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10 Negative Effects of Cell Phones use for Teenagers

Looking for negative effects of cell phones use on teenagers? The story of Man’s conquest of the communication system has peaked with the help of modern technology in the 21st century. It was a long way that started with the messenger pigeon as a news carrier to reach the modern small pocket-packed widgets, which we define as a mobile or cellular phone.

Indeed, incredible achievements’ of science and technology have enabled us to reach even the remotest corner of the Earth. But whoever imagines that this small, powerful utility will cause multiple health hazards to the human being?

Recent studies on the risk of developing different health issues that reveal the negative effects of cell phones use on on teenagers due to the random use of mobile phones are enough to raise global consciousness.

So we think before you reach the dead end, it’s better to know a few lines about the health hazards that may occur due to a mobile phone. All we need is your attention to go through the article.

How is Mobile Phone Creating Different Health Issues?

The mobile phone is a wireless handset used to send and receive calls and messages, and the users were few. But with the progress in technology, different features have been added to it, and it becomes ubiquitous.

Research says that out of 100 people there are 86 mobile users can be found worldwide. Nowadays, it works like a mini-computer, and to date, it is the most beautiful gift of science.

But as technology offers us a unique opportunity with a Smartphone in hand, it brings different health hazards. Let us see how mobile can cause health hazards.

Negative Effects of Cell Phones use on Teenagers

Negative Effects of Cell Phones use

Mobile phones may be extremely harmful to your health. Here is the list of negative effects of cell phone use on health-

1. Mobile Phone can Develop Blur Vision

The smartphone is the new fashion trend of this generation. With every changing model, there are added facilities and features that attract the young generation.

This attraction proves to be dangerous for an individual’s eye and causes damage to their vision. The impact of the electromagnetic wave can be dangerous, and it can cause blur vision at an early age.

The flat, bright screen and small front create extra stress on the retina, cornea, and visual system.

Scientist says that the human eye has excellent power to absorb the electromagnetic wave very quickly which means a random use of cell phone for a long time can cause dry eyes.

2. A Smart Phone can Make you Deaf

People always stay earphones plugged in, and it’s a pretty typical scene in buses, trains, and the metro.

As the number of mobile users increases, health hazards like hearing impairment are the most common issue now. It is not only because of the long-term exposure to the vibration and radiation hit over the tympanic cavity where the nerves are located.

The young generation who used to hear loud music is at high risk of losing their hearing capability permanently.

3. A Mobile user may Develop Sleep Disorder

Your love for your smartphone may be the cause of your sleep lessens. Yes! There is a chance that the overuse of this intelligent device can purr our life into danger by hampering the quality of sleep.

Most of the time, we people are making the same mistake of carrying our cell phone to our bedside at night and keep it on for the whole night. This kind of activity unconsciously indulges our body to absorb electromagnetic radiation for a long time.

Apart from this, nature has set a biological clock in our body that determines the hours. Our body should rest and a specific set of hours to light and darkness that our body would get exposed to.

But while we are using the mobile phone at night, the blue light hampers our regular sleeping pattern and create sleeping disorder.

4. Extra Strain On Your Back and Neck

Every organ needs rest. Our spine, which we called the backbone, is one of the critical factors that keep us fit and healthy.

Using a mobile phone at a random rate for a couple of hours indirectly creates extra pressure on our back and neck.

Thus diseases like spondylitis may occur at an early age, and to say more about this, nagging pain in our back and neck can cause a severe headache.

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5. Mobile Phone is a Germ Carrier

We all love our mobile phone so much that we hardly stay separate from it. One of the alarming facts is that we are indirectly indulging germs in breeding insider the mobile phone every time we touch it with unwashed hands.

Recent studies are saying that a mobile phone is much dirtier than a toilet seat. Our phone gets filled up with filth and dirt from us, and thus they spread diseases.

6. Increase the Risk of Cancer

Though there is no clear evidence, the risk factor of getting cancer due to excessive mobile phone use is not a fact to ignore.

While in use for long hours, the radiofrequency of the electromagnetic field emitted by a mobile phone creates an adverse reaction in the human brain, developing brain tumors like Glioma and Acoustic Neuroma. These are responsible for the growth of brain cancer.

7. Overuse of Mobile Can Make you Infertile

This is a severe caution for male users who can lose their fertility due to their long-time mobile phone use.

Different researchers support the fact that magnetic radioactivity may decrease sperm count to some extent. It disturbs the pituitary, thyroid, and testicular axis that weakens the reproductive function.

8. Skin Allergies

Yes, your lovely-looking smartphone can cause skin allergies to your skin.

A metal like nickel, cobalt, and chromium is used in making a mobile phone that can cause allergies, irritation, and redness to your skin.

9. Mobile makes your Mind more Stressful

The mobile user tends to remain constantly alert and checks their phones often without any reason.

Whether it’s a false alarm or a fake call, we immediately check it, which is enough to break our concentration, especially for the students. Such unmindfulness can cause an accident while we are on the road.

Moreover, it enhances negative thoughts and depression when we check our phones from time to time.

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10. Cardiovascular Problem

A mobile phone user is in the high-risk zone of getting heart problems due to the radiation.

The more you are getting addicted to your mobile phone, the less you are doing physical activities.

We are habituated to sending E-mail rather walk to the post office, and instead of meeting friends, we call and talk over the phone.

This activity is the key factor that is increasing the risk of getting overweight and develops heart problems.

Other Additional Tips

Here are few other tips to make you aware so that from the next time you must think before you use it.

a): Keep your phone off at bedtime.

b): Put your mobile in silent mode while you are on the road or driving.

c): don’t talk over the phone while crossing the roads or train line. It can be dangerous for your life.

d): never allows your kids to play games on your mobile. Encourage them to play on the field.

e): avoid keeping your mobile permanently attached to your body.

f): Experts suggest using an air tube headset or Bluetooth air tube headset during the conversation so that you can avoid direct touch with your body parts.

g): don’t try to use your mobile phone when the signal is weak.

H): it’s better to carry your phones in bags, not in the shirt pocket.

Last but not least, as the mobile phone is a remarkable scientific invention and essential for communication, a minimum awareness is a must for all mobile users.

A little responsibility can make a conscious citizen, and thus we can avoid the above health hazards.

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MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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