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15 Cancer Symptoms in Women You Should Never Ignore!

Why it always happens with women that they ignore cancer symptoms until it takes a big shape? Are they unaware or uneducated, or merely careless? Although, ignorance is bliss until it causes any harm to us. But ignoring any symptoms indicating any life-taking disease like cancer, ignorance causes much suffering and distress.

So let me clearly explain some of the cancer symptoms that we often overlook to create general awareness among all women.

It’s tough to identify cancer signs at first as the symptom varies wildly, or they may not give any indication at all at the first stage.

Some of the signs are identical to other common heath issues, and naturally, we don’t pay serious attention.

For example, we can say if anyone is suffering from a cold and cough for a long time, we count it as a season change effect and don’t bother to take a second opinion. It’s too late when we notice.

To talk about women, it’s their normal trait to ignore health issues until the doctor rang the warning bell.

But as we all are aware, a little careful attitude from our side at the primary stage is helpful to avoid the danger in some cases.

Here we would like to talk about the common symptoms of cancer that women ignore to create general awareness among them.

How does Cancer Spread?

Before entering into the main discussion, here are a few lines about cancer.

Cancer, the most deadly disease, is a group of diseases that involve the unusual growth of affected body cells. It slowly invades the other parts of our body if not taken into account at the right time.

Cells are the human body’s primary unit that divides and grows to form a new cell. New cells grow, and old cells are damaged and stop their function.

So our body growth occurs by following this rule. Cancer starts when the normal procedure of cell division gets obstructed by any genetic changes.

As a result, cells began to grow abnormally and gather in the shape of a tumor that can be benign or cancerous.  

Therefore, it’s essential to know your body first to identify any unusual changes or persistent pain in any parts of your body as soon as possible before the situation gets worse.

Cancer Symptoms in Women

Cancer Symptoms in Women

1. Unexpected weight Loss

Weight loss is not always a positive sign for health, though women never take it seriously. On the contrary, they seem happy as staying slim and thin is their dream.

But abrupt weight changes are a matter of concern.

Sudden changes in weight without doing any exercise or diet may indicate pancreatic, liver, or colon cancer.

2. Sudden Changes In Bowel Habits

Women do not pay much attention to their bathroom habits, but there is no easy way to discover the sudden changes in your bowel frequency inside of your body.

If you are suffering from frequent bowel movements for a long prolonged period, it is not just diarrhea; it may be due to some cancerous cause inside.

3. Development of Moles

Moles are spot on the skin, and they occur when skin gathers in clusters. Moles get darkened when exposed to the sunlight.

So far, there is nothing to worry about moles if they exist in few numbers. Still, if the development of moles increases and spreads throughout the body, which women overlook most of the time, it is a matter of medical advice.

Also, any changes in the mole’s appearance could signify skin cancer. 

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4. Frequent Cold and Cough

Cough and cold are normal during season changes, and it often heals by themselves. But the concern starts when a cough persists for a long time.

Cough with blood is the first and foremost symptom of lung cancer that women ignore most.

But you should keep in mind that bleeding with a cough can occur in other physical issues like bronchial infection or tuberculosis.

So never ignore if such things happen to you. Do proper investigation.

5. Bleeding after Menopause

It is natural to bleed while you are going through a period, but not having a period for one year means your menopause phase has started.

Therefore any abnormal genital bleeding must be treated with extra care and attention.

Such bleeding can occur due to hormone replacement therapy or any non-cancerous polyp growth inside the vagina.

At the same time, it can be a sign of uterine or cervical cancer. So let’s not make the situation worse by ignoring it.

6. Stomach Pain and Nausea

Stomach pain or nausea may occur due to indigestion and overeating, and so most of the time, we handle them with an antacid.

But if the stomach cramp and nausea lasts for 2 or 3 weeks, it is a matter of further investigation.

7. Throat Pain

We all have to suffer from throat pain and difficulties in swallowing food at some point in our life.

What women commonly do in this situation is try to modify their food habits— from hard to soft food, gurgle with warmth to ease the situation.

But it is beyond our imagination that there could be a more serious issue behind this. So if you are experiencing similar problems for a prolonged time, don’t delay.

8. Bloating

Though bloating is common to all genders, women are bloaters by nature. Abdominal bloating may appear at any age with a gastrointestinal disorder.

Besides this, women may also experience bloating during their periods. But don’t take it casually if the symptoms do not disappear within a few days. It could be the early sign of cancer in the ovary or uterine.

9. Fatigue

Unexplained fatigue is not normal, though women ignore it to a great extent. We take it as a side effect of household work or office work. But things are not so easy if you find yourself tired after a sound sleep at night.

If this continues and makes you less energetic day by day, you must check it. It could be a sign of leukemia that affects the red blood cells, resulting in persistent fatigue. 

10. Headache

Anything from overstressing to indigestion, migraine to sinus could cause a headache.

But suppose you have no history of sinus and migraine. In that case, a sudden headache may indicate a serious matter, so it would be wise to treat a headache seriously.

The increase inside the brain pressure causes a headache that directly relates to tumor growth.

11. Blood In stool

Presence of blood while passing urine or stool is an indication that something wrong is going to happen inside your body.

Even it could be the early sign of bladder cancer or anal cancer. So don’t just ignore it. As unusual blood in stool and pee may occur due to other physical issues, too, it is subject to investigation further.

12. Long Term Fever

Women do not bother with fever and take it lightly always. Yes, occasional fever is not concerning, but unexplained fever needs to be monitored as it can indicate blood cancer or leukemia.

So if you are suffering from fever without any solid reason, pay enough attention and seek medical advice.

13. Sore

Developing a sore from any wound or injury is not a concerning issue. But you have to pay attention if the sore does not heal within 5 to 10 days.

Among all types of sores, mouth and throat sores can take a dangerous turn if not treated in time. So ladies, don’t ignore the burning and scratchy feeling inside the throat and any mouth soreness due to the cold.

14. Changes In Breast

Breast cancer develops in the breast cell and spreads only due to the ignorant attitude of women. We often ignore the changes in the breast, as a result of which the cancerous cell spreads and invades the healthy cells around and the lymph nodes.

So please consult before you get delayed. Get alert when if you find any…

  • Any dimple or crease on your breast skin
  • Changes in nipple color.
  • Discharge of fluid from the nipple.
  • If the nipples turn inward.
  • Redness around the nipples.
  • A lump-like growth inside the breast.

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15. Changes in Skin

The cancer-like disease can be slowed down by early prevention. Therefore it’s the basic need to notice any changes to the skin surface, such as skin color, development of moles, new spots, excessive bruising, etc.

As we all know, starting from puberty to menopause, women’s bodies have to cross different stages.

Each step brings lots of changes at different ages. Some changes are regular, but we must pay attention to the unusual and abnormal modifications as they may be the starting of any cancerous growth. So ladies, stay aware of your body and make others aware too.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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