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11 Surprising Things that Causes Daily Headaches

What causes of daily headaches? We all have suffered from a headache various times in our lives, and we know that when a headache hits, we all want it to stop as soon as possible. The pain can be unbearable sometimes, and you feel pretty uncomfortable and lack concentration. You can have a headache when you have a cold or flu; even many other surprising causes can give you a severe headache

Here we are mentioning 11 surprising things that causees headache and will help you to understand why you often face a headache so let’s take a look at them:

Causes of Daily Headaches in Women and Men

Did you know why do i get a headache everyday? Here is a brief outlook on surprising things that causes daily headaches-

1. Dehydration  

Dehydration can be a significant cause of a headache. When you don’t get enough fluid, especially in summers when your body needs more fluid and sweat a lot, it can hit the nerves and occur headaches. 

Various studies also showed the positive results of drinking water, and people who drink much water felt fewer chances to get a headache. 

Try to keep yourself more hydrated and drink extra water or other soothing beverages. You can have coconut water or fresh lime water, or fresh fruit juices without adding extra artificial sweeteners.

2. Hunger (Skipping meals)

Staying hungry for a long time or skipping your meal, especially breakfast essential to start your day, can give you a headache. If you are skipping the meal or feeling hungry and just ignoring it may cause a sudden fall in your glucose level and provoke severe headaches. Skipping meals is the most common reasons for daily headaches.

You should also notice not to eat much sweet food that can also appear complications in the blood sugar level.

3. Your Cell Phone

As we know, the smartphones have changed our lives instantly, but unluckily we are becoming a slave and dependent to these gadgets that are ruining our health.

People look stuck with their mobile till late at night in watching movies, videos, or chatting that appears such pressure to the eyes and delicate nerves and cells in the brain and causes a headache and poor vision.

Sometimes it can provoke a migraine attack, and the situation can become worsen. Continuous headache for days are among the most common symptoms due to using these gadgets.

4. Weather

People who are pretty sensitive regarding weather and climate changes must take care of themselves or trigger a headache without knowing the reason. 

Sudden weather changes or staying in the heat for a long time can cause a headache and dehydration. So whenever you go outside, try to protect yourself from UV rays. Wear sunglasses and cover yourself with a cotton cloth and take enough fluid.  

5. Poor Posture

If you spend excess time at your pc or laptop or use your mobile phone in the wrong body posture, you must blame yourself if you are suffering from a headache. 

Poor sitting or sleeping posture affects the neck and shoulder muscles and blood circulation and makes it poor, so be careful when you lose it chatting to somebody or generating such pain for you.  

6. Smoking

We all know smoking is not suitable for our health; even smokers are also aware of that. Smoking disturbs the natural blood supply in the brain and generates strain in the blood vessels, and you can have a cluster headache that can be unbearable. 

Smoking can cause other troubles linked with heart diseases, cancer, respiratory issues, etc., and the only way of prevention is to quit smoking.

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7. Allergy

If you often face allergic reaction due to air pollution, any hard odor, or anything else and suffer from sneezing, coughing, and running nose, it can be a primary reason for a headache. 

The allergic reaction can cause swelling in the nasal path, block the sinus, and generate pressure to surrounding areas, resulting in a headache. 

Try to stay away from such an atmosphere that is not suitable for you, or wear a mask and use a nasal spray that cleans the nasal passage. 

8. The Monthly Cycle

Now one miserable thing has been added with the menstruation cycle, and many women face a headache just before or during their monthly cycle. 

It happens due to decreased estrogen level that affects the blood vessels and causes a headache. But it can be treated well by visiting an expert, and hormonal therapy can help by balancing the estrogen hormone.   

9. Oversleeping

Have you ever noticed when you sleep excessively, feel tired or feel like you had a hangover? Often people think that lack of sleeping causes a headache, but oversleeping can also be a cause of a headache, and that’s true. 

If you also feel you awake late or sleep a lot and have a headache, change your habit frequently.  

10. Exercise

Don’t feel amazed and face reality. Sudden and fast starting of an exercise and sex can produce a headache. Exercising can cause a suddenly increased pulse, and rapid blood circulation causes dilate vessels results a headache. 

That’s why it is always suggested that you start slowly and first do warm-up exercises.   

11. Anger

When you feel sad or depressed or too angry, it provokes the neck muscles to get tight and appear strain, and mostly you feel a headache with back pain and neck pain. 

Anger also affects blood circulation that causes a headache. So whenever you feel angry or sad, try to calm up yourself and do a breathing exercise. Breathe slowly with your nose and exhale with your mouth and repeat 5 to 8 times.  

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Dos and Don’t


  • Change your lifestyle, spend more time with nature, and do your favorite activities to keep yourself happy and calm. 
  • Drink plenty of water in a day and add more veggies and fruits.
  • Obesity can also cause a headache, so avoid junk and processed foods and do workout regularly. 
  • Stop taking painkillers excessively until you need them. 
  • Perfumes and harsh odor can also give a headache so stay away from that. 


  • Don’t use smartphones till late at night, and avoid using headphones for a long time. 
  • Don’t take the stress and avoid alcohol and smoking. 
  • Don’t take many oral contraceptives or other birth controlling pills.     

We hope that after going through the above causes of daily headaches in women and men will surely help you.

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