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Warning: Instant Noodles are Dangerous to Your Health Stop Eating Immediately

Instant Noodles are Dangerous to Your Health: Every age group loves to have instant noodles and you can’t ignore them whenever you feel hungry and you have nothing to eat. And why not, instant noodles are easy to make, the ready in 5 to 10 minutes, cheaper in the price, and are delicious and tasty.

Kids also love to have noodles and they never like your regular meal after getting a bowl of it. The approach of noodles is endless and anyone can’t deny the popularity of instant noodles.

The World Instant Noodle Association revealed the truth after study that Japan, China, and Indonesia are the prior countries that have the highest consumption of instant noodles.

Many people know the adverse effects of noodles but many of them are still unaware so here we are mentioning the harmful effects on instant noodles and why they are dangerous for your health so let’s have a look at that:-

1. Include Preservatives:

Many dangerous preservatives like BHA and TBHQ has been added to instant noodles to keep them useful for a longer time and fresh. Both preservatives have been added in noodles that you love so much and now you must know what they can do to your health.

According to the FDA and American Cancer Society, BHA and TBHQ include carcinogenic factors and if consumed for a long time can cause major health issues.  

These preservatives can also cause hormonal imbalance, affects the reproductive system, and immune system too.

2. Bad for the Digestive System:

Are noodles hard to digest? Many people think that noodles look soft and yummy so they are easy to digest but they are totally wrong. Even the truth is quite astonishing. The instant noodles are very hard to digest and this has been proved in several studies.

A mini-camera has been sent in the stomach just to see how our stomach digests these noodles. The result has been declared that the stomach contracting hard to break down these noodles and digesting them hardly.

After some time, the noodles still looking undigested and get stuck with the veins of the stomach.

The longer they remain in your stomach the more they harm to your health and cause anxiety, digestive issues, cancer, and asthma, etc. some people also faced liver disorders and bad impact on the reproductive system.    

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3. Increases Cardiac Diseases:

Are noodles bad for your heart? Most of the noodles prepared with a deep-frying method that’s why they get ready instantly. The oil used in deep frying, the preservatives that have been added in the powder mixture can provoke the risk of heart health.  

A study printed in the journal Nutrition in 2014 done on women revealed that women who were having noodles thrice in a week have increased risk of metabolic syndrome which includes a higher risk of stroke, diabetes, cholesterol, and severe heart issues.

The naturally air-dried noodles are far better than deep-fried noodles so you can make them at home easily and use natural spices and vegetables to prepare them.

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4. Contain Saturated Fats:

The WHO or the World Health Organization has suggested avoiding saturated fats. Any kind of fat is not good for our health and especially saturated fat can increase the LDL level or bad cholesterol that is not good for our heart and can clogged arteries.

After testing multiple instant noodles they found saturated fats in the packaging. The manufactures use palm oil or butter to fry instant noodles and their garnishing also includes saturated fat.

5. Prepared from Refined Flour:

We all know that instant noodles have been prepared from refined flour that has no nutrients value even the opposite it has carbohydrates that can produce increased blood sugar and diabetes.

The excess and long-term consumption of instant noodles can raise the chances of several diseases and obesity. It can enhance the sugar level in the blood and your body transforms it into fat.

Try to consume homemade noodles that can be prepared with wheat flour and semolina and are better than instant noodles.

6. Contain MSG and Harmful Toxins:

As we said before that noodles prepared with deep frying method and the garnishing also contain preservatives that are hard to digest. Sometimes they can remain in your stomach for a long time and can generate toxic effects in your body.

The study has been proved in Japan that people are affecting from diarrhea, abdominal discomfort, and pain in stomach, nausea, and headache.

Instant noodles also have MSG or Monosodium Glutamate that has been added to enhance the taste of these noodles. Some experts believe that MSG can cause harm to our health and like a slow poison.

MSG is used widely in Japan, China to enhance the flavor of the food and found in instant noodles too. It is still a debatable issue whether MSG is dangerous or not and the FDA declared it as a safe product but some people do not believe in and considering is as a business strategy.    

7. Have Much Salt and no Nutrients Value:

Is there a lot of sodium in Instant noodles? Instant noodles contain sodium-rich salt that increases the taste and flavor of the food and excess amount can be jeopardy for your health. Everything has two sides bad or good so you must check both aspects before consuming any product because your health is more important.

Is noodles bad for high blood pressure? A study done in 2014 proved that instant noodles have sodium-rich salt that can cause hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. With that, like you see behind the packaging that instant noodles contain various nutrients like iron, calcium, or anything else is not true.

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Instant noodles are easily available anywhere and quite cheaper in the price but one has no idea that they can appear harmful and bad results to your health.

Stop eating instant noodles and keep away your kids from instant noodles. Try other options with healthy vegetables and home-made spices. We hope that you like this article and share it with your friends as well and stay healthy and happy.

Dr Maria

MD. Board Certified physician. Fellowship In Family Medicine UK. 8 years of medical experience in Lifestyle-related health disorders. Graduated from AIIMS – All India Institute Of Medical Science, INDIA

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