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What Happens One Hour after Drinking A Can of Coke

What Happens One Hour after Drinking A Can of Coke: Have you ever noticed that why you simply gaining weight even following a proper and strict diet with a strict discipline? Well, many of you would definitely think that may be lack of physical exercise can be a reason but with that, another strong reason is also responsible that is still hidden and many people are unaware of that.

Thousands of people in this world have been facing and dying of heart attack, increased blood pressure level, diabetes etc. what do you think that only fat is responsible for obesity?

People eat junk food and fried food with joy and they never care what they are doing. Unhealthy fat can kill you and it is very dangerous to ignore it. This article is strongly dedicated to those people who want to know the appropriate reason for excess fat and how to control it.

We have studied lots of data and researched well and the conclusion was very astonishing. We come to know that only fat is not a major cause of obesity. Many times people read fat amount behind the packaging of the food and if they found it less then they get assured that they are consuming the right one but do you think that this is the way to find out the, well no.

Canned food and processed food contains preservatives and a component named fructose. This component added in all kind of processed food, cold drinks, fizzy drinks etc and you will be shocked to know that it is very dangerous for your health.

What is Fructose?

Fructose is a kind of corn syrup that is basically added in all kind of cold drinks like coca cola, Pepsi, and canned foods etc. it is added to enhancing the food tastes and it makes food sugary and sweet, even horrible taste of food can become good after adding this.

You will find the Fructose in low-fat diet also and many weight loss supplements contain fructose. Our body loves the sweet taste and glucose. Fructose is a form of glucose. When you eat anything sweet your body starts metabolism procedure and your each cell support it.

Fructose is metabolized by only one organ of your body and that is your liver. Just like when you consume liquor and it affects your liver. And the unhealthy fat triggers your whole body parts that are very dangerous.

Your taste buds like the flavor of fructose that’s why people love to drink frizzy and messy drinks and love to eat big and fried meals without knowing that it includes a high amount of fructose that is equally dangerous as fat.

Only a can of coke can be harmful to your health if you are consuming this on the regular basis. In this article, we are going to tell you that what will happen after one-hour drinking a can of coke and everybody know that coke is a famous drink of today’s life.

People can’t finish their burger, pizza or sandwich without a can of coke. You will be a wonder to know that near about 1.6 billion cokes purchased in just a single day in all over the world.

13% of people drink coke regularly and 55% of people drink this sometimes. Now let’s check out that what happens one hour after drinking a can of coke, read by yourself:

1. Initial 10 minutes After Drinking Coke:

Always remember that after drinking a can of coke is equal to 10 tablespoons of sugar that you consume in a can of coke. You won’t vomit of excess sugar because some acidic properties and phosphoric quality will balance the flavor and develop a balance of sugar and citric.

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2. After 20 minutes:

Much sugar increases your insulin level and hit your blood sugar level. So your liver has to respond to this procedure and it releases the fat from it. Many researchers done on animals proved that fructose directly triggers the liver and it can be a prior reason for gaining fat.

3. After 40 minutes:

Now the abruption of the caffeine has been done by your body. The much sugar has been added to your blood cells and you have increased blood sugar level.

4. After 45 minutes:

After 45 minutes, the dopamine level has been raised in your body and it hits the pleasure part of your brain so many times you feel good after consuming it. It is similar to having some heroin.

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5. After 50 minutes:

The metabolism level has been increased and phosphors combine all the other factors of your body like zinc, magnesium, calcium etc. Most of the time people feel like pee after one hour. The high quantity of artificial sweetness makes urinary traction which creates an urge to pee.

6. After 60 minutes:

All of your body nutrients will flush out and you can feel a little lazy or irritable. These nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and zinc are important for your bone health and teeth. So may be you noticed that people who drink much cold drink have poor teeth quality.

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A can of coke contains much amount of caffeine and salt, which is not good for your health. Daily intake of coke and fructose added meals and other beverages can lead you through heart-related diseases, obesity, diabetes and other physical issues and heavy consumption on the regular basis can kill you soon.

A research done by Harvard University cleared that regular intake of these fizzy beverages can raise 20% more cardiovascular disease.

Also, these kinds of drinks can spoil your immune system, digestive system and can cause type 2 diabetes in an early age. Our young generation is much impressed with these massive drinks and meals but they don’t know that they are playing with their health.

So looking to all the data and study and after researching well, we can say that coke is not good for your health; it has no health values and zero nutrients, so it is better to avoid it or if you are habitual then try to lower the consumption.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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