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15 Common Shower Mistakes to Avoid Before It’s Too Late

Did you know what are the common shower mistakes to avoid? Taking a shower and feeling relaxed while scrubbing ourselves for cleanliness can be like an addiction for some people. Some of us feel great while and after taking a shower, though it’s just like a routine for some. 

According to a study, a person spends more than 1.5 years in the shower. 

We all love our personal space in the bathroom; still, we often make a few mistakes in the shower that can affect our health. 

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  1. Common Shower Mistakes to Avoid

Here we are mentioning some of the common shower mistakes to avoid. Let’s have a closer look:-

Common Shower Mistakes to Avoid

Common Shower Mistakes to Avoid

1. Scrubbing with your Fingernails 

A perfect scalp is the symbol of good hygiene, but some people believe that scrubbing the scalp badly by using your fingernails can be an excellent idea for scalp cleanliness which is stupidity. 

The dermatologist suggested never scrub in the scalp with your fingernails to make your scalp dry and flaky. Never rub the hair strands roughly, or you can have more split ends and dry hair.    

2. Harsh Soap

Numbers of soaps and bathing gels are available in the market full of the excellent odour of deodorant or scent but do you know they can harm your soft skin and make it rough and scratchy. 

The experts always recommend using a soap that contains moisturizer and natural components that keep the skin hydrated instead of other anti-bacterial soaps. Even you may feel the difference instantly.  

3. Taking a too hot a Shower 

We all love a hot shower in the winter, and why not? It relieves us, and we feel good and refreshing but do you have any idea that too much hot shower can dry your skin and make it itchy. 

Take a lukewarm shower even in the winters.  

4. Avoiding Conditioning 

Using a conditioner after doing shampoo is a superb idea for the sake of hair’s health and scalp. Most people are in a hurry, and they avoid hair conditioners which can be a mess for the future. 

5. Using scrubbers in the shower 

We all use loofahs and clothes for scrubbing in the shower, which is also a big  shower mistakes to avoid that we all do or have done mostly. Using loofahs or washing clothes and rubbing the skin can affect the protective outer layer of the skin and make it drier, or even you can have rashes. 

Use your hands instead of any cloth or a loofah.    

6. Using a harsh razor

You would be surprised to know that people have no idea using a razor for their skin. A 4-5 blade razor can be harmful to your skin. 

It can give you more cuts and more dryness after shaving. You can have razor bumps or burning sensations due to a lack of proper technique. 

Use a razor with 1 or 2 blades that would be skin-friendly and comfortable. 

7. Rinsing poorly 

Whatever product you are using, like a shampoo, bathing bar, bathing gel, or a conditioner, rinse well. 

Poor rinsing can cause skin irritation and causes bacne (acne on the back) and acne.   

8. Wrapping towel after washing hair

Wet hair is prone to weak and breaks easily, so when you wash your hair and wrap a towel around it, it makes them weaker, and due to wrapping, hair looks frizzy and dull. 

Never wrap a towel or any cloth after washing the head. Keep your hair open and let them dry naturally. Don’t use a dryer just after washing them.  

10. Poor Hygiene 

Maintaining proper hygiene can keep you away from many diseases and skin troubles, especially while having a shower. 

Never leave your razor in the shower after using, or blades can be un-sanitized due to bathroom moisture.   

Keep your towel dry, wash it regularly, and never use a wet towel the next day.

Keep the soap dish dry so the bacteria or germs can’t develop there.  

11. Ignoring body lotion

Applying a body lotion or any oil just after bathing or dumping it slightly is a good idea as it locks the moisture inside the skin, but people rarely do that, and it is also a  mistake that can give rashes and dryness to your skin. 

12. Bathing regularly 

Some experts believe bathing regularly with harsh soap can make your skin drier and flaky. Well, dermatologists recommend that bathing periodically is a good idea to kick the germs out but don’t scrub or rub your body excessively. 

Bath daily without rubbing the skin can be a wise and healthy decision instead of avoiding bathing.  

13. Having a pedicure 

Performing a pedicure during the shower or even after shaving the legs can dry your skin, and you’ll get more cuts and razor bumps. 

Or using pedicure equipment can be dangerous when your skin is already wet and fragile.   

14. Avoiding shower after a workout 

Whenever we work out or do exercise, we invite more germs due to sweat, and these tiny microbes can lead to skin issues if we avoid showering after the workout.  

15. Don’t clean the bathroom   

Make your bathroom dry and regularly use anti-bacterial liquid for washing the toilet and showerhead. Never avoid hygiene, and always use a wiper whenever you take a shower. 

Keep the shower towel or other towel clean and dry. Also, keep dry the bathroom footwear, or excess moisture can cause excess growth of bacteria and germs. 

If somebody has any skin infection, cold, or cough in your family, use a sanitiser in the bathroom. 


Bathing can be fun when performed healthily; otherwise, it can be trouble for some people. Make sure whenever you use somebody else’s bathroom, check out whether all the necessary items are well-cleaned or not. 

We hope you understand the value of these tiny things that can’t be ignorable. If you ever faced any shower issue or incident, please feel free to share with us, and if you like this article on shower mistakes to avoid , please tell us about your reviews. 

Stay happy and stay healthy and keep connected for more information like that.  

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