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9 Warning Signs of Oral Cancer and Steps for Prevention

Warning signs of oral cancer: Oral cancer is one of the rare types of cancer that affects the mouth, gums, tonsils, and other parts of the mouth area. The uncontrolled development of cells causes oral cancer and studies announced that men are more prone to oral cancer than women.

However many people are not aware of early warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer and it can be a life-threatening issue.

Though, recent examinations and treatment techniques have decreased the death ratio of oral cancer.

Warning Signs of Oral Cancer

If you want to know the warning signs of oral malignancies and related information and prevention keep reading this article till the end:

1. Trouble While Chewing or Swallowing:

Trouble while chewing eating and swallowing is the common sign of oral cancer due to swollen glands and tumor growth around the mouth area. 

If you are a healthy person and facing this issue you mustn’t ignore the symptom and immediately contact an expert.  

2. Swelling Around Neck Area:

Neck swelling is quite common and many other causes are responsible for that like thyroid, tonsils, etc. but it is also a symptom of oral cancer.

If you feel swelling around the neck area that stays for a long time or never leaves you then you should be careful for that as the lymph nodes are indicating something else.     

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3. A Lump in the Cheeks or Mouth Area:

Most of the types of oral cancer present a lump in the mouth or near lip area that increases in size day by day. It looks red and a smooth outer lining.

The abnormal growth of a lump or many lumps in the mouth is a major sign of oral cancer and at the starting of the sign; you must consult an expert without any delay.

4. Bad Breathing:

Bad breathing is also very common and as we always say that signs and symptoms depend on person to person. Poor oral health and especially in the case of oral cancer affects the gums and tooth that generates bad breathing.

You may see patches and dirty teeth that affect the salvia and causes bad breathing. You must use special toothpaste and be more hygienic.    

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5. Sudden Weight Loss:

Any type of cancer affects the overall health and weight loss is also a major sign of oral cancer. The whole body is fighting and struggling with uninvited guests.

Our immune system is also trying the best to defeat the growth of the tumor and increasing risk that makes us weak and cut the body weight.

In that case, you must concern about your diet and take more nutrition and liquid. 

6. Red or White Patches in the Mouth:

Red patches and white patches or a mixture of both appear to the surface of the tongue or the under the tongue area or around cheeks. It is also a prior symptom of oral malignancy.

One may feel inflammation and redness around the patches and mucus development in the patches that can be painful conditions.  

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7. Non-Treating Ulcer in the Mouth:

The diagnosis of oral cancer and patient’s also reported the non-healing ulcers in the mouth that never go away. The type of ulceration can be different as some are painless and most of the time ulceration produces intolerable pain and difficulty in eating or chewing.    

8. Bleeding Gums:

Bleeding from the mouth of gums is a common symptom of oral cancer. One may feel this sign in the early stage of oral cancer is a primary symptom.  

9. Tooth Pain:

The oral cell carcinoma addresses the tooth pain as a major symptom of oral cancer that affects the whole gum activity. The experts announced that most of the patients reported about tooth pain before they come to know about cancer.   

Risk Factors:

Experts are not much sure what the specific reasons responsible for oral cancers are and why men are more likely to develop this malignancy than women.

Still, the particular risk factors cause oral cancer care:-

A). Tabacco and alcohol:

Any type of Tabacco can cause oral cancer as it includes carcinogenic factors that develop the uncontrolled cells and excess consumption of alcohol is also equally responsible. 

B). Age factor:

The experts cleared that oral cancer affects after the age of 60.

C). HPV virus:

Human Papillomavirus that is a sexually transmitted infection also increases the risk factor of oral cancer. 

D). UV rays:

The excess sun exposure can also affect our body and develop cancerous cell growth. 

E). Gender:   

Men are prone to oral cancer than women and the facts and reasons aren’t clear why?

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Oral Cancer Prevention:

Prevention is always working as a protection shield but yes it is not always possible to be preventive like age factor or gender is not in our hands but other prevention ways can help you out like:-

  • Avoid alcohol and Tabacco
  • Add more healthy diet
  • Do exercise
  • Maintain oral and dental hygiene
  • Use a good sunscreen while going out
  • Use a lip balm with SPF quality
  • Never ignore dentist meeting when required
  • Do not ignore unnecessary patches in the mouth

Dos and Don’ts:


Visit your dentist at the time

Avoid direct sun exposure

Spread awareness about oral health and care

Add more fruits and veggies in your diet


Cut out Tabacco and other chewing materials

Decrease alcohol consumption

Don’t ignore the early signs

Avoid smoking

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Oral cancer is one of the types that can be preventable if you are aware of the symptoms.

We hope that this information will help you and you will follow the preventive steps.

Share this information with your friends and share your reviews with us.

If you have any questions or any queries please feel free to ask here.   

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