than outside food.

The fast-food oils contain high amounts of saturated and trans fats.

6. Pizza:

The amount of salt in food is one of the leading causes of heart diseases and the American Heart Association recommends limiting the intake of salts in all forms.

Sodium and saturated fat levels in the pizza can increase the risk of heart diseases. Extra cheese and meat-based toppings increase its adverse impact on heart health.

Incase of cravings limit the intake to one or two slices and avoid meat-based toppings.

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7. Bacon:

This food is rich in saturated fat and increases the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

This bad cholesterol is responsible for the heart attack. Seasoning it with salt ads to increase in blood pressure in addition to the calories.

The heart needs additional efforts to pump the blood. It is not just bacon and salt, even the preservatives added has a detrimental effect on the body.

8. Meat:

Whether the meat is processed or unprocessed it raises the odds for heart diseases. The meat from beef, lamb, and pork are high in saturated fat.

The processed meats such as salami, hot dogs, sausage and bacon are available as a low-fat option and can be expected to be rich in salt. 

9. Baked Food: 

They are made of white flour, sugar, saturated or trans fat. Sugar and trans fat are an individual’s biggest enemies as both tend to increase blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Butter, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or palm oil are associated with increased levels of triglycerides that can lead to heart disease. The consumption of bakery items should be limited.

The sugar and white flour content tend to increase weight. There are healthy alternatives for your regular baked items, like white flour can be replaced with the whole wheat flow, reduce the amount of sugar and do not use butter.


10. Butter:

This bread spread is a common household item used and a part of your breakfast. The butter is high in saturated fat which is nothing but bad cholesterol.

It should be consumed only in moderation. You have healthy alternatives to the butter such as stanol. Heart-healthy butter fats of almonds and sunflowers are good.

11. Flavored full-fat yogurt:

Yogurt is healthy for your gastrointestinal tract and even helpful in reducing blood pressure. The tasty flavored yogurt may be good for your palate but it is rich in sugars and cholesterol.

Plain yogurt is a healthy alternative to flavored yogurt. You can opt for low-fat yogurt with added fresh fruits.

Heart-healthy foods list:

heart-healthy foods list


The regular food ingredients can have a great impact on heart health. Control the amount of sugar, salt and trans fats in the body.

These ingredients increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, stroke, and cardiovascular diseases.

Check on the amount of sugars and salts when buying canned or processed food. Canned juices are high in sugars and processed meats are rich in salt both are unhealthy for the heart.

Other commonly eaten foods to be avoided are pizza, burgers, butter, flavored full-fat yogurt, burgers, etc. Include healthy fruits and vegetables in the diet to maintain overall health and vitality.

So, friends, we hope that after going through the above foods that are bad for your heart will surely help you.


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