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What does your Tongue says About your Health

Many people question what does your tongue say about your health? The tongue is the most underrated body part within our body. With the help of the tongue, we can talk and understand the taste of different foods. And it also helps to digest. Besides that, it also offers us to know the health condition.

At the same time, it can also give you an indication of the overall health you are leading. If you are not taking good care of your oral mouth, it will also give you signals.

Multiple people are looking for the answer to what your tongue says about your health. Today in this article, we will talk about the different types of colors of your tongue and what they refer to in detail. 

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What does Your Tongue Says About Your Health

What does Your Tongue Says About Your Health

If you lack daily oral mouth care, then you will instantly get the realization through the help of your tongue. Each one of the individual colors of your tongue identifies different types of things and health issues. Let’s know what your tongue says about your health

1. White Tongue

White tongue simply refers to bad breath. The white coating only appears when the pinkish color of your tongue goes away. For gathering the bacteria, dead cells, and foods, the tongue color turned white. This result also indicates an overgrowth and swelling of papillae on the surface.

There are many reasons why you can turn your tongue into white color. And some of the reasons are poor oral hygiene, dry mouth, smoking, and dehydration. However, this color does not indicate any harmful element, but multiple health issues can also occur. 

2. Black Tongue

For building up the dead cell on your tongue, your tongue may seem black in color. Even for the growth of the papillae on your tongue, you can also notice turning your black tongue color.

Not only that, but many other reasons can also increase the black color of your tongue. And some of the reasons are for taking tobacco, coffee, and black tea, And for taking different foods.

However, suppose you are going to a specific type of lifestyle. In that case, you can also notice the white color tongue from taking lots of antibiotics, maintaining poor oral hygiene, and smoking cause this problem. 

3. Pink Tongue

The pink color of your tongue means that you are leading a healthy and everyday life. It also indicates that you are taking care of your oral mouth well.

There are no dead cells, bacteria, and other impurities. However, people can keep this pink tongue for themselves by maintaining oral hygiene daily. Regularly brushing two times a day can also help you to maintain a pink tongue color. 

4. Red Tongue

The red color of your tongue simply indicates that you are leading hormonal imbalances in life. Besides that, it also shows that you have a high fever or your body is going to high heat. Even for the lack of the different types of essential vitamins, your tongue may look as red in color.

If you are not taking the essential vitamins every day, then you will probably go through this particular problem. And immediately, the color of your tongue will change, becoming red. 

5. Yellow Tongue

People consuming lots of alcohol, coffee, and tobacco can have a yellow color tongue problem. Besides that, those who maintain poor oral hygiene and dry mouth themselves can often go through this particular problem.

However, the problem of the yellow tongue is easily recoverable. You can solve the problem by simply following regular hygiene and stopping having alcohol and tobacco. 

6. Blue Tongue

In addition, people face different health issues, most probably the poor oxygen circulation level, and often face the problem of blue tongue. But no other reasons indicate this particular problem for your tongue. People who lack oxygen circulation rapidly every day often go through this blue color tongue problem. 

Why is my Tongue Swollen and Sore on the Sides

Not only that, if you are suffering from a rough and sore tongue, it often indicates some of the health issues you have within yourself. Let us know about the problems that you might face in general. 

1. Mouth Ulcers

A mouth ulcer is the most common reason for bumpy and sore tongue. Multiple people around the whole world every day are going through this particular problem just because of maintaining poor hygiene for the oral mouth.

2. Smoking

If you are a smoker and smoke every day, more than probably, you can also go through the problems like a bumpy tongue and soreness. Those who are taking lots of cigarettes every day often go through this particular problem.

3. Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is another one more indication if your tongue is suffering from soreness and bumpy. Different types of tongue-related health issues can also occur within a specific time, and you can also lead to bad breath.

4. Oral Cancer

Even people can also go through problems like oral cancer if they are facing the problem of a bumpy tongue or sore for themselves. The reasons are the same lack of oral hygiene, dry mouth, dehydration, and alcohol and tobacco. 


However, to solve all the problems, you will have to take the help of some prevention. The prevention is there in the below paragraph.

1. Brushing

After taking your food every day, you will have to brush your teeth and clean your tongue properly to solve all the problems regarding the tongue color and bad breath. Please do a minimum of three times brushing regularly and clean your tongue properly with the back side of your brush.

2. Oral Hygiene

Besides that, you will also have to maintain good oral hygiene for your mouth and tongue every day to eliminate all the color problems.


Therefore this is the complete information about what your tongue says about your health. You can immediately solve the problems by taking the proper precautions. 


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