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9 Early Warning Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency Don’t Ignore!

Are you looking for signs of vitamin c deficiency? Our body needs the appropriate dose of vitamin C because it is an essential component for our body and quite important. For adults, The Recommended Daily Intake of vitamin C is 100-200mg. The maximum dose is 2,000 mg a day. Vitamin C makes our immune system strong and gives us the strength to fight off various diseases and sicknesses.

Vitamin C is reckoned as one of the best antibacterial, anti-histamine, anti-viral, and rich antioxidants. The expert believes that a lack of vitamin C can cause severe sickness and affect our overall health.

Vitamin C is essential for our cardiac health, eye health, hair health, skin health, the immune system, and many more. The more we research vitamin C, the more we know that it is necessary for the human body, health, and wellness.

Many people are not aware of vitamin C benefits. That’s why they face various health issues. Here we are listing some early warnings your body is low in vitamin c, and you shouldn’t ignore these signs, so without wasting any minute, let’s have a closer look at Signs of vitamin c deficiency:

Signs of Vitamin C Deficiency

1. Repeating Cold and Flu

Does vitamin c help the immune system? The white blood cells that prevent various infections and diseases and provide immunity to our body are provoked by vitamin C. In vitamin C deficiency, our body is susceptible to the flu and common constant cold due to the weak immune system and lack of white blood cells.

The antioxidants present in vitamin C give power to white blood cells for fighting infections as well.   

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2. Prone to Swelling and Bruising

 Can vitamin C reduce Swelling and Bruising? If you are confused that why you have bruises on your legs, arms, or the other area of the body, then nowhere is the answer.

The lack of vitamin C can cause bruises, and a tiny bump can transform into a bruise.

Now modern researchers have explained that vitamin C deficiency makes you weaker, and your body becomes unable to cure the bruises naturally. Sometimes the situation can be dangerous, so the advice to take enough vitamin C regularly.

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3. Bleeding Nose

What vitamin deficiency causes nosebleeds? If you are prone to nose bleeding often and are surprised why it is happening with you, then you must know that vitamin C deficiency can be responsible for the issue.

Our nostril veins are very thin and sensitive, and they are very close to our outer skin layer.

This condition is also called epistaxis that is an initial symptom of a scurvy disease, and if not treated on time, it can harm your organs.  

4. Joint Pain and Swelling

Does vitamin C help with Joint pain? If you often feel inflammation and pain in your joints called arthritis, be aware because vitamin C is needed for your body.

It has been found in different studies that people who have a lack of vitamin C are more prone to joint and muscle diseases than others. 

People who consume vitamin C in their diet are less gets affected by joint swelling and pain. Try to take food containing vitamin C, and there are many fruits available rich in vitamin C.

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5. Rough and Harsh Skin Tone

Vitamin c deficiency symptoms skin: If your skin is becoming dry, rough, and red, then these are the symptoms that your body is weeping for ascorbic acid or vitamin C. vitamin C helps maintain the collagen level of your skin, so your tone looks vibrant pinkish and healthy.

The lack of vitamin C can also raise a skin problem named Keratosis Pilaris that produces skin itching, pigmentation, and dark, ugly patches on your skin. These patches can appear on your cheeks, underarms, neck, bumps, or thighs.

Vitamin C helps to hydrate your skin, and the lack can cause dryness and early wrinkles on your skin. There are many moisturizer lotions and creams available that help to cure these skin troubles.     

6. Anxiety and Tiredness

Can vitamin C reduce anxiety? Several studies appeared that the deficiency of vitamin C is linked with our mental health. If you feel tired and stress just like that, you must understand that your body is low in vitamin C.

It has been found in some studies that people who have sufficient vitamin C are happier and less stressed than those who have a lack of vitamin C.

7. Swollen Gums

Does vitamin c repair gums? Vitamin C helps to strengthen the epithelium that protects our body, and it also works as a protector for our gums. The lack of vitamin C can be weak in this shield and produce bleeding gums and swollen gums.

Sometimes the condition becomes worse, and the constant bleeding and swelling can cause weaker teeth. Even teeth can fall off too. That is not good news.   

8. Rough and Split Hairs

Vitamin c benefits for hair: Vitamin C gives all the essential nutrients and minerals to your hairs, and it is an essential need to grow your hair fast. It makes your hair healthy and shiny.

On the other side, the low vitamin C affects your hair health, and you end up with rough, dry, and split hairs.

You can also have a constant hair fall, and it will spoil your hair like a devil. So if you want to regain your hair health and grow your hair faster, add more vitamin C to your food.

There are many supplements available that can help too. Hairs increase our beauty and essential for our overall personality, so their care is also our duty. 

9. Healing Slows Down

Can vitamin C help heal wounds? Vitamin C has a strong capability to heal your wounds, and the tissue repairing system is amazing. If you often feel that your scars and wounds do not heal up rapidly or the process is relatively slow, you must know that there is something not right with vitamin C.

If your wounds irritate you for weeks or appearing tenderness, try to add vitamin C to your regular diet because it can increase the chances of infection, which is also dangerous.

Vitamin C also boosts up immunity. That’s why it is necessary for healing the wounds and scars, and the body covers up these wounds naturally. You can also consult an expert for better advice. 

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