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22 Best Foods that Soften Stool Quickly and Naturally in Adults

Are you looking for foods that soften stool quickly? Constipation is common health trouble when a person can’t clean the bowel or can’t poop properly or regularly. If you poop less than thrice in a week means you are suffering from constipation, and it can affect your whole routine. 

Various causes can be responsible for constipation, including dehydration, lack of fiber in the diet, smoking, medications, poor lifestyle, etc. 

Are you feel bothered and stuck in the toilet for a long time so you can clean your bowel properly but feel helpless and frustrated? Well, you are not alone as numbers of people face this same issue every morning. 

Luckily, there are particular foods available that can relieve constipation naturally, and you don’t need any medicines or syrups for that. So let’s check out the list of  22 Best Foods that Soften Stool quickly

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Best Foods that Soften Stool quickly

Foods that Soften Stool Quickly in Adults

1. Apples 

Apples are known to be super fruit that includes rich dietary fiber. Apples have a unique component called pectin, which is a fiber content that helps to move things. 

Studies are also in favor of consuming apples every day as a healthy option for relieving constipation. Apple is the food that soften stool quickly for baby.

2. Prunes

Prunes contain soluble and insoluble fiber that is highly beneficial to get rid of constipation and naturally cleanses the bowel. In 2014, a study also revealed that consuming 8-10 prunes in a single day for two weeks improves bowel activity. 

Prunes are rich in fiber, and you must consume them regularly. Prunes are best natural stool softener foods.

3. Kiwi

Kiwi fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins, and fiber with the laxative property. 1 kiwi has 2gm of fiber, and having 2 kiwis in one day can do magical effects to reduce constipation and digestive disorders. 

The researchers are also agreed with the positive results of Eating 1 Kiwi Daily.

4. Figs

Figs are also rich in fiber, and having 3-4 figs gives you enough fiber to make the bowel movement smooth and easy to move on. 

Figs are the best stool softener natural foods that have ficin eliminates constipation and improve digestion as well. You can eat figs or add them to salad or yogurt.  

5. Bananas (ripe)

My grandma always suggests that a well-ripped banana is perfect for stomach problems, and she was right. If you eat a well-ripped banana that has brown spots and taste sweet, it can be an excellent remedy to speed up bowel movement. 

6. Oatmeal

The experts mainly advise consuming oatmeal if you are looking for dietary fiber in such food. 1 cup of oatmeal contains 4gm of fiber, and you can do many experiments with that. 

Add prunes and figs and make a healthy bowl to move the bowel.  

7. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts also go well with multiple dishes, and they are rich in fiber and other needed contents. These small cabbages can relieve constipation but consume them in small portions, or they can give you bloating experience.  

8. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are becoming a popular food nowadays due to their healthy properties. Consuming 20gm of chia seeds in a single day provides enough fiber that makes the stool heavy and increases water in the bowel so you can smoothly poop. 

It is suggested that you take soaked chia seeds every day as recommended.  

9. Spinach

Salad is always appropriate to treat constipation and enhance appetite, and spinach is one of the ingredients you can consume in multiple ways. 

Make a salad with spinach and other veggies, or add them while preparing a soup or consume boiled veggies. All options will ease up constipation.  

10. Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe, also known as sweet melon, is rich in water content, fiber, and other minerals that cure constipation and improve digestive health, and the taste is also delicious.  

11. Lemon Water

Drinking lemon water in the morning is also suggested to make the movement easy, and having lukewarm water with fresh lemon juice would be highly beneficial. You can take it just before sleeping, and alkalizing effects will relieve constipation and digestive issues as well. 

12. Mangoes

Mangoes are always adorable for their taste and yummy odor and have fiber and phytochemicals that promote bowel activity and improve digestive health. 

13. Raisins

Raisins have softening stool properties. If we talk about dry fruits, then raisins are one of them that are loaded with fiber and relieve constipation. Consuming 20gm of raisins every day would be fine. You can add them while baking or in the pudding or into your cereals and enjoy. 

14. Yogurt

Now there is a dilemma. Instead, yogurt helps or increases the problem. Well, yogurt is prebiotic that can be consumed every day, and it helps in stomach disorders, but the effects also depend on person-to-person. 

15. Watermelon

According to WebMD, watermelon is an excellent source of fiber that contains 94% of water which is highly beneficial to relieve constipation. It reduces dehydration and makes bowel activity easy and rapid.  

