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10 Foods That Make You Fat and Should Be Avoided When Trying to Lose Weight

10 Foods That Make You Fat : Obesity is one of the most common diseases and major health issues of today’s time and every part of this world have been facing this problem. The poor lifestyle, lack of exercise, eating excess junk food and alcohol consumption, and many other factors are responsible for weight gain.

Every person wants a fit slim body shape no matter man or woman. We all know that whatever we eat it affects our body and eating unhealthy can spoil your whole health plus physic shape too.

There are particular foods available that help in weight gain and on the opposite side, there are some food items available that help in weight loss. So in this article, we are listing 10 foods that make you fat and should be avoided when trying to lose weight, let’s check out the list:-

1. Fried Potato Items:

Potato is a good source that makes you feel full and has been used as an important ingredient in every cuisine but when you fry this into hot oil and make French fries, nuggets, or chips then it can be very unhealthy for your body and especially for those people who are interested in losing weight.

Now it has been proved in several studies that fried potatoes play a huge role in weight gain. Instead of fried fries, you can take freshly boiled potato with some salad like cucumber, onion, cabbage, etc.     

2. Sweetened Beverages:

If you are serious regarding losing weight then you will have to avoid sweet beverages like cold drinks, soda, fruit juices that have artificial sugar or preservatives.

Cold drinks and packed fruit juices that claim that they are 100% natural are just a hoax and playing with your valuable health. You can have fresh fruit juice and can be prepared easily at home. Cold drinks and packed drinks not only increase the weight but also they have many other worse effects on your health. 

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3. White Bread:

White bread is a common product that contains a lot of calories because it is made with a refined floor that is not even good for your health. There are many food items like burger; sandwich is made using white bread.

Try to avoid white bread and as a substitute, you can have Ezekiel bread that is a better option of white bread and healthy too. 

4. Candies:

Candies that have a lot of sugar and people eat them just like a side item and they never count this as a part of the food or the dessert. A medium sized candy that has sugar, chocolate, edible oil, floor have near about 300 calories and if you are eating big candies they have more calories.

Try to eat nuts or a fruit instead of candies because you will find both items everywhere but the choice is yours and only you can make it better.

5. Baking Items:

Baked items like cookies, pastries, cakes, etc adds a lot of calories due to heavy cream, sugar, refined floor and they have a major role in weight gain. If you love to eat them then now you have to control yourself.

You never feel full after eating any of them and consume unnecessary calories. 

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6. Alcohol:

Alcohol consumption is also the major reason that provokes the weight gain especially beer and you will see that people drink beer without noticing that it is harming their health. Alcohol has many calories that why it helps in weight gain.

Experts are still trying to find out the proven data linked with alcohol and fat. Having a small portion of wine would be a much better option than a bottle of beer or liquor.   

7. Pizza:

Pizza is the most loving item and liked in all over the world and there are many pizza lovers who can’t imagine their life without pizza but you must know that each pizza is a big source of a lot of calories especially the cheese that has been used to make pizza finger licking good.

If you want to lose weight then avoid eating pizza or try to make it at home and use fresh ingredients with less cheese due to mozzarella cheese contain such calories.  

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8. Ice Cream:

Yummy, yes whenever you heard about ice cream you feel like a sweet cool heavenly dessert that you can’t ignore even if you are full. But you also know that each cup of ice cream has a lot of calories due to excess sugar and especially in stored packed ice creams.

If you can’t stop yourself then try to make your own ice cream with less sugar and add fresh fruits. Eat a small portion of that and only think about losing weight.  

 9. Sugary Food:

We often love to eat some sweet things after our meal and this is the golden rule to reduce the weight that you have to avoid sweet food whenever you are at your diet plan. The food items that include artificial sugar are loaded with calories with zero nutrients value. 

Sometimes people do check the ingredient list that shows low fat or zero fat but still, they are unhealthy for your body. For example, people like to eat sweet cereals in breakfast, or eat flavored yogurt and there are many items available like this that are not good for your health.  

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10. Cream Coffee:

Coffee is one of the favorite drinking items and people love it so much. You can have a cup of coffee any time but you must know that if you want to lose your weight then drinking sweet coffee with heavy cream is the strong barrier in your effort.

Heavy cream with sugar contains a lot of calories that is similar to the whole meal and only one of two cups of coffee can fulfill the need of whole day calories. The black coffee would be okay with less milk or cream and less sugar and it will help in burn fat.    

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