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What Happens When you don’t Drink Enough Water daily

Looking for what happens when you don’t drink enough water daily? Water is an essential element of our life that is necessary for survival for humans and every living being. Our 70% body is made of water; we lose water by sweating, peeing, breathing, and doing other activities regularly. 

Not drinking enough water regularly may have many health issues because water keeps your body hydrated and flushes out all the harmful toxins.

In this article, we will mention some major warning signs that are the initial indication that you are not drinking sufficient water and must increase your water intake. So let’s check out what are those early signals that tell your body needs more water:

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  1. What Happens When you don’t Drink Enough Water daily

What Happens When you don’t Drink Enough Water daily

What Happens When you don't Drink Enough Water daily

1. Mouth Dryness

If you are feeling dryness and stickiness in your mouth, you must be aware because it can signify that you drink less water in a day.

You also feel dryness in your throat, and your mouth cannot make enough saliva necessary for the mouth.

Drinking enough water can solve the trouble and helps your mouth to keep hydrated and wet.

If you think that cold drinks or normal sugary drinks will help sort the trouble, then you are totally wrong because it will only increase the problem. So try to drink normal plain water.  

2. Dry and Dull Skin Tone

Our body needs enough water for health and nourishment. Water contains many minerals and several components that your skin wants badly.

If you have a dull and dry skin tone without any specific reason, you must know that you should drink more water.

Early aging symptoms like wrinkles, dull skin tone, skin blemishes, etc., are the causes of the lack of water, so if you want healthy and glowing skin, start drinking water. You can also add fresh lime if you don’t like plain water.  

3. Joint Pain

 Our cartilage, muscles and spinal disk contains 70 to 80% of water components, so if your body feels a lack of water, it can affect these organs, and you can feel inflammation and chronic pain in your joints.

Though there are many other reasons for joint pain and muscle stiffness, less water intake is also one of them.

According to some studies, people with proper water regularly felt less joint troubles than others.  

4. Yellow Urine Color

 The urine color describes many things about our health; that’s why we have urine checkups whenever we feel anything wrong with our body.

So if you are peeing with dark yellow with brownish color, this is a major sign that your body is crying for help and demanding water.

A healthy person’s urine color should be light yellow. Still, if you are not having it or have never paid any attention, then now is the time that does not ignore it because the kidneys eliminate all the toxins and other elements from your body. If you don’t drink enough water, then it will affect your kidneys.  

5. Less Urge of Urine

Urination is our body’s normal process; a healthy person usually feels the urge to urinate 6 to 7 times in a single day. If you are feeling less than that, then increase the water intake. 

6. Constipation

You may have heard about drinking 1 or 2 glasses of water hundreds of times after waking up or early in the morning.

Well, this is because your body loses water during sweating and feels dehydrated at night. It is one of the primary reasons for constipation, and as we all know, it is a common but stubborn health issue, and millions of people have been facing it.

Naturally, drinking enough water will help the stool to pass away from the intestine smoothly.

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7. Feeling Fatigued and Tiredness

According to several researchers, the lack of water can produce fatigue and mental and physical tiredness.

Your brain needs sufficient oxygen for proper work and activeness, and the lack of water can tire your brain.

So whenever you feel lazy, inactive, tired, or stressed, avoid coffee or tea and drink a glass of water, and you will feel good rather than having any other drink.     

8. Weak Immune System

A strong immune system is like a protective shield for our body and fights multiple infections and diseases. It is also a warning sign if you get sick early and constantly and signals a weak immune system. 

Try to drink more water because it will help reduce all the toxins, kick them out of your body, and increase your immunity naturally.  

9. Headache

You can also have a headache whenever your brain gets less oxygen, and the body feels dehydrated. If you often feel a headache, then increase your regular water intake and try to avoid tea and coffee.

You can have fresh herbal tea, lemon water, or fresh coconut water that works well. There are several options that can fulfill the lack of water but never drink artificial drinks containing preservatives and sugar.      

10. Digestive Issues

Well, it is understandable that if you drink less water and have constipation, it will affect the digestive system too.

When the intestine is not clean, it will always feel bloated, and that’s why acidity and bloating in your stomach feel.

Drinking enough water can solve the bowel system issue and make your digestive tract healthy.

In Closing

We hope that this information will help you for sure. We are not saying that drinking excess water is also not good for your health but at least drink the required water for your body, and 7 to 8 glasses of water is naturally required for a healthy person. So, friends, we hope that going through the above what happens when you don’t drink enough water daily will surely help you.


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