16. Corn and Popcorn 

Corns have insoluble fiber that acts as a cleansing scrub for the body and a tasty way to relieve constipation. 

Like corn, popcorn is also a favorite item that people love to enjoy while watching their favorite program or a movie, and popcorn also has rich fiber content. Consume popcorn without adding butter due to calories.  

17. Oranges

According to Chinese studies, citrus fruits like oranges have naringenin that works as a natural laxative and cure constipation. 1 orange contains 4gm of fiber and is rich in vitamin C and other minerals. 

Eat oranges or consume orange juice.   

18. Coconut water

Coconut water also has laxative contents that tremendously improve bowel activity. Coconut water has electrolytes that give you energy, and everyone likes the taste of that. It is best for constipation and bloating relief instantly.

19. Hot Beverages

Hot beverages are also considered to relieve constipation. You can have warm water in the morning on an empty stomach or consume herbal tea or lemon tea. 

Green tea or Kombucha tea is also a great option to treat constipation.  

20. Nuts and seeds

Nuts, including almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc., are rich in fiber. Having a handful of nuts that has 4gm of fiber content is quite helpful. 

You can also switch to seeds such as sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds which have enough fiber to relieve constipation. Use them in your dishes or simply add them to your breakfast bowl. 

Note: nuts and seeds are rich in calories, too, so consume them in a small amount.   

21. Papaya

Papaya is an excellent natural laxative for relieving constipation, even in people who have had it for a long time. These fruits are high in fibre and water, which helps to speed up intestinal transit and make stools easier to form. Papaya is best stool softener for daily use.

22. Broccoli

Broccoli is the veggie-loaded in fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, and other minerals. This healthy veggie can quickly solve your problem of constipation. 

Maybe some people do not like the taste of broccoli but trust me; you’ll see the positive results within a few days.

Foods that soften stool during Pregnancy

Many foods help reduce the frequency and strength of bowel movements. During pregnancy, the best foods to eat include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and legumes.

Here is a list of foods that can help you have regular bowel movements:

  • Avocados (good source of fiber)
  • Berries (great source of fiber)
  • Beans (high in fiber)
  • Carrots (fiber-rich)
  • Celery (fiber-rich)
  • Cucumbers (fiber-rich)
  • Lentils (high in fiber and protein)
  • Pumpkin seeds/pepitas (great source of fiber, magnesium, and iron).

Foods that soften stool Hemorrhoids

The foods that soften stool are very beneficial in preventing and treating hemorrhoids. Some foods that help to soften stool hemorrhoids are:

  • Foods that are rich in fiber and nutrients. Like bran, oatmeal, wheat germ, whole-grain bread, cereals, and pasta.
  • Foods with mucus-thinning properties like applesauce, cranberries, guava juice, and prunes. Also, drink plenty of water throughout the day because dehydration can make you more prone to developing hemorrhoids.
  • Avoid sitting for a long period because it will constrict blood flow in your veins, increasing pressure on the rectum, causing a bulge that may become swollen, causing pain, or bleeding with stool.

Foods that soften stool quickly for Baby

When your baby is less than one year old, he may have difficulty passing stool. It can be due to medical conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or food allergies.

Most foods that soften stool quickly for babies are fruits and vegetables. They are rich in fiber, water, vitamins, and minerals, which help soften stools faster.

You can include these foods in your baby’s diet every day. These include

  • Watermelon
  • Papaya
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Beetroot
  • Lettuce
  • Brussels sprouts

Foods that soften stool for Toddlers

If your child has constipation, you can try changing the food he eats. If he is having a hard time going to the bathroom and is not eating well, it’s best to talk to his doctor about possible solutions.

One of the foods that are known for softening stool is bananas. You can eat them by themselves or mix them with other fruits like pineapple and apples. Bananas contain lots of fiber, making them great for people who have trouble going to the bathroom because they will have less gas and bloating. They also contain potassium, which helps control water retention in the body, making kids go to the toilet quickly without any pain and discomfort after eating these fruits.

Another food that can help children have soft stools is prune. They are full of fiber vitamins B6 and C, which are essential nutrients that help in a healthy digestion process and promote regular bowel movements, among other things too!

We hope this article on foods that soften stool quickly would be helpful for you.

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