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28 Common Signs Your Body is Deficient in Vital Nutrients

The Human body needs such vital nutrients and vitamins to stay healthy for a long time whenever we get ill or face any health issue; before that, our body sends signals to indicate that something is wrong, but we often avoid it.

Millions of people take vitamins by supplements without any idea what they should eat or not.

This article lists 28 signs that your body is deficient in vital nutrients and describes the natural solutions to cover up the lack of such vitamins and nutrients, so read the content till the end. Without any delay, let’s get started.

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Signs your Body is Deficient in Vital Nutrients

Signs your Body is Deficient in Vital Nutrients

1. Joints Popping and Cramping Sound

If you often feel the popping or cramping sounds in your joints like knees or elbow, it can be a sign of calcium deficiency. 

Calcium is an essential nutrient for bones and teeth, and millions of people are not aware of it, and sometimes the situation becomes worst.

2. Neck Cramping or Muscle Pain

Similar to joint cramping, neck cramps or muscle pain are also symptoms of calcium deficiency. 


Avoid taking calcium supplements and start taking natural calcium available in curd, milk. You can also take a pinch of calcium carbonate powder in some curd.  

3. Gum Bleeding

Gum bleeding while brushing or eating something is a sign of vitamin C deficiency.

4. Mouth ulcer

Though there are many reasons available for mouth ulcers, vitamin C deficiency is one of the major causes. You feel tiny red blisters in your mouth with inflammation and swelling.

5. Tongue cuts

Minor cuts in the tongue with pain and burning sensation are also signs of lack of vitamin C.


Amla or Indian Gooseberry, lime, oranges, capsicum are rich in vitamin C, so try to consume them as more as possible. 

6. Brittle Nails

Brittle nails never look good, and many of us ignore this sign, but it is a major sign of biotin deficiency.

7. Peeling Cuticles

Peeling cuticles are pretty painful, and it is also a sign of biotin that is important for our nails.

8. Dry and Rough Hairs

People who take raw eggs face an imbalance in their digestive system, so our body can’t develop biotin naturally, and it causes dry and rough hairs.

9. Hair Fall at an Early Age

Premature hair fall and split hair are also signs of less-biotin in our bodies.


Curd is a natural source of good bacteria. Add some jaggery instead of sugar and eat regularly to develop biotin.

10. Small White Spots on the Nails

If you see any white spots on your nails, it indicates that your body needs Zink.

Zink is necessary for men, women, and children, and people who love to eat cake and pastries lack Zink.


Avoid cakes or pastries and take nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc.

11. Cracked Heels

Never underestimate the cracked heels because they are not always natural and strongly indicate vitamin B2 deficiency.

12. Bloody Red Eyes

Red eyes without any eye problems are also a sign of vitamin B2 deficiency. 

13. Lip Ulcer

Lip ulcer is a common issue, and many people have faced it many times, but if it occurs constantly, it can be due to a lack of vitamin B2.

14. Torn Corner of Lips

Cracking corners of a mouth is also a common issue, especially in the winters, but if you feel it often, it can be because of vitamin B2 deficiency.  

15. Horizontal Lines on Nails

If you see horizontal lines on your nails, it can be a sign of vitamin B1 deficiency.

16. Puffy Eyes

If the puffiness around your eyes never leaves you even you have completed your sleep, it is also a symptom of vitamin B1 deficiency.

17. Brown Nails

If you are not facing any significant disease, your nails still turn brown; it can be a sign of vitamin B12 deficiency.

18. Redness Around Cheeks, Nose, and Forehead

It happens due to vitamin B6 deficiency.

Solution for all vitamin B, and Avoid eating junk food and fast food and eat healthy and homemade food. 

19. Pale Face

If your face has turned pale and you often feel tired without doing hard work, it can be a sign of iron deficiency.  

20. Weak Nails

Weak nails that break down easily are also because of iron and hemoglobin deficiency.  

21. White Lips

White lips are telling you that your body needs more iron.


Cook your food in the iron utensil and eat carrots, pomegranate, apple, and add beetroot to the meal or make juice and drink twice a day.

22. Vertical lines on Nails

If you see vertical lines on nails, it can be a sign of thyroid. The Thyroid is a primary hormone for our body that helps to utilize protein, carbs, and fat.

23. Loss of Eyebrow Hairs

It is also an indication that the thyroid and women are more prone to this disease.


Try to consume healthy food and exercise daily to help control it.

24. The Uneven shape of Nails

The weird shape of nails is telling you to have vitamin A deficiency.

25. Poor Night Vision

Poor night vision is also related to lack of vitamin A, and vitamin A imbalance is also connected with liver problems.


Eat more vegetables and add some butter or clarified butter to your diet.

26. Body Cramps

Body cramps and unnecessary pain in the body is sign of vitamin E deficiency.


Massage your body with almond oil or add almond oil in one cup of milk and drink daily. Eat almonds soaked or just like that.  

27. White Tongue

If you feel whiteness on your tongue and the problem increases, it is a sign of yeast overgrowth in your body.


Eat more juicy fruits and vegetables and drink juice.

28. Rough skin Tone

If you have a rough and dull skin texture, it can also be a sign of vitamin E, vitamin A deficiency.


Avoid fried food and junk food, drink plenty of water and eat fruits and veggies.  

So, friends, we hope that going through the above Common Signs Your Body is Deficient in Vital Nutrients will surely help you.

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