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Liver Damage: 9 Everyday Habits That Damage Your Liver You Must Know!

Liver Damage: The Liver is a major organ of your body that remains the whole day busy and works perfectly without any error. It plays a vital role to keep your body healthy as well as for a healthy digestive system, detoxification of your body and maintain a balance of metabolism level in your body.

Whatever you eat in your regular life and your habits affects liver health too. Liver wellness is as important as your care for your outer organs. There are many common and bad habits exits that are responsible to damage your liver.

It this article, we are going to mention those common habits that you repeat in your routine life without noticing that it is harmful to your liver and can cause several health troubles.

So if you want to know briefly about your liver and what things you should not do, then read the article carefully and find out the way to get a healthy liver.

Let’s take a look at these top 9 Liver damage habits:

1. Alcohol Consumption:

The Liver has a major role to flush out all those harmful toxins that are dangerous for your body. Excess alcohol consumption on a regular basis can destroy the ability of your liver.

If you drink much liquor daily then your liver will only busy to remove the toxic effect of that liquor and it won’t be able to perform other tasks.

This is one of the prior reasons that cause liver damage in the early stage. It kills the healthy liver cells and reduces liver power and your liver can have many diseases and inflammation by and by. So try to avoid excess alcohol if you want a healthy liver.

2. Highly Intake of Medicines:

The other major reason that can damage your liver is an excess intake of medications. People take medicines without any knowledge and medical information or any prescription but they don’t know that this idea can damage their liver’s health and strength and sometimes they can have liver failure too.

There are many medicines available to the medical store that you need not any prescription or doctor written note.

For instance, acetaminophen is one of the medicines that are easily available but highly harmful to your liver. If you take this medicine for a long time period then your liver will be damaged and become weak.

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3. Poor Diet and Obesity:

Poor eating habits or eating canned and packed food that includes preservatives and harmful artificial factors causes a weak immune system and increase your body fat and make you obese.

Eating the wrong food that has no nutrients value can produce fat around your liver that is known as NAFLD or also called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

The Liver has to work more and hard to reduce this fat and that causes cell damage of the liver, this can also cause liver failure.

So try to eat healthy green and leafy vegetables and fruits that include sufficient vitamin C and avoid canned food.   

 4. Hepatitis:

Hepatitis is known as a critical disease that affects your whole body. Many people die every year because of this disease.

Hepatitis is also responsible for damaging your liver’s health and wellness. The healthy cells of your liver that function efficiently gets weaker that can raise the chances of liver failure.

So the proper vaccination for hepatitis is necessary if you want your liver’s health. There are many government health organizations available where you can have a free vaccination for that.

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5. Smoking:

Smoking on a regular basis can also damage your liver’s health and ability to work effectively.

A Cigarette that you smoke regularly no matter branded or non-branded includes toxic factors that directly trigger your liver and produces harmful chemicals that damage your liver cells and slowly your whole liver becomes useless and causes liver failure.

So try to avoid smoking and accept healthy habits and save your liver and get back its precious health and wellness.

6. Sleeping Disorders:

The oxidative stress that is known for destroying the liver’s working ability and responsible for ending liver life can produce during sleep deprivation or sleeplessness.

It has been found in several investigations that people who have sleeping disorders have poor health of their liver. Also, sleeping deprivation can cause poor digestive system, obesity, and heart- related diseases.

7. Lack of Exercise:

Exercise is compulsory for every person who wants to gain the health of inner and outer organs. It is not the thing that only fat people should do, if you are not obese then also you should do exercise daily.

Lack of physical exercise can also produce excess fat around the liver that causes liver inflammation and cell damage.

So do light exercises, you need not perform heavy weight lifting or push-ups.

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8. Taking Heavy Meal Before Sleep:

Numbers of people love to eat late at night. Going to clubs and parties are part of their routine but you have no idea that this act can ruin your liver health and power to work.

A heavy diet and food create enough pressure on your liver and it is hard to digest late at night.

So, try to avoid late-night eating and give sufficient time to your liver so it can work properly.

9. Not Urinating when Required:

Whenever you feel the urge to urinate then do without skipping because if you resist or avoid it, it can be harmful to your liver and kidneys.

Especially the morning urinate that you should never hold or deny.

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As you have come to know that our small acts affect our life and our body. We never notice these small things but they are also important. So follow the simple lifestyle and eat healthy food.

Try to avoid bad habits. There are many home remedies available that can help you with advanced liver care and wellness. So take care of your liver and stay healthy as we always say.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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