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7 Top Reasons Why you should Limit your Daily Salt Intake

Lower daily salt intake in your diet. For your health, it is important. Salt is said to be the major need for the human body as well as salt is the pulse of each culinary. The human body contains sodium because sodium is a basic and essential element for the contractions of muscles and maintaining the balance of fluid and electrolytes.

But you must have heard the old saying that too much salt and too much sugar always harm your health.

If you are also being counted as a food lover and uses excess salt in your meal then you should aware because it can be harmful to your body. Too much salt can affect your prior organs of the body like the brain, heart, kidneys, and skin as well.

According to a study, South Africa is considered a huge consumer of salt, and studies have found that most people who died in South Africa cause maximum usage of salt.

Limit your Daily Salt Intake

If you are also looking for the adverse effects of salt then this article can help you out. Here we are going to mention 7 top reasons why you should limit your daily salt intake and some reasons that will prove the hidden facts that why too much salt is bad for you, let’s have a closer look:

1. Heart Disease

According to the world health organization (WHO), a person must consume 5g or 2,300 milligrams of sodium quantity in a single day if you are consuming more than that on regular basis then it can harmful to your health.

According to several researchers having too much salt in your meal can cause a critical cardiovascular issue which includes blocked nerves, strokes, and heart attack, and sometimes it can lead you through death.

Eating excess salt can enhance the sodium level which spoils the delicate balance of the bloodstream and causes heart-related diseases. (1)

People who take more than 4000 mg of salt in a day have more risk of heart attack than fewer consumers of salt, (2) that’s’ why the experts prescribe the lower intake of salt, especially to heart patients and after the age of 50.

So if you also desire a healthy heart and a long life then cut out the amount of salt from your diet.

2. Bad for Brain Functioning

Several studies found an amazing fact that excess salt in the human body can lead you through hypertension and CVD or cardiovascular disease.

The excess sodium can raise the blood pressure level which can affect your brain as well as it can cause a severe headache and sometimes vomiting and dizziness. (3)

The experts found this fact that people who have the migraine issue they must avoid excess salt because much usage of salt can cause dehydration and your body requires much water and to the lack of water resumption your body can bad brain functioning.

The human brain is like a CPU of the human body and high sodium intake can spoil the whole balance of your blood flow, especially in old people. So try to add low salt to your salads and other fruit items.

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3. Oedema Trouble

Oedema is said to be a dangerous situation which causes excessive swelling of hands, knees, and feet. In Oedema, the body tissues get many watery fluids and they get puffy and inflamed.

The experts prescribe less sodium intake during Oedema condition to the patients.

According to recent studies, people who have many usages of salt have more Oedema issue than others.

The excess use of salt can also affect bone health as well. (4)Especially women and older people cut out the usage of salt because both have poor bone health and a higher intake of salt can do worse effects than before.

4. Unhealthy for your Skin

Healthy and glowing skin is the dream of every man and woman but when a person takes the food that includes much sodium or salt then your body tries to dilute this salt that is a major functioning of your body and helps to maintain the electrolytes balance of your body.

Usage of much salts can cause dehydration; (5) bloating and puffiness as well as it can make your skin dry and rough, which can lead you through early wrinkles and spots on your skin.

Especially the canned salty food harms your health much. So try to take less salt in a day as mentioned, if you want naturally glowing skin without spots and pigmentation.

You can use several fruits that include vitamin C like lemon, pineapple, tomato as a substitute for salt.

5. High blood pressure

High sodium intake can imbalance the blood pressure level of your body. Excess salt can strain on blood vessels which can increase the blood flow and the heart needs to pump harder because the walls get thick.

Many times you have heard that strictly avoid salt in high blood pressure.

Excessive salt is like poison for blood pressure patients because it can also lead you to heart attack and even a person can die, that’s why doctors advise about less salt usage.

If you have also a blood pressure issue then read the sodium level first before buying the canned or packed food otherwise you can have a life-threatening condition.

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6. Stomach Cancer

Overconsumption of salt can develop many stomach related diseases like bloating, stomach cancer, poor digestion, etc.(6) many people are not aware that salt which is considered a basic ingredient of your kitchen can also lead you to stomach cancer, but studies have been found that cutting out the excess salt from your diet can lower the risk of stomach cancer.

With this the people who have poor digestion and feel like bloating after the meal; they should also avoid salty foods, especially canned and stale salty food.

When a person eats much salt then his or her body needs extra fluid for maintaining the balance of your body, and the lack of proper fluid can cause bloating and heavy stomach and sometimes stomach pain and dizziness.

7. Kidney problems

The kidneys are said to be the filter of your body as well as do major functioning in the human body.

Your kidneys expel out the waste products from your body as well as create a balance of red blood cells and make a fine balance of fluid level in your body.

But when a person uses much salt on regular basis than first of all the misbalancing of blood pressure can strain on kidneys and that can affect the kidney’s functioning, which is not a good sign for a healthy body and healthy lifestyle.

So if you want healthy kidneys then try to avoid the excessive use of salt.

Drink plenty of water so that your kidneys can perform better and flush out all the toxins and harmful chemicals from your body. As you see that excess use of salt can do many terrific effects on your body.

That is true that salt is the main component of our kitchen and without salt, some people can’t imagine their food, but if you will have the appropriate amount of salt in your regular meal then you won’t face any trouble or disease.

Try to fixed daily salt intake and use citric fruits as a substitute for salt.

Our body needs salt but not excessively. The much healthily you will eat the more you live healthily and live longer and the less amount of salt is bad for your health, your body, and your mind.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